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Author Topic: Looking for some Adventure! (F searching for M/F)  (Read 2213 times)

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Looking for some Adventure! (F searching for M/F)
« on: April 11, 2014, 04:34:03 pm »
Hello and welcome to my little page. After being gone for a few years while attending post-secondary, I have finally returned with a little more free time on my hands (though not too much, as it appears I've become a workaholic). But in any case, I would love to get back into writing and I hope you and I can make some magic~

Right now, I'm more inclined to play over forums. I don't have any other medium currently set up in a way that I would like. This might change in the future so just talk to me about it and we can probably work something out.

Of course, all characters are over the listed age required for this roleplay website - no minors!

Please NO anthro, sci-fi, fantasy, weird animals, tails, trolls, or anything of the like. It doesn't really do anything for me and I find it more awkward than anything *shrugs*.

What I'm looking for in You
- Someone that is great with being creative and moving the story along; by all means, surprise me!
- Someone that is able to write at LEAST a paragraph if not more per post (If that means it takes you a little bit longer to reply, that is okay). Obviously this can change depending on where the story is at; all I'm asking is for an honest effort.
- And of course, someone that understands the English language well with decent grammatical structure. My BIGGEST pet peeve is run-on sentences. Please don't do that.
- Someone who wants a Plot/Story driven plot!


Before you continue reading:
If you do not like the stories or ideas I suggest below, but still want to do an RP with me, you are more than welcome to PM me. Of course, it'd be nice if you had your own plot idea too. Something exciting, unique, potentially long term.

Starting Ideas:

That Military Life!
Recently I've been in a bit of a kick for some military RP. Whether I'm that gf/wife you left behind to go fight a war, or I'm right along side you on the battlefield and love somehow finds a way. If you even want it to be love - maybe it's hate, but the forces have their own way of drawing people together. I want action, excitement, struggle, thrill! Conflict and resolution is a #1 thriller for me when writing, and this topic seems to give exactly that.

From the First Moment I Laid Eyes On Him
This is a good, heart warming story. Boy meets girl. Fall in love. Get married. Have kids (heavy on the pregnancy part if you agree). Grow their life together. The ups and downs. The struggles and the triumphs. There can be time lapse. This world we create can be as open and as dynamic as we want it to be. Job loss? Sure. Became the president of the country? Why not! My world is your oyster.

Red Dead Redemption 2
If anyone has been playing RDR2 like I have (continuously... over the past five days....) then I'm down for writing up a story. You can be Arthur Morgan if you'd like, or your own character in the gang that you created. I can be anything from a lady you begrudgingly rescued to your right hand man on that bank robbery. There's so much to explore in game and here.

brother x sister plots at the moment. I'm not too keen on these right now since I've already had a lot of offers... But give me a good idea and I may just bend over :) . I have a few here that I would be interested in doing. Keep in mind: These are the bones of the plot! I want someone who can help me design and make a plot that's elaborate and unique - I want it to be different than all the generic broxsis plots out there! PM me if you are interested.

1. The brother comes home from a tour in Afghanistan to find that his younger sister, who has just turned 18, has become a beautiful young woman and (a) decides that he is going to persuade her (up to a mild forceful extent) to have sex with him and their relationship progresses on that level OR (b) he tells her about his feelings and finds that she feels the same way... (or any other version you can think of).

2. The sister has just broken up with her boyfriend of a few years and drives to her brother's work to cry on his shoulder, and he decides to make his advances on her... (Again, different variations)

I love romance. Anything romantic and you have me hooked. But when I say romance, I don't mean the puppy dog romance where everything is perfect. Just no. I love love, but I also love conflict because it's super fun to write. I'd rather something be realistic than a fairytale. It could be a couple in a long-term relationship that have a disagreement, to a guy trying to hit up my girl in a bar and her boyfriend knocks the sicko out cold. If you have a story-line that involved romance, realism, and conflict, I'm your partner.

The Witcher*

The Witcher came out on Netflix. Duh. Everyone is raving about it, and for good reason. I’ve played through the majority of the games 1 and 2, and all of 3. I’ve watched the series twice and now am working on the books. The world is vast and full of creative opportunities.

I’m looking for expansion of Geralt’s story here on Elliquiy. As you expand his world, I can join with Yennefer as his true love, or an OC if that is something you’d prefer more. My feelings are flexible, and I’d like to hear your thoughts about the world we could create. Hit me up if I’ve caught your interest; but remember, I need someone who’s going to flesh out and add to the story of The Witcher (can never have too many side quests).

As far as your character, that is totally up to you. The only generic requests I'd like to make is that your character is good with romance, has a bit of a wild side, loves adventure!

Maturity, vulnerability, and openness is what I value in a writing partner, and I hope that we can create something that we both enjoy!

And by the way, if you’re a girl who plays men.. that doesn’t bother me one bit.

Awaiting your PM.



Other things I'm willing to play (My role on the left side; yours on the right):

Real life Situations:

Girl/Firefighter and/or police officer, etc


vampires (vampire/vampire or girl/vampire)
werewolves (werewolf/werewolf or girl/werewolf or werewolf/boy)

TV shows/Movies

Supernatural (Girl/Sam Winchester)
Lord of the Rings
Phantom of the Opera
How I Met Your Mother (Girl/Ted)
Moulin Rouge

Disney - Anything based off of these movies would be a lot of fun. It can be completely OC or with characters.

Beauty and the Beast*
Jungle Book*
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan***
Pirates of the Caribbean*** (OC/Will Turner)

Video Games

Red Dead Redemption 2
God of War
Horizon Zero Dawn
Dead by Daylight
Death Stranding
The Witcher 3

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Re: Long Term Creative RP (F searching for M/F)
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Re: Looking for some Adventure! (F searching for M/F)
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