Sub looking for a Dom [Mul]

Started by Aragem, August 28, 2008, 01:38:57 AM

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Just have the sudden craving to be somebody's sub.  Here's a couple story ideas. Be sure to read my ons and offs before you apply.

1.  A slavemaster tests the goods on a new slave.  Possibly trains her in the art of pleasing her master.  Can be either fantasy, historical, modern, or sci-fi.

2.  A little bit of incest.  That pretty girl at the family reunion, your cousin twice remove?  You just notice that she's grown into a beautiful girl.

3. Alien experiments with human sex on an unwilling, but delicious test subject.

I'll add more as the ideas come.

requirements:  Must be able to write in detail and give good description.  If you have a different scenario or have a fantasy of your own, then please PM me and we'll discuss it.  I'm pretty much open minded, but strict on what turns me off. 


Another RP story idea. 

10,000 years into the future, mankind has conquered the stars and has spread out.  Colonies were set up on various habitable planets and formed their own governments.  Over the eons, evolution took a small hand, and made the humans into seperate races due to living on different  planets.  A race of humans on one planet may be genectically stronger than others, another planet may be born fair hair, or another maybe born with a small array of physic powers.  Think of the universe in Chronicles of Riddick.

Over the years, some properous planets have undergone disasters, natural or war, which tears apart their society and sends them back to living primitively with few techical items at their disposal.

However, it's been discovered that there is one special race, who has suffered such a thing, has something rather valuable to the galactic community.  The name of this race is the Kiros.  It's a rmatriarchial society where for everyboy there is 11 girls born.  It's a dying race due to this genetic mistake and the lack of technology to combat the problem. 

The valuable thing is a chemical the Kiros women secrete when they ejaculate called Teer Drops.  It is a powerful narcotic, but can also be used as in various medicines and pain relievers.  However, like the Golden Goose, the women of Kiros are victimized due to this.  Black Marketeers kidnap the women and keep them in underground prisons where they are forced to climax for Teer Drops. 

Now this could develope into something bigger.  I'm not thinking about just sex, sex, sex.  There is the girl and the rouge's background to sort out.  It's more a mind bending story of S&M, training, and possible development beyond the characters.  I just like to take it slow before too many characters get involved and it falls apart. 

My role is a Kiros woman and the needed player's role is a black marketer with a taste for bondage and a love for mind games. 

Please read my ons and offs for limits and PM me so we can discuss the story and/or the characters.  Man or woman is accepted.

Also, must give good descriptions and good details in their RP.  Thank you.