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August 21, 2017, 09:23:14 AM
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Author Topic: By the words of power. Plot based RPs (M seeking F characters)  (Read 470 times)

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Welcome and greetings to this realm

Right now I am currently OPEN for plot based MxF Rp threads and do ask question when you have them. PM your questions and ideas to me. 

Some Guidelines that will help the two of us

- Ideally, I will be writing as much as you wish but more is better
- I  really like descriptive posts, coherent grammar, in-depth plots, and flawed characters all of these help,
- Please tell me your suggestions and desires. I'll happily change things to ensure we're both having fun.
- Try to reply twice a week, and let me know if you lose interest or become busy. No one likes to be ditched.

"Make sure you read my Ons and Offs to give you what I like and don't like

Refined RP Ideas

I am open to anything you guys or gals wish and I am ready to hear you ideas but you just need to pm me when you want an idea

Please note that I'm open to your ideas or suggestions for my plots, including changes to the characters

"A king among men"
This was the third age of men and anthros but a war had broken out between the two races. The fought and fought till at last the human king had been killed in battle by the hands of an anthro. The queen hadn't been able to give birth to a heir the rules dictated that the anthro would be the next king for the world of men.  Will this anthro step up to the challenge of being king or will this path continue in more blood then before?

"By thrust of wing"
In these lands there is said to be a dragon of noble birth but this isn't a normal dragon for it is only human sized. Many have tried to capture or kill the best but many have failed as well. No one has gotten close enough to touch it or be next to it. Will there be one to get close to the dragon or will something more happen between them? This is their story and how they live it

"To ease the beast"
She was a diplomat from a country far away and he had been only a man with a great problem. He had a disease called lycan running through his body to where each night he would turn into a terrible werewolf. He would go on a spree of kills or destruction. Can the woman ease his fears and help him control his powers? Or will he fall into the abyss of his mind and use only instinct to fuel him?

"The woman warrior"
A true warrior at heart, she was regarded as the strongest and the most bravest there was. As a heroine, she was loved by her people and was even given an honor by her liege. But something unexpected came when the King had then brought a mission to her. He wanted to extend her hand in marriage to a prince from a neighboring country as a sign of a peace treaty among two countries. At first, she was very reluctant but had followed her King's wishes despite any ill emotions of the circumstances. It was around that time, that an evil had come forth. Something huger and bigger than anything she had fought with, and realized she couldn't defeat this new evil by herself.

"Devil's due"
Azmodeus, one of the demon princes of hell, has recently acquired a special succubus - a girl who has a mysterious supernatural past that, in addition to being a succubus, grants her access to the mortal world (the exact details are up to you). Using his collar of control over the girl, he begins maneuvering (using) her to acquire him new souls.   

Basic RP ideas and Pairings

"Basic RP Ideas"
A supposedly mortal woman draws the attention of a powerful dark being. Maybe Death takes a holiday in order to blend in with the human crowd for a bit, as it's the only way to contact her? If we go with a demon, perhaps the woman ends up having angelic lineage of some sort and the pair are hurtled into the usual cliche struggle between Heaven and Hell.
The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Supernatural, which not only houses supernatural creatures as their agents but also funds a eugenics program that has "created" them. We could have a human agent stumble upon this world of the Supernatural by accident, or they join this branch and are partnered up with a vampire, werewolf, etc, to solve crimes in both worlds.
 Perhaps this could have a colonial setting like Salem, or something in Europe tied to the Spanish Inquisition spreading over the land. Regardless, a witch would be consorting with the Devil or a demon companion for some means to an end.
This idea is where your character is a loner female looking for a enemy that is well hidden. My character is a jester and a bit on the crazy side for he is a Faerie dragon and yours is much larger but they are the same in power. They would fight with each other at first because of their differences but slowly develop a friendship and even go more

- Dragonborn x Housecarl
- Thief x Assassin
- Companion x Silverhand
- Imperial x Nord
- Altmer x Dunmer
- Spectre x OC
- Biotic x OC
- Justicar x OC
- Mercenary x OC
- Sith Assassin x Jedi
- Sith Lady x Bodyguard
- Sith Lord x Apprentice
- Apprentice x Rival
- Bounty hunter x Imperial Agent
- Nightsister x OC
- Revanite x OC
 -Assassin x Target
- Vigilante x Witness
- Death x Human
- Cyborg x Human
- Shape shifter x Human
- Hunter x Hunter

I hope to hear from you and your ideas. Just send that PM
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Re: By the words of power (M seeking F characters with some exceptions)
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Re: By the words of power. Plot based RPs (M seeking F characters)
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Re: By the words of power. Plot based RPs (M seeking F characters)
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Re: By the words of power. Plot based RPs (M seeking F characters)
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Re: By the words of power. Plot based RPs (M seeking F characters)
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