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Author Topic: Ain't that a kick in the head. F seeking M Fallout New Vegas and original plots  (Read 477 times)

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Online sweetsTopic starter

Okay so I'm taking on a few new stories, some time has freed up which is great.

Please do not post in this thread it is for my ideas PM me if your interested.

I'm also interested in story ideas you may have, so if nothing hear speaks to you we can still work something out.

As far as Ons and Offs go I am very open there are just a few limits.

No permanent mutilation
No bathroom play
No Vore

Top Ons

Strong willed characters
Power struggles
Dom and Sub
Supernatural Themes
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Online sweetsTopic starter

Fallout New Vegas Ideas

Idea one with myself playing as a female courier paired with Boone. CRAVING

Belle had vanished after her Boone and Rex had entered the abandon Brotherhood of Steele Bunker. Boone and Rex had come to outside with the door sealed. It was weeks later that she emerged covered in a rust like substance. Boone had not even stopped her from hugging him before they started back to the Lucky 38 to meet up with the others. Belle was unusually quiet, for all she knew Boone was still sore about Bitter Springs she had offered to take him back to help him deal with his demons. The refusal had not been kind. When they made it back went to the kitchen and Belle sought Arcade. A celebration later Boone had approached her  asking her to go with him to Bitter Springs.

Idea Two with a male courier and my OC companion

Nora was a bit of a bitch, she knew it and she was really okay with it. Nice people were worn away by the sands, they just didn't have it in them to last in this rough world. She had seen her fair share of the horrors the world would through out at you during her time with the NCR. She hung out in Freeside now trying to plant the seeds of peace with the Kings and the NCR. That was when she met the oddest man with two scars on his head.

NC Female courier and Vulpes Inculta or other higher ranked legion member. CRAVING

Arcade and the courier go to the fort. Of course it is a trap.

Belle work up with a pain in her head, nothing like being shot but still. Arcade sat next to her a worried look on his face. She smiled a bit an gave him a pat on the arm. She could taste blood and at best her nose was broken. She noted the collar on Arcade and reached up feeling one on her as well. "So it was a trap, no I told you so." She said with a smile as she stood. they were still at the Fort she guessed, though in a cage similar to the one across the river the slaves were in. "Caesar is sick, if I help him he said that he would let you go." She stopped and looked at her doctor friend, he had a large bruise on the side of his cheek but seemed okay other than that"He also said my past crimes were forgiven. It's a lie, I won't leave this place. Not alive at least, if I go through those gates they will be putting me on a cross." She smiled brightly, "He knows I'd be back for you and that I would burn this place worse than they did Nipton I would not leave one of my people."

Female Courier and OC male

Belle was in a funk, she just could not clear her mind. She had the group back at the 38, no need to burden them with her crazy. She wanderd a lot like this when she needed to think and would even tae an odd job or two to help out. When she met him, he had walked right into her firefight with the legion. Unlucky bastard got his leg crippled and she fixed him up. She set up a camp with him for the night to make sure the man would be alright.

Female Courier and Swank ONE SHOT

She felt so stupid, she had been drinking with Cass and then she had tried to kiss Boone. From there she fled to the Tops. She mumbled that she would get a room there as she ran out the door of the Lucky 38. Swank met her at the bar where a buzz and wounded pride lead to a one night stand.

NC OC and  Vulpes Inculta. CRAVING

They had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her brother and her were on the road selling their wares. They stopped in Nipton to get some water and maybe rest a bit when the Legion swarmed the place. They had a lottery, the crazy bastards. Her ticket promised a painless death, she wanted to know what would happen to her brother though insisting that he take her's if it ment he would be better off. She didn't care the fate attatched to his ticket. She just wanted him to be alright. This sparks the man with the fox head, no one else had said a peep as loved ones were taken away other than this figure in a storm chasers hat who as it turned out was a lovely young woman.

Male courier and my OC companion

Summer was a sweet young woman as well as rather bright. Her Father had wanted her to join the Followers at some point, she was always trying to learn something new and had developed a fondness for explosives from her grandfather. Give her some gun powder and a little bit of odds and ends and she could make anything go boom. Her life changed though when then the Legion attacked the small town she had lived in and she along with some other were taken. Summer escaped though, she was able to deactivate the collar and make her way to safety. She ran until she was sure she would die and then ran even more. Eventually she came across a man and his cyberdog.

Female Courier and OC NCR

Belle had used the NCR Emergency Radio to call for some back up. She alone and in a bit of a pickle so a friendly face would be great. And a friendly face she got. Dang the back up she had got was cute. Maybe walking with him back to Camp just to be sure he made it alright would be a great way to spend some time.
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Online sweetsTopic starter

Movie Ideas

This first idea is based on a movie I watched last night Dust Devil 1992. I saw it and became rather interested in the idea of a shapeshifter who hunted those who had no faith and had lost their fire who meets a woman who has such a fire in her that he is drawn to her. For he was once man and sometimes man wants what he can't have.

This story would start as consensual as the relationship starts, then when she learns just what the man is he dose not let her end their relationship.

"Back in the first times, in the time of the red light, Desert Wind was a man like us. Until by mischance, he grew wings and flew like a bird. He became a hunter, and like a hawk, he flew to seek his prey. Taking refuge in those far corners of the world where magic still lingers. But having once been a man, so does he still suffer the passions of a man.."

"He was a shape shifting demon who seeks power over the material world through the ritual of murder. He draws the weak and the faithless to him, and sucks them dry" Dust Devil

Anne had moved to the middle of nowhere Australia with her husband. Things were fine for a while, she was use to small towns she enjoyed them in fact. Things went to hell she said she was leaving and going back to America. There was an 'accident' then their burnt to the ground. All her documents were gone, her  clothes everything. While there was no proof that he had done it Anne was sure that her ex had caused the fire in hopes she would take him back while she waited for new documents.

Instead she took up a job at the small local hotel, her father was a construction worker and she did odd jobs with him for years. She got a free room out of it and had a bar to visit. She got to know the locals a lot better since she was not with the town idiot. She was thinking of staying to be honest. It was the night that she had decided to stay that she saw a local pulled off to the side of the road. She stopped to help and picked up both the man and the hitchhiker with him.

Online sweetsTopic starter

Plots with Vampires

***Set in the Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter***
Non-Con OC
I would love to play a game where the vampires are not stopped. The daughter of a wealthy northern man is caught up in the utter chaos that has started after the war. She ends up being rounded up with a great deal of other wealthy and important families and brought to the capital, now under the rule of the vampires. There some are killed, and some are taken away. She is one of the ones who is taken, and made into a vampire's pet.

The Hunter's Wife

I think that it would be a good story where a woman is married to a vampire hunter is captured by a vampire. Her husband has tried to keep her away from his job, to make sure that she is safe. They found her though and took her. The leader of the coven intent on breaking her and making her his. Call it petty but he would take her to make up for the hunter driving a stake into the heart of his mate.


She was a hunter, trained from the time she could wield a blade. She was a hard woman, who did not really have any friends. Even to other hunters she was the odd one out. She did her job and that was it, she was looking for nothing more than that. She worked alone for the most part, though she did get asked to work with another hunter from time to time. She did not enjoy it though she followed her orders. Most of the hunters joined out of pain or anger, they were not meant for this. To her their anger was just going to get them and possibly others killed. She was set up with another hunter, told to work with him to hunt down an old and powerful vampire. She knew nothing of this man even though it would be a long rough trip did not intend to.

Online sweetsTopic starter

Skyrim Plots

I love the world of Skyrim and playing today I ran into a giant fighting a dragon and just had to throw my plots up.

Male Dragon Born x OC Woodelf female. Nia needed a hand with clearing out some bandits that had settled into a cave near the small town she had settled in. She was not going to ask the guards most Nords too issue with an elf. The war help at all, if anything it only made things worse. She was able to take care of herself but asking for trouble was never a good idea.

Female Dragon Born x Farkas. He is just so sweet even if he is an Icebrain. This story would follow the Dragon Born and Farkas questing around Skyrim. Nothing too set though.

After a brawl
Male Dragon Born and OC Female.
I love how after a fight someone is your friend, willing to follow you and sometimes wants to marry you. I would love to play a female Nord who has just been beat by the Dragon Born and then offeres to follow him.