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Author Topic: Hunted by the Lunar sorcerer (F for M character)  (Read 293 times)

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Hunted by the Lunar sorcerer (F for M character)
« on: April 10, 2014, 01:17:43 AM »
This a scene that popped into my head, I tried not to do too much with the lunar sorcerer and intentionally kept him nameless. I'll be tickled pink if someone wants to do this. It was inspired by this picture I made.

Her breathing was releasing in breathy rasps as her bare feet pounded down upon the marble floor of the abbey outside corridor, the moonlight illuminating the terrified features of the young woman. She thought she was safe here, that he would never look here... she was wrong... so wrong...
Serenity had thought when she fled the ruins of her village that she would be safe here at the abbey, that her pursuers would never think to search here for one little forest elf...

They had been unprepared when he came with his followers, one lone male moon elf with terrifying arcane power and a flock of assorted races he had convinced to follow him and share in his campaign for domination of all the realms, they came in the dead of night and laid waste to the small village of forest elves without mercy.

All were slaughtered but Serenity, she had managed to flee into the orchard here the sapphire apples were sprouting their tiny blue blossoms, hoping the darkness of the trees block out enough of the moon's light to hide her.
What she had not counted on what the moon sorcerer himself chasing after her into the orchard, his keen eyes having picked up the movement and realized one little elf remained, it was more than clear that their village was going to serve as an example to all that dared to oppose him.
The moonlight glimmering on her ruby red hair as it flowed behind her and around her face as she fled, Serenity didn't see the tree stump from an old apple tree before she tripped over it, her mother pendent being torn from her neck in the process, she wanted to stop for it... but he was quickly coming further into view, his white hair shining as it it were made of moonbeams...

Deciding to abandon the pendent, Serenity turned and attempted to scramble to her feet, when suddenly she felt a cold hand grasp her ankle, she whipped her head back around to see her pursuer had leaped forward to prevent her escape.
She screamed as he dragged her down and he managed to pin her down beneath him, his pale blue eyes pierced her leaf green ones, she trembled as he gave her a cold smile, one that communicated that she best obey or face a fate worse than she ever imagined.
“So lovely...” He crooned softly, lifting a hand to caress right cheek “I was going to kill you when I first saw movement in the orchard, but now I am glad I chased you instead of using magic... you are just too lovely to for words... I killed many females tonight, but you... none of them compare to you...”

Serenity merely stared up into his face as unshed tears began to sparkle beneath her eyes, she had no idea what was going to happen, she didn't know if this was just him toying with her before he did to her what he did to all her friends and family.
“Do not look so frightened, my pet...” He purred, his hand caressing up and down her cheek still “How would you feel about ruling all the realms at my side? Not that you really have much of an option... but hey, why not throw the appeal out there to be viewed, hm?”

The forest elf's face was an expression of disgusted hatred as her fire was renewed, her desperation to fight restored ten fold “Never!”
She rammed her knee into his groin with all the power she could muster and shoved him off of her when his groan of pain met her ears, he fell off easily and hit the earth floor like a heavy rock.
Serenity had fled into the night and never looked back, that was until she came to an abbey several towns over and asked for refuge that was readily given without a second thought, the nuns had all been so kind.

However here she was now, fleeing through the outer corridors towards the abbey garden, she never thought he would have gone to the trouble of tracking her down, she never believed he had wanted her that much.
She screamed when she felt a blast of arcane power hit her left ankle, sending her falling to the hard marble floor, she grunted in pain as she fell onto her arm.
Serenity rolled over to see him approaching her, he stopped at a two feet distance and tossed two items down in front of her... a branch of preserved blossoms from the sapphire apple trees and... her mother's pendent that she'd lost in the orchard that night...

He came closer then and knelt down, roughly grabbing her chin in his white gloved hand and yanked her forward until their nose tips were touching, he spoke then in the barest whisper “I have thought of nothing but you ever since that night... you have occupied my dreams... haunted my waking thoughts... making me want you and taunting me with your distance... but no more, my darling... you are mine...”
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