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Author Topic: Sydney's Request Thread: Different Scenarios! (Sub F looking for Dom M or F)  (Read 908 times)

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I'm new to Elliquiy, but not new to roleplaying. I've been roleplaying for about three years now. I'm by no means an expert and even though I have a very good English, it's not my native language and sometimes I can struggle with descriptions or getting my ideas expressed correctly in the way I write. I do try to be careful with my grammar and the spelling, an I would appreciate if my future partners took the same care I do to make my roleplays enjoyable, understandable and fun!

If at any point, you, as my partner, need a clarification or want to give me a tip on how to be a better roleplayer, simply PM me. As I said, I'm not an expert and I'm willing to listen and learn from those who have better writing skills or who have more experience at this than I do. If any of the ideas catch your eye, simply PM me and we'll set up the scenario.

First of all, I enjoy most of the aspects of BDSM, except for being degraded and humiliated, or being verbally abused.I also hate non-consensual sex. I respect the people that enjoy this type of play in their roleplays but I personally do not like it because of some past experiences I went through and I would appreciate if you, as my partner, respected my wishes to keep it off the RP. I like being submissive and even though I am a bit if a switch, I am not really all that dominant, though I do like to have some input from time to time on what will happen, maybe inflicting a little pain and being on the top sometimes. As long as I'm not asked to be a Dominatrix, I think we can roleplay just fine!

I like Romance in all of my roleplays. I'm not talking about making it all revolve around romance, but I like when characters have emotional connections between each other, can flirt, be playful and at one point, fall in love with each other.

BDSM Pairings
*Master of the house / Maid/Servant/Submissive
  +Could involve a variety of scenarios that include post-apocalyptic, modern, historical roleplays in the Roman Era or 19th century London.

*BDSM trainer/New Submissive
   +Nightshade Manor: recently got a new idea that involves a young man who is the the owner of a large manor and is an experienced Master is looking for a new submissive and servant after his old one left. This roleplay would involve the training process of his new submissive, who knows little of BDSM apart from what she's read. It could include a variety of kinks, which involve light humiliation. He could maybe show her off during parties he hosts or make her work naked when guests come in to make her have more confidence. I also want romance!

*Famous Porn Star (Dominant) / Secretary/Assistant (Submissive)
*Porn Star (Dominant) / Submissive
*BDSM club owner (Dom) / Newbie (Submissive)

Romance stories
*Roman Dominus or Master/Body Slave: Event though I have stated that I do not enjoy non-consensual sex or scenes where my characters are forced, humiliated, degraded, etc., I like roleplay set in Roman times. I would obviously not include the things I hate in this RP, but this is more of a romance story where our characters battle against the political, social and personal circumstances to be together. This would mean evolving from their Master/Slave relationship to a more equal one. For the sake of the RP, we would have to add a bit of objectification, among other things, to make it more realistic. But there's always creative liberty!

I have many ideas involving the Roman Times scenario I described above. If you're interested, PM me and we'll hash something up. I have many pairings in mind but I would need to see what my partner wishes to be before I can establish a scenario for both of us to play in.

I also like Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Mystery stories. Here's a list of Generic Pairings for these settings:
*Scenarios involving A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones: I mostly place OC's but if I want to really play someone, it would be Daenerys Targaryen. I would require you to play an OC as well.
*DC Superheroes: I play mostly original characters, though I would be willing to make an exception if you are willing to play Batman or a villain, like the Joker or the Riddler. I like playing Harley Quinn and Poison and I've been craving to get in their shoes once again.

+I'm also currently in love with the show "Arrow" and I would like the chance to play either Felicity Smoke or Sara Lance alongside a partner who would roleplay as Oliver Queen.

+Teen Titans or Young Justice: I used to love both of these shows when they were on and while I have started a roleplay here involving to OCs, I am looking for someone to play Robin or Nightwing, maybe even Damian Wayne opposite a character of mine. If you're interested, we could also negotiate playing OCs. It can also be villains or a hero and a villain pairing.

+Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy: Origins- I've been craving to do a roleplay set in the Nolanverse that depict the origins of either Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy. Obviously they would be darker than they are originally depicted in BTAS, in the case of Harley, or in the Batman movies, as is the case of Pamela Isley when she becomes Poison Ivy.
        +Harley: My main idea for this is that Batman, Bruce Wayne or Commissioner Gordon contact Doctor Harleen Quinzel, a brilliant psychiatrist that has aided the police several times in the past to determine whether a person is really mentally or if they are simply faking it to evade going to prison. She has privately taken it upon herself to investigate what she can of the Joker before she can conduct her interviews and finds very little about him. Instead, Harley decided to do something she's never done before and goes off to Arkham without having any clue of who the Joker is and what his motivations are behind his killing spree, the young psychiatrist finds herself in deep waters as she begins to become more interested in the man that wears the warpaint. Soon tangled in a web of lies, manipulation and past scars that haven't healed, Harleen begins losing herself in the interview process and quickly starts falling for the tortured soul she believes the Joker to be.

        +Poison Ivy: Pamela Isley is a young yet successful botanist that works for a pharmaceutical company in Gotham City. Being a passionate activist for  plant life and green spaces in Gotham, Ms. Isley does not back down when there is an injustice against nature or Mother Earth. Her criminal record contains numerous arrests for invasion of private property, destruction of private property and battery against the authorities, also including a two-month vacation in Arkham after spending the summer with a group of very radical green activists that targeted major companies. Since Pamela was only a teenager, her parents blamed it on the fact that her mind was easily influenced by this supposed cult she had been hanging out with. Given that she was a minor, her record was sealed and she was able to keep living her life normally... well, almost normally. Instead of doing large scale attacks on the companies that harm the environment, Pamela and her group tend to be very careful on where they strike and what they do. She tends to disguise her criminal activities as a hippie pacifist that protests with other activists.

Despite the fact that she tends to be seen as an unattractive lab mouse that spends her time looking at samples and making tests with new compounds, there's something that has yet to be awakened in the young botanist. During one night at the lab, she discovers her boss is running secret experiments on human subjects (perhaps at Arkham) and being naturally curious, she sneaks in and gets discovered. He injects her with a poison and leaves for dead, only for her to rise again a few minutes later with her powers.

*Something involving Power Rangers: I'm a kid of the 90's, don't look at me that way.
    +We could create a universe of our own create two new Rangers that take on powers from one of the past seasons. One of my ideas for this one is           creating a team that has at its center the theme of the Greek or Roman Gods. I started this out as a group RP on another site and it was going well. While Power Rangers certainly lends itself to being a group RP, I want to create a universe where only two Rangers are necessary.
Supernatural Pairings:
      +Bride of Dracula: After Van Helsing slays the Prince's of Darkness's brides, Vlad Dracula embarks on a mission across London to find a proper substitute for his beloved brides. After looking for many nights, he seems to find no one to replace them and just when he's walking through some of the most dangerous streets in London during a rainy night, he sees a young woman lying on the floor while three men are holding her down. She's completely naked since her dress has been torn to shreds. He rescues her and takes her back to his castle once he realizes how beautiful she is, despite not being very high class.

I was thinking this roleplay could explore the aspect of their relationship prior to her becoming his bride. This could involve some light BDSM as the roleplay progresses and kinks such as light bondage, blindfolding, biting (of course)!, and other things you might want to suggest.

      +Serving the Darkness: This plot would involve my character being a werewolf and your character playing the part of a vampire. Once bitter enemies, our characters fought on equal sides during a war against the hunters. Your character saved mine during a battle and she pledges his allegiance to him shortly after. They will be lovers, but she will also be his pet. Everyone in vampire court respects her, despite the fact that she barely wears clothes, walks around on a leash and seats below his throne. This roleplay would involve pet-play, mostly.

New ideas:
-Cult Fever: I was watching the movie "The East" the other day, which stars Brit Marling, Alexander Skaarsgard and Ellen Page, and I got inspired to do a roleplay involving a cult. It would be different from the movie in many ways since I don't want our characters to be Eco-terrorists or anarchists. My idea for this was that a young girl (my character) whose life has drastically changed in a matter of weeks is now going from place to place trying to find out who she is. She ends up in a small town near the woods where your character and the rest of his cult resides. Maybe they find each other at a pub or bar and your character invites mine to join him.

I want this to have slight BDSM undertones. Rather than be an extremist, religious (or anti-religious) cult, I was thinking they could be more like a family of strangers that were brought together by different circumstances of life and come from all different ways of life. I was thinking our characters could start out slow with their romance and then eventually build up. I have a few ideas planned out for this one, but if you want me to go more in-depth, PM me and we'll discuss some more.

-Heir to The Demon: A new idea I got came to me after watching the season 2 finale of the series "Arrow". My character will be a young girl, probably a prostitute, that was kidnapped as a young girl and put into a sex trafficking ring. Maybe after a raid in the brothel is conducted by the police, she is taken into custody. My character  could have some sort of power or ability, hence why she is special. Or maybe he could see her as someone he can mold in order to help him out. Your character could belong to the League of Assassins and helps my character go from a pawn to a strong young woman and assassin/ villainess.

PM me if you're interested in playing with me or if you have an idea of your own!
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Re: Sydney's Request Thread: Come one, come all! (F for M or F)
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UPDATED May 16, 2014 with Cult Fever and Heir to the Demon.

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Re: Sydney's Request Thread: Come one, come all! (F for M or F)
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UPDATED: Power Rangers and DC Comics section.

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Re: Sydney's Request Thread: Come one, come all! (F for M or F)
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UPDATED: Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn: Origins!

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UPDATED:  Added- Supernatural Pairings and two new roleplays! :)