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Author Topic: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout  (Read 4563 times)

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Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout
« on: April 09, 2014, 12:39:16 PM »
Hey everyone! I wanted to recruit interest for a Fast and the Furious-esk street racing/heist game. First, big shout out to Lithium for coming up with this concept in the first place. I really would love to see this get off the ground.

OOC Thread:

IC Thread:

The Game

The game centers around a group of amateur street racers trying to make a name for themselves in the underground racing circuit, while also trying to pull in a profit to fix up their cars. I'm going to be setting the game in Miami, Florida so think suntan and beaches. The group of players (number depends on interest) will all start already knowing each other for the most part. This can mean they are already family, friends who have met through school/jobs/racing, or past flings. The overall group has been together for the last couple of months, and just thrown the money in to open their own small auto shop and rent a house together. The city has good roads for racing, the scene is booming, and money getting traded to the right hands keeps the cops off our backs.

As said before, all of the characters are going to be amateurs with only minimal experience in the street racing world of Miami. If this means you were maybe bigger in another city but had to bail before the fuzz caught up, that's fine too. Everyone starting off is going to be 'poor', meaning we can only afford the bare minimum to keep our cars at racing level. That being said, the car you select has a $20,000 maximum cost. No exceptions.

The Racing

The is the fun stuff! Races will generally happen pretty quick so we don't get bogged down with waiting on posts from other people. Abbreviated, based on the Strengths and Weakness's you select I will be rolling some dice to determine placement in the match itself. Obviously GMing a few scenarios for story-telling purposes. When racing, everyone will have their first post to sort of describe how it all gets going, and how they want to approach the entirety of the race from a driving standpoint. Meaning they could be 'cautious' or 'risky', these are the sort of things I will take into account. Afterwards, there will be maybe 1 or 2 more posts before I throw up a larger description of what happened in the end, and the placements. I'm always open to new ideas for how to improve this method so that it's more fun for the players!

The Future

Like the movies, eventually we are going to transition into sort of a heist gang, whether out of necessity or greed, who knows!

The Cars

The game is set in the present, i.e. 2014, but most of the cars that we start with will likely be from the 90s or early 2000s given the sub-20k budget. Don't bother spending too much time planning every single detail about your car either, because there's a good chance that shit will happen and that you won't be keeping the same one the entire time. I would not recommend making it your daddy's old car that he left you. I will probably create some rudimentary upgrade system in the future.

The Rules

I don't have many, but my two biggest pet peeves are A) Posting what some other character does or says without their consent and B) Not abiding by the required post rate. The required post rate for this game will be once every 2 days minimum. You can post as much as you like otherwise. If after 5+ days you have not yet posted without shooting a reason in the OOC or via PM to me, then your character is going to be set aside. We do not have a posting order because I don't want those available to be waiting on posts from those not available.

The Characters

Feel free to post your character sheets in this thread. Do not transition them over to the OOC section until you have received approval from me. If you want to get your sheet out there, but leave in a note that says you are going to discuss pre-existing relationships with other characters after approval, that is fine with me as well. Try to have your hobbies or job outside of racing be something not related to racing! This creates depth, and ultimately makes for a more interesting character.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=12pt][b]Name Here[b][/size][/center]

[floatright][img padding=10]Character Image Here, Duh[/img][/floatright]

[b]Nickname:[/b] *Not required*

[b]Current Occupation:[/b] [Your character's current day job. Nothing that pays too well, remember they're not supposed to start out rich.]

[b]Hobbies outside of racing:[/b]

[b]Appearance/Style Description:[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] [The most important part. Try to make it interesting and believable.]


[b]Current Situation:[/b]


[img]Picture of your car, optional[/img]

[b]Strengths:[/b] This can be anything, related or not related to your driving capabilities. My recommendation would be to pick 2 things that make you a good driver, and 2 things that are not related to racing at all. Or 3 - 1

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] This can also be anything, but note that [b]you must[/b] have at least 1 driving weakness. Try to shy away from just having personality related weaknesses, these need to be actual limitations of your character that can be used in the story. If you would like to PM me for discussion on this, because you want it to be a story element that's fine! For instance, if you want to tie in your job and Weakness, you can be a cop. Always trying to hide your hobby from the boys on the force.

Currently I am looking for:

Team Racer 1 - RedLobster

Team Racer 2 - Gent

Team Racer 3 - Neysha

Team Racer 4 - Light

Team Racer 5 - Jugg

Team Racer 6 - Dina

Team Racer 7 -

New Team Member 1 - Presta

New Team Member 2 - MJ

New Team Member 3 - Reaper
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2014, 12:44:27 PM »
If anyone is interested in pairing up with my character as his little/big sister send me a PM!

Offline The Golden Touch

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2014, 01:11:50 PM »
I was interested, but the posting minimum killed it. The military keeps me too busy until the weekend so I can only post on Friday/Saturdays for sure.

Offline agentlemanwithadream

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2014, 01:21:35 PM »
I was wondering, how strict is that posting minimum was going to be? I think I can follow it but weekends tend to be pretty busy so I might be away Thursday-Sunday some times.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2014, 01:32:41 PM »
Fairly strict. I won't start pinging you until it's been 5 days or more, but if everyone else is keeping up with the normal rate then you would get behind pretty quick.

If you are  away for those days occasionally that's fine, as long as the norm is that you are able to post every other day or so.

Offline agentlemanwithadream

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2014, 01:53:16 PM »
Alright, well I'm going to just put this here for interested parties, I need connections (subject to approval of course)

William A. Sneed Jr.
William. A. Sneed Jr.

Age: 24

Nickname: B.J. or Will

Current Occupation: Mechanic (working for the group pending approval), Some modeling on the side

Hobbies outside of racing: College Parties, Whiskey, Xbox, Chess, Working out

Appearance/Style Description: BJ stands 6’2 inches tall and has a well-built, athletic frame and several tattoos. He is always well dressed when on the scene, which makes him stand out more often times than not. Will is flashy and enjoys flashy things except for his car which he shows off with power instead of style.
Personality: William loves to have a good time and tends to encourage those around him to do the same. He is a fan of practical jokes, drinking and sexual freedom. William puts his all into living life and believes that life is too short not to have fun. At the same time, many people mistake his kindness for weakness and some have even paid for it. William is just as serious about money, friends and family as he is about having a good time.

History: Born in Cook County Georgia, William Anthony Sneed Jr. grew up under the noise of drag racing at the South Georgia Motor Sports Park. His mother didn’t like all the noise so she didn’t take him often. His father, William Sr., took him in the early stages of his life but his parents divorced when B.J. was eight years old so he didn’t get to visit the track for many years.

Will Jr. was a normal kid involved in normal kid stuff. He played ball, hated school, and loved Xbox like everyone else around him. He was always smart, receiving good grades with minimal effort. Once he was old enough to get a job, Will walked down to the Motor Park and got one doing whatever they needed him to do. He also enrolled in shop classes at his high school and began to learn everything he could about cars and how to make them go fast. Of course, this worried his mother so she forbid him to drag race as long as he lived under her house. That’s when he got introduced to street racing.

B.J had pretty good success in the Underground Scene in Atlanta on the weekends. He put a lot of time, and money, in his 1999 Honda Prelude and it served him well, allowing him to make quite a name for himself as far as illegal drag racing was concerned. Unfortunately, one night, while visiting Spelman College he left it parked in a two hour parking zone for way too long and it got towed. The car was never registered to him, but it had be caught on enough traffic cameras that he knew that he could never go and get it back. His mother, furious about his racing, kicked him out of the house. Will took the money that he saved up, brought a 1997 Toyota Supra with the Twin Turbos, in less than good condition, and moved to Miami to get into a bigger racing scene.

(This part of my history would be reserved for connections to other players.)

Current Situation: Trying to get the shop up and running as a legitimate business



Off the line champ - Having grown up at and around the drag strip, William has got a knack for the subtle nuances that comes along with the sport. It’s insane how good he is at beating people off the line.

Charismatic – William loves to get into people’s minds, both on and off the scene in a positive and negative way and the way he does this is with proper word choice and a smile.

Handy Man – Will is good with his hands when it comes to tinkering and fixing things. This helps him with his car and with women.


Corners – B.J is timid, at best, when it comes to sharp turns. Growing up around cars that go straight combined with his change from front wheel drive vehicle to a rear wheel drive vehicle makes him want to stick to drag racing.

Skirt Chaser – William is a sucker for a pretty face and easily gets distracted by women, especially woman who can drive.

Protective – Will can be overly protective of his friends, family and possessions. He will put himself in unnecessary danger to protect things close to him.

Offline Lynnette

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2014, 02:20:24 PM »
I sent you a PM regarding the sister thing Lobster. Also, Agentlemanwithadream (Where the hell do you shorten down that?! AGMWAD or something?) I was considering to have my character being either a mechanic or paint artist, possibly both, so that might be a possible connection.

Offline agentlemanwithadream

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #7 on: April 09, 2014, 02:21:52 PM »
I sent you a PM regarding the sister thing Lobster. Also, Agentlemanwithadream (Where the hell do you shorten down that?! AGMWAD or something?) I was considering to have my character being either a mechanic or paint artist, possibly both, so that might be a possible connection.

Lol, I go by Gent and it sounds like a connection could be made. Whenever you get a skeleton sheet made, PM me and we can work out some details.

Offline Lightshock16

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2014, 02:38:40 PM »
Mark Andrew Terrazi
Mark Andrew Terrazi

Age: 21
Nickname: 'Quick Brit' is his Racer nickname, while 'Sparky' is the nickname among the gang, due to it rhyming with his Forename and since He does deal with Electronics' a lot.

Current Occupation: Sales Assistant in a Video Game Store.

Hobbies outside of racing: Due to his Job he's a keen Video game player (enjoys RPG's As well as of course Racing Games), and he also enjoys Watching Stand-up Comedy, both on TV and going to live gigs. Also a Casual Dragonball Z fan.

Appearance/Style Description: His Blonde hair is usually Styled as it is in the pic, but sometimes (usually on special occasion's) he gives it more flare, styling and spiking it a little more. His Dress Sense is generally pretty Casual, Preferring Normal Shirt and Jean's to the prim and proper Shirt and Tie. He will Dress more formally if it requires, but it's not a preference. His Body Is quite thin, but he's more muscular and Strong than he let's on, and can more than Hold his own in fight's, Depending on who he's fighting of course.
Personality: Mark's Generally a fun-loving, cheerful young man who enjoys living Life to the fullest and Having a good time all the time. He does tend to be a bit quiet and more reserved around people he doesn't know too well, but He is generally quite quick at warming to people so long as He can trust them and they don't annoying him intently. He isn't necessarily concerned about getting ridiculously rich, but at the same time He understand's that money tends to make the world go round, so He will jump on any chance to gain easy money he can. Something to be noted is that he can be a hothead at times, and will quickly get angry if he is pushed too far.

History: Mark was born In the United Kingdom in a town called 'Reading'. Street Racing wasn't common in Reading, but Mark's passion for Car's instead Generated from watching motorsport on the TV. being a particular fan of Mercedes Cars in DTM and Formula 1, Mark's Dream soon became to Drive a Mercedes, although he wasn't sure which he wanted to drive. He briefly thought about pursing a career in motorsport, but he had to drop His dream's when his Parent's moved him with them to the united States at the age of 17.

It was when he got to the United states that Mark's passion for Car's helped him immediately connect with Street Racing. Using Money Both earned by himself and some given to him by his parent's, He bought his Toyota Celica and a small Apartment in Miami, Florida. He immediately found a job he felt comfortable with working at a local video game store, and he continued earning money, most of which has gone into his Car. He's used this to his advantage and Gained moderate Success in the Underground Street Racing Scene in quite a short amount of time, gaining the Nickname of the 'Quick Brit' due to his British Heritage.

(Space reserved for Team connection's)

Current Situation: Currently Working and Racing to gain money to continue modifying his Toyota. He does hope he can get a Higher-Spec car someday, but right now he's settling for making his Celica as Fast as possible. He's also doing anything he can to help at the Shop, his electronic know-how coming in handy.

Car: 2001 Toyota Celica

  • Peerless Car Control - When it comes to knowing just how to make a Car Move in any direction, Mark is faultless. He has an almost Sixth Sense when it comes to Car Control, and will know exactly what to do with almost any car in almost any situation. If it's FWD, he'll know to lay off the throttle to kill the understeer. If it's RWD, he'll know the perfect way to slide the car around the corner while avoiding the threat of oversteer, and if it's 4WD, He'll know how to maximize the extra grip the 4WD system well as knowing that he can get away with some off-road stuff in them too.
  • Aggression - Mark is also known to be both Fearless and Aggressive when behind the wheel of a Car. He's not afraid to trade paint with his Rival's if the end result is victory, and he's also Very quick to hit the accelerator at the start of races due to his aggressive Nature. Combine this with his ability to know the feel of a car, and you have a Racer who knows exactly what he's doing, and will do anything he can to make sure he does it.
  • British Charm - His British Upbringing, Accent and mannerism's Can Generally be of good use to him on American Soil. The Accent in particular is quite helpful when it come's to getting thing's that the group may desire, more particularly If it requires convincing someone of the Female Variety.
  • 'Sparky Marky' - True to his nickname, Electronics's are generally his Main service specialty. It help's in both his illicit Street racing Career and also his current Day Job as a Video Game Store Sales Assistant. He's Very Adept at fixing Electrical Devices, and should always be the one to call on if anything need's a new fuse, a new bulb....Or if an Electric Lock Need's Breaking.

  • Aggression - Unfortunately, the same Aggression that help's Mark can also be a Severe Hindrance to his Racing. His Aggression can often lead to his temper flaring if thing's aren't going his way in races, and when he's hot under the wheel, His Driving can grow more Clumsy, and his Aggressive Driving nature can lead to him either damaging his car badly, or, even with his amazing car control, Putting the boot down too soon and spinning out or Understeering wildly, depending on the car. His Aggression Is the definition of a Double-Edged Sword. His Hotheadedness can also be a problem for his crewmates depending on the situation.
  • Females - Another of Mark's main weaknesses is that, unless it's a serious situation, he will almost NEVER be able to say no to a Girl. A Female would literally just have to give a bit of a seductive Tone to her voice, and Mark would almost immediately be putty in their hand. Although this usually just end's up with him being forced to do the icky job's that the female's in the group don't want to do...It could end up being a Very Detrimental weakness Later on in more serious incident's in his life.
  • Streetwise - Due to having only lived in America for about 3 and a half years, and while his British charm does help him remain quite a cool customer in the street-racing scene, he's not what you would call Street-smart. He can often get confused at what some people say to him in stereotypical gangsta slang, and it can make him come across as slightly too upper-class, despite his casual clothing preference. It's not a major weakness, just don't expect him to be able to communicate well with Major Gangsta playa's and what not. (God that proves it since I have zero street-smart in me too. xD)

((Note: If the Car's a little too modded I can tone it down if needed. And of course I'll need connection's if my char get's accepted. :) ))

Offline Neysha

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #9 on: April 09, 2014, 03:48:39 PM »
Here goes something...

Ashlan Frederickson
Ashlan Frederickson
Age: 19
Nickname: Snowdah
Current Occupation: Pizza Delivery Girl, College Student
Hobbies outside of racing: Cooking, Grilling, Snowboarding, Hockey, Fishing, Hunting
Appearance/Style Description: Ashlan is about five foot two and 99 pounds, except in the winter when she swears she balloons up to 110. She either has soft blonde hair worn long, just past her shoulders or if the mood strikes her, dye her hair red or pink. She tends to dress casually and simply, more for ease and function then anything else.

Personality: She has a constantly on the go personality whenever the sun is up and doesn't like remaining idle. She's exceptionally friendly and hard to offend despite having a competitive streak.
History: Ashlan was born in a small town in Central Minnesota. While street racing wasn't common in Minnesota, plenty of people worked on and owned cars, often racing them at proper tracks or unofficially on country or private roads. Coming from a small town, she found herself restless living in such a small community and thus took the opportunity to attend school in Florida.

Upon moving to Florida, the world of street racing opened up to her and she spent less time pursuing her academics and more pursuing this new subculture that she feels was almost made for her to belong in. Using both her parents money and her own, she purchased a used car and spent her free time tuning it up to be more competitive in street races.
Current Situation: Ashlan currently attends school part time, pursuing a degree in Economics and lives in an largely student occupied apartment. Her job pays well due to tips but otherwise, she's pretty thin on budget.
Car: 2004 Subaru Impreza WRC STi

AWD: Growing up with all wheel drive vehicles, she knows how to use her road holding to maximum benefit in races.

Slippery/Wet Roads: Driving in Minnesota has given her an instinct and 'feel' for the grip of the road and dealing with wet or slippery or yes, snowy and icy roads.

Minnesota Nice: Ashlan is almost unbearably kind and considerate, at least before and after the race and doesn't take offense easily, usually brushing off insults or trash talking or losing rather easily. Hakuna Matata is her unofficial motto. Even when it dire straights, she tends to be unfailingly optimistic and thankful for her situation.

Endurance: She's engaged in more then a fair number of endurance races back in her home state as well as a general knowledge of her own vehicle and being a bit of an amateur auto mechanic herself.

RWD/Drifting: Despite the preference for rear wheel drive vehicles in Florida stret racing, she hasn't mastered drifting or utilizing to full effect. Her experience with it is small andtrying to learn a new drive system is a struggle for her, as it goes against much of her instincts.

Inexperience: Ashlan is a complete newbie when it comes to teh street racing subculture and has a noticable lack of experience when compared with other racers. While she's not intimidated, she often hasn't mastered the many tactical intracies that veteran street racers know of.

Minnesnowduh: She tends to make a limp first impression due to her kind mannerisms, somewhat soft spoken personality when confronting more assertive personalities. As such, she also lacks knowledge on basic parts of the street racing culture and has trouble even finding events to participate in. Othertimes her ignorance has lost her races or got her cheated out of winnings.

Lacks Drive: While she's competitive on the road, she goes soft anywhere else on the race track. Despite the amount of time and money she's invested in becoming a street racer, she shows a rather casual and easygoing attitude over issues that are risky both to her financial, emotional and physical well being. Outside of the race itself, she tends to shirk away from confrontation. Ultimately, while putting in the time and effort for becoming a street racer, she doesn't possess the drive or mental attitude, treating it as a hobby, which to her it may very well still be even as it dominates more and more of her life.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #10 on: April 09, 2014, 03:54:42 PM »
@Gent Approved!

@Light Approved!

@Neysha Approved! What is her major?

When we have a few more people, and when I've finished my own sheet, I will go ahead and post up the OOC section for character sheets to be transferred. One note for everyone is that all of us equally rent and own the shop/house. Based on what everyone's personality/expertise is in, I will probably end up assigning people different jobs inside the shop as well for roleplaying purposes.

Offline Neysha

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #11 on: April 09, 2014, 04:27:03 PM »
@Gent Approved!

@Light Approved!

@Neysha Approved! What is her major?.

Thanks. Her major is economics.

Offline Lightshock16

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #12 on: April 09, 2014, 04:52:35 PM »
So we've got an owner with a RWD Supra, a Scholar with a 4WD Subaru, and an Electronic Specialist with a FWD Celica...we've got some decent bases covered here. xD

Online Juggtacular

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #13 on: April 09, 2014, 07:51:51 PM »
Working on my sheet now. Save me a spot and stuff. :)

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #14 on: April 09, 2014, 08:39:13 PM »
Is there room for another girl player? or are you all filled up?  ;D

Offline DinaFlower

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2014, 09:08:24 PM »
Is the 20k blue book? Or what? Because the car I want is under 20k in the blue book...

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #16 on: April 09, 2014, 09:27:55 PM »
@Chassey Yes!

@Dina  Blue book is fine. The car itself doesn't modify you'll race potential, so no worries.

Online Juggtacular

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #17 on: April 09, 2014, 10:31:12 PM »
Dontae King

Age: 21

Nickname: DK, Don-Don, Tae, Your Highness

Current Occupation: Gym Trainer

Hobbies outside of racing: Sports, Video Games, Making Music, Computers, Partying, Martial Arts

Appearance/Style Description: Dontae is about 6'2, and 220+. He also works out all the time so he's a well muscled 220+. He's pretty handsome and also has a killer smile. He sports a few tats, and knows how to dress for the occasion, although he's usually just dressed in the latest fashion.
Personality: Darrius is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He helps people if he can, and if he can't he tries to find a way to help them anyway, especially friends. On the inverse, he can also be the worst enemy you'll ever have if you screw with him or the people he cares about. He likes to joke and make people laugh, and loves music. In fact, the only thing he loves as much as racing is music...and women. He's a ladies man and loves to flirt and get them at home with him.

History: Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dontae was only in the states for 2 years before his family was shipped to Tokyo on his fathers base placement(Camp Zama). As a result, he was mostly raised in Tokyo. And that meant from a young age he was exposed to street racing of all kinds, but mostly drifting. Before he could drive, he watched, and learned all he could about cars as a kid.

As he got older, his dad and some of his dads friends started letting him help with their cars and he absorbed everything like a sponge. He also got into music and electronics(mainly computers). When he wasn't working on cars or training with his dad who insisted he know how to fight to defend himself, he was recording songs or listening to music or messing around with his computer. When he turned 15, he passed his test to get his permit and found himself driving alone on the backroads whenever he could.

When he turned 16, he got his license and did more of the same. Except now he could leave and not worry about his parents asking where he was. That meant he could finally do what he'd wanted for so long. He got into street racing, and thanks to his 200SX that he'd tuned up with help from his dad, he quickly started to make a name for himself. By the time he was 18, he'd earned the title DK(Drift King) and was something of a legend around Tokyo. Unfortunately, he didn't get to hold his title for that long, as his family was once again relocated due to his military job.

This time they went to Miami. He didn't want to leave, but they didn't really have a choice. He packed his stuff up, had his car shipped to their new address and said his goodbyes. Miami was a different world from Tokyo, but he certainly wasn't complaining when he saw all that it had to offer. Thankfully he wasn't forced into College by his parents, so he found a job working at a Gym as a martial arts trainer. It paid pretty good considering how young he was, and after a bit he moved out and got his own apartment. During this entire time, he'd found himself drawn back into the world of racing, and starting making moves in Miami.

(Left open for relationships)

Current Situation: Working and trying to further mod his car. Hoping to make a name for himself in Miami like he did in Tokyo.

Car:  '98 Nissan 200SX


Drifting - He was called DK for a reason. Since drifting style racing is so prominent in Japan, Dontae has become very proficient in this particular racing style and can take corners like nobody's business.

Tuning - Because of his know how with cars and computers, he's been able to tweak his car as much as possible with the resources he has, making it very powerful for it's size.

Tech Head - He's incredible with computers and electronics. He doesn't do it much because he doesn't want to add more potential illegal activities to his potential rapsheet, but he can even hack into computer systems.

Muscle - He's very strong and damn good in a fight. If people need a friend for a scrap, he's who they call. But that's only natural when you have been studying martial arts your whole life.


Show Off - He tends to think over much of himself during races and often jeopardizes his position or even his health when he showboats and flaunts for the people watching.

Flirt - Like his friends, he's a sucker for a pretty face and a nice pair of legs. It's hard to say no to a woman, especially when she shows interest in you.

Physicality - His job is very physically demanding, and as such there are times where he'll be less helpful in a fight or something because he's tired after two four round matches in one afternoon.

Anxious - He tends to get trigger happy so to speak and finds himself sacrificing race position by making moves too early. Hitting the NOS too early or trying to cut past someone in front of him before he's ready to make his move for example.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #18 on: April 09, 2014, 10:59:15 PM »
Go ahead and add a more specific racing weakness Jugg. Reading through I don't feel that those weaknesses really apply that much. Otherwise approved! Will be PMing you for history stuff.

Online Juggtacular

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #19 on: April 09, 2014, 11:05:03 PM »
Added another one, and cool.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #20 on: April 09, 2014, 11:06:11 PM »
So everyone knows I'm going to give my character a specific strength titled In Crowd, or something to that effect. Basically of all the players, he's the most known and connected in the Miami street racing scene. This will make being able to GM the game much easier.

Online Juggtacular

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #21 on: April 09, 2014, 11:21:38 PM »
Gotcha. That does make sense.

Offline PrestaDGTation

Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
« Reply #22 on: April 09, 2014, 11:29:04 PM »
Here's mine!  Pics later!

Lori Vinzans

Age: 21
Nickname: Cog-Leg, Lower Gear, Brace, Goggle

Current Occupation: She works as a cashier at a local BP station.  She is allowed to work by herself during the evenings, and occassionaly goes on rants about why people should shop at Shell instead.

Hobbies outside of racing: Plays Saxophone, Goes Junking, Audiophile for Metal, Jazz and Swing, Loves Steam-Punk, Hookah Savante, Enjoys Prize Fights, Moderate Italian Cook, Makes devices and jewelry out of gears, Amateur Mechanic.

Appearance/Style Description:
     Lori has short black hair which bunches around her ears, and bored green eyes.  She was always somewhat fair skinned, and although the Miami Sun has changed that to a degree, she is still pleasantly pale by local standards.  She tends to dress in blacks, and is fond of wearing a necklace with a bear tooth on it.  What most people notice about her first, however, is that she walks with a slight limp, and wears a leg brace composed of clockwork gears.  She has several tattoos under her shirt, which go from her right shoulder blade to her left elbow, depicting ghastly spirits manifesting in the snow.  She also has several scars, one just below her right collar bone, indicating a bullet wound.
   Lori leads something of a double life.  Many people mistake her for a goth, owing to her monotone apathy and cynicism.  This is a disguise, however, for the artsy, curious and tough as nails young woman she actually is.  She has a capacity for theatrics, and has a deep appriciation for solemn enjoyments and the 'less fine' arts.  She has been told that she has an expression, a warped sneer of sorts, when she's having an idea she means to pursue.  Despite her talents, however, Lori is somewhat insecure, owning to recent events that have shaped her life.

  Lori was born to an Italian Immigrant Chef and an American Para-legal.  She grew up enjoying fine cooking, accordian music, and the like.  She was nerdy as a youth, smart and quiet, more prone to being lost in her own world than actually hanging out with others.  When she started to hit her rebellious years, during which her tempermental father and ice-berg like mother got on her very last nerve, she began to seek companionship.  She found music her calling card, at the time, going to jazz houses and coffee shops.  After making some quirky friends that, while not nerdy, seemed to understand her for what she was, she was invited to the Maw, the parking garage that served as the headquarters for a gang called The Teeth.  That was where she saw her first cover show concert.

  Lori was already familiar with their leader, Kaitlin Naus, who had been part of an experimental rock band.  The energy was entrancing, and she began to try to go to these cover shows as often as she could.  Her grades suffered as she began to fall into various substance abuses and small acts of hoodlumism with her gang-member friends.  A very confusing period followed, in which Goggle teetered between giving up the gang for the life she'd had, or vice versa.  This confusion ended rather suddenly one night when a member of a rival gang attempted to kill her.  Naus herself was the one who saved her life, following it with hard but well-meaning advice to "fucking pick" where she stood.  After this, Lori formally began her life as one of The Teeth.

  While the nerdiness she'd carried as a youth had to be quickly beaten out of her, the gang members welcomed her curiosity.  Various mentors appeared, teaching her music, mechanics, driving, and fighting.  Under Naus's tutelage, Lori gained a deep appreciation for one on one fights.  A tall and imposing woman named Silver taught her to drift during street races.  And her first lover, a boy named French Fry, taught her the joys of junking.  It was he who re-awakened her nerdier side by showing her how to craft junk-jewelry. 

  It was during one of these junking expeditions that Lori's leg was crushed by a falling car in a junk yard.  Unable to walk under her own power, she fashioned a clock-work leg brace.  Thereafter, even the other members of The Teeth had to respect her nerdiness.  She started working more on steam-punk fashions in her spare time, running a profile on Etsy to raise money for the Gang.  She also rekindled her love of Jazz Music, buying a saxophone and taking lessons in her spare time.

  This was a fine time for her, but it was due to end.  Sadly, a gang member's foremost skill must be the art of violence.  Even with her brace, Lori no longer had the agility for it.  After nearly getting herself killed for the second time, Naus threw her out, partly for her own protection, but mostly out of frustration.  The event broke her heart.  She took what money she had and moved to Miami, consoling herself for a time on the beaches, taking her leg brace off and letting the waves caress her.

  She loved the musical venues there, and as she began to feel more like herself, she decided she would find a way to get this going.  Taking a job as a cashier at a gas station, Lori started saving up for a car that could compete in street races, resolving to get all the other stuff she wanted with the prize money.

Current Situation:
  She is currently shacking up for some low rent, saving up to build a competitive vehicle, and hopes to earn some fast cash.  Getting thrown out by The Teeth forced her to start over, and to reassess how big a handicap her leg really is.  Once she has enough money, she wants to get her leg fixed.  After that.. who knows.


1991 Nissan 300 ZX

I call it Neon Marine


  Scion of the Silver Tooth:  Among her many mentors, a woman who called herself Silver was her driving instructor.  She taught that even the fastest drive must be done with grace, and to accent that point taught her how to round tight corners with drift.  She never got as good as her teacher, but she can none-the-less pull off some beautiful maneuvers. 
  Lower Gear: Of all Lori's talents, mechanics comes most easily to her.  With some choice junk, Lori is able to tune a car for improved efficiency, and possesses a sense for how an unfamiliar vehicle will perform on different kinds of terrain.
  Jack of All Trades and Their Connections:  In addition to her gang life, Lori is also involved in the local Steampunk and Jazz Communities, as well as running a fairly successful profile on Etsy.  She does try to keep those seperate, however.  Not the least reason for which being that she occasionally launders money through her art sales.  Ho hum.
  When life gives you lemons..:  Lori is a survivor, who once earned her place among The Teeth almost entirely on her ability to improvise an increasingly bad situation into something awesome!  It makes her an amazing junker.


  Confidence Issues - Negative:  Lori isn't immune to how her leg brace makes her look less imposing around people she needs to look imposing around.  That, the obvious mobility issues, and getting thrown out of a gang to work at BP and such, chips away at her self esteem.
  Confidence Issues - Positive:  Lori was a good student to her mentors.  Not a great student, but a good one.  When she is in her element on the track, she sometimes forgets that there are certain moves she can't pull off, and others that even Silver would have told her were dangerous.  This euphoria, stemming from a whole closet of baggage regarding a need to prove herself, is the primary reason why Naus threw her out.
  That Damn Leg:  Good thing it was the left leg!  All I need to manipulate is the clutch!  Just tap the clutch and.. move, leg.. Move!, fuck.
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                                                                    Robin Banks

Age: 18
Nickname: Jade, skittles((only by those really close to her)) And kitten((you better have a six pack and nice car if you call her kitten.))

Current Occupation: Flipping ounces.

Hobbies outside of racing: Working on cars and working on Men.

Appearance/Style Description: Robin tends to where skinny or mini skirts. Her hair is almost always down. When you see the picture 90% of you will know who it is if not all of you. When I was looking for a picture I came across one of her and decided it was wonderful. ((Most the time I avoid famous people lol))
Personality: Due to the fact that Robin was brought up in the word of cars, drugs, and guns she is always watching her back. She only trust those that have earned it. If you hurt someone on that list then you will have hell to pay for it. She is mostly happy and fun to be around. She is a party girl, always has ben. If you have not had a drink with her, than you are not her friend. And the only thing she likes more than men is cars.

History: Robin was raised by a criminal. Her mother died giving birth to her, But her father has never told her that. All Robin knows is that her mother died when she was young. She grew up in a world of fast cars, drugs, and guns. At the age of 13 she could flip an ounce. When her she was 16 her father rolled his skyline GTR r35 in a street race. That car is not siting in her garage as the cost to fix it is more than she can afford. From that day on Robin has looked after herself.

Current Situation: Trying to make ends meet.

Car: 1990 Cheval SS 454 ((Was stolen))

Strengths: She has raw skill in the world or racing, she can feel the car in a way most can not dream of. She knows a car and just what it can and can not do with one look over. She has the mind of a criminal. She has a body that most men can not say no to.

Weaknesses: She is still young and newer to the Racing life than most. She loves to party. And she freezes up when ever racing a skyline. As she was there when her dad died.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Florida Burnout
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Jonathan Hellyer

Age: 27
Nickname: John, Doc

Current Occupation: John is currently undergoing the last year of his residency at Saint Hellen's General Hospital in Miami.

Hobbies outside of racing: Clubs, Movies, Firing Range. John barely has time to practice any hobbies outside of the hospital and racing.

Appearance/Style Description: Unless it's a racing night, or party night, John can most often be found wearing his scrubs or whatever was most comfortable and available in his closet. Already pretty well broken in to the racing scene and the group he doesn't try too hard to impress any more than he has too. More often then not he looks tired.
Personality: Jonathan is a up and coming doctor. As a result of that he has adopted a pretty charismatic bedside manner with everyone around him. He is kind, smile's easily, and usually goes out of his way to make other's feel comfortable around him. More so than medicine, he take's racing extremely seriously because he knows the sort of people this sport attracts. He is quick to show that he is not afraid of a fight (or worse), and intentionally tries to appear over-confident during race nights. To say that he never underestimates his opponents is not correct, rather he recognizes that everyone has potential. This primarily comes from the fact that he considers himself an unlikely person to be involved in this scene. If he could do it, why not anyone else?

Racing to him is a true passion, which he considers a team sport more than anything else. He is always on the lookout for new team members to join the new Scooby Gang of the Miami streets. Still, he often talks about wanting more, and what it would take to really hit it big in the scene. Though never willing to outwardly admit it, he's extremely ambitious.

History: Truth be told John's life has not really been that difficult so far. The worst he could probably say about his upbringing is that his parents were extremely strict, and (in his opinion) expected far too much out of him. Most of that had to do with the fact that his parents are multi-millionaires, and the idea is that he is going to pick up the torch once his father finally passes away.. John however never had an interest in business, and always found himself more interested in cars and bikes, living life by gauge of your fuel tank over some corporate office. Maybe because it was so different compared to what he was used too.

Regardless his father would have none of it, he was barely even allowed to participate in sports from his mother's fear that he might snap his neck! Well near the end of High School, which was of course spent at only the best male boarding school in the country, John realized that the only way he was going to get out of taking over and joining in on the family business to even have some kind of a chance of getting away was if he did something that was still seen as respectable. Well, he had always thought medicine was sort of interesting. I mean, he loved ER and watched Scrubs constantly in college. So, he went into Med-School once his father consented, and has actually developed quite an aptitude for medical science. Spurred on all the more by the fact that his father seems to have left him alone in Miami while knowing that he is doing well in his residency. At this point, the pair barely speak anymore.

After a late night car accident victim came into his wing in the hospital John finally found his "in" to the street racing scene. He discovered that the victim was actually the younger brother to one of the local high ranking street gangs called the TRIPLE G'S. John promised to keep the specifics of the accident a secret for an invite to one of the races. Since then John has participated in quite a few races, obtaining notoriety as a contestant but never a champion. At least not yet. John and the crew purchases a old auto-repair shop and adjoining shop to work out of, now finally seeing the beginnings of what he's been trying to find.

Current Situation: Arranging to get the crew into the next big race.

Car: 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Med School - John has the knowledge and near experience of a starting off doctor, specifically a surgeon. This provides him with a unique skill in the street racing thing, where post people do everything they can to stay out of the hospital.

Good Fundamentals - Not necessarily a expert at any one piece of racing, John has shown a aptitude at all required skills necessary during the race. This typically guarantees he doesn't get last place, but usually also keeps him below first.

In Crowd - John has been in Miami for several years, and involved in the street racing scene for more than a year now. With marginal success in actual races, plus a friendly personality, John has developed several contacts among the local amateurs and even a few of the higher ups.

Knows the Tracks - Practice in a ambulance has afforded John an enormous amount of time getting to speed around the city. He knows most of the choice tracks by heart, and is largely unaffected by the unfamiliar downside that comes with being surprised by the location of a new race.


Breakaway - John has always had an enormous amount of difficulty with the first few seconds of the race, never quite getting down the smooth shift between gears from a stationary position. He never gets the lead, and always has to fight tooth and nail for it later.

Ambition - John loves racing, and he's growing in to loving medicine. But just getting to do what he loves never seems to be enough, he has to be the best at it. Or at least surrounded by the best. His ambition to move up in the world of street racing is off-putting to the more experienced who consider him a amateur.

Hospital - He can't get caught breaking the law, or else all that hard work at school goes to shit. So, John would do just about anything to keep his two worlds separate from one another.
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