[MUL] Stranded? Lost? End of the World?

Started by Greenthorn, August 27, 2008, 12:31:22 PM

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So, Sherona made a post in Like It, Take It and I would love to write something based on her post.  Please read my responses to it also.

Looking for someone mature who can get into the mindset of...despair.  I would rather write with someone who has been a member for at least three months (sorry, but I wanna be sure you're settled in Elliquiy), exceptions could be made but since I rarely post an ad...I will be picky on who I choose.

Don't care if you are male or female, don't care if your character is male or female either *smiles*...I'll play a female.  This will not be a sexual driven story, matter of fact sex may or may not happen.

I don't have any specific ideas yet as to the setting...could be anything...freak blizzard...shipwreck...terrorist bombing...plane wreck...*shrugs* it's negotiable.

Also, I'm open to how it's written.  As current diaries, a story, or even our characters 'remembering' things and in the process of writing books...hell can even bring in someone else and make it interviews...so many options!

Well, I know this is fairly bare bones with nothing specific, but two heads are better than one? *smiles*

Any ideas I would prefer to be posted in reply here as I'm lazy with returning PMs!

Oh it would help if I gave the link to Sherona's post huh? Here it is

Oh, another note.  This -may- be housed in Extreme deprending on events that may occur within the story.  And as for when the story itself would start..I'm not sure with my RL and all..BUT...it can start immediately, but I cannot promise quick posting.


Dame Greenthorn,

Indeed Sherona's thread is an interesting idea for a topic.  Of that I can be absolutely sure, the idea of two total strangers thrown together in the light of catastrophy is inspiring to say the least.  I am certain that you are not familiar with my writing here on E, but feel free to browse if you'd like to see if my style would be compatible with yours.

I have several active topics right now, but for a worthy one there is always time enough to endeavor to excellance.  Though most of my topics are based with an erotic ending theme, some are more romantic or adventurous in nature with only suggested or implied feelings of desire and the potential of sexual scenes.  In other words the reality of life crossing over to the dissociative belief of fantasy RP.  (like that makes any sense  *hehe*)

Anyway, it is a wonderful idea, and my hat goes off to both Sherona (whom I have the privilage of being joined with on a topic) and you, whom I have not yet, but will soon have read works of.

In a nutshell my style lends towards detailed accounts, developed characters and scenarios that are believable within the confines of the topic idea. I am a middle aged male with a love of writing in many forms and formats. So, if you'd like to visit and see what ideas may work, let me know via PM, as I am always ready to reply there, though sometimes it takes a day or so.  LOL.

Nice to have met you, sort of.....hope to visit sometime in the near future.

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Because of my net problems, I won't be starting this until some time next week or so!


I am ... intrigued. But also didn't get here first. *hugs for GT* Let me know if you want to chat a bit about it anyway. I enjoy playing those sorts of roles far too much for my own good.
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