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Author Topic: Clorinda's Various Games and Random Ideas  (Read 353 times)

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Clorinda's Various Games and Random Ideas
« on: April 08, 2014, 12:32:53 AM »
Clorindaís Various Games and Random Ideas

There are all sorts of stories that I love to tell.  Sprawling epics set in a fantasy realm, desperate struggles for survival in the post-apocalypse, delicate romances between two young lovers, and simple, elegant smut.  So, Iím not the person who says that I want story and not smut, both have their place.  Sometimes, Iíll want to tell a story and sex will be the furthest thing from my mind, and at other times, itís all about the sexy sex.  So, this advert is going to sort of be all over the place.

Before getting to the exciting part, letís talk about what it is I look for in a roleplaying partner:
-   Player gender doesnít really matter to me.  I will say that I have had some bad interactions with male players in the past, nothing serious, but it has left me with a more cautious attitude when dealing with lords.  This is terribly unfair, because I've also met a number of lovely lords, but it is unfortunately the truth. Generally speaking, respectful communication is key.  I might have submissive tendencies, but one shouldn't speak aggressively to me unless it is in the story or is invited.
-   Character gender does matter to me.  Itíll be easy to get me to play an F/F game.  Definitely possible to have me play either role in an M/F game.  And kind of hard to get me to play in an M/M game.  That said, I'm open to pretty much any type of pairings, at least in the abstract.
-   I really like to plan the story out in advanced, at least up to a point, so please expect to talk a lot over PM prior to the start of a game.  This applies more to large stories than it does to smut, but even for the simple ones, Iíll want to talk things over.
-   I love talking about stories over IM, whether itís plotting one out or discussing how things are going.
-   Building on that, I love communication generally
-   And, further on that subject, I would very much appreciate it if you could PM me instead of posting in this thread.  Thanks.

So, I guess weíll get into what sort of stories Iíd like to play.  Well, you can look at my O/O thread to get some idea of what my kinks are and what sort of stories Iíd like to play.  Generally, I like playing in D/s and F/F games (put them together and youíll win my heart).  I prefer playing submissive roles, but am able to play domme characters as well.  I also prefer playing female characters, almost to the complete exclusion of male characters, though Iíll make exceptions (especially for a femdom game or for a good M/M story).  The only thing that Iíd say is a hard no in terms of the intersection of D/s and gender is that the male dominant to a female submissive or the female dominant to a male submissive Ė these doesnít appeal to me.

All of that being said, Iím not just into D/s.  A cute story, an adventure story, budding love between two people: all of it has a place and is supremely enjoyable.  So, yeah, I am up for pretty much everything, from disturbingly brutal D/s stories to sensitive romances, at least so long as they speak to me.

So, I guess on to the main showÖ

Various Ideas

One thing Iíd really like to try more of it GMing a game with a single other player.  What I mean by this is coming up with a setting and a host of characters and letting you explore it.  Now, I could only probably do one or maybe two of these at a time as it will require a lot of attention and work (and file keeping), but I think it would be a lot of fun.  Below are some stories Iíd like to do, in no particular order.

A Warhammer 40,000 story
You would play an Inquisitor.  What are you looking for?  Well, give me some idea of your inquisitorís background and what sort of enemy of the Imperium youíre most keen on stamping out and Iíll craft up something to fit.

A Fallout story
I started making a ďFallout: ChicagoĒ story once for someone, but it fell apart.  Iíd like to try it again.  Iíd want to update it Ė shift around the various factions and things, maybe even make a more detailed map Ė but I think it would be a lot of fun.  So, whatíre you going to do?  Get yourself wrapped up in all of the big power struggles?  Settle around the borders and make a simple life for yourself?  Get fed up with it and head somewhere else?  Whatever you want, Iíll accommodate.

Historical Superhero Story
Basically, the idea is taking the standard super-powered (or super-teched) vigilante story and throwing it into the historical past.  What would Batman and the Joker be like using clockpunk tech in Renaissance Venice?  What would Wonder Woman be like in Victorian England?  How would the X-Men behave in Carolingian France?  I donít really want to deal with canonical figures Ė probably characters who are inspired by actual comic book figures Ė but I think the idea of adapting a well-known genre into a completely different world would be fun.  [Inspired by Marvel 1604, and Iím sure other things Iíve never seen/read]

Analogue: A Hate Story Inspired Story
So, hopefully, we all know the story of Analogue.  If you donít, then you really ought to go and buy it right now because itís a wonderful game produced by Christine Love.  Anyway, the premise is that, on a ship sent out either to colonize a planet or host a colony upon it, society slowly moved to a point where it embodied the mores of an historical society.  The idea is rather intriguing, one that we see surprisingly often (whenever there are kings or nobility in science fiction), but which seems to be rarely considered.  Iíd love for an opportunity to, somehow, roleplay a game that embodies that aspect of Analogue.  I suspect that this could involve a situation where your character is in a ďPale BrideĒ style situation or a situation more like Heo Seo-yeong in Hate Plus.  This is one that likely will take a lot of thought and a lot of planning and could very easily go off the rails.

Lovecraft Mythos
Iíd love to do a story involving a deep mystery involving horrible beings from beyond the stars.  I donít have any particular idea in mind as to what the horrors will be, but the idea your characterís slow descent into madness as she discovers more and more about her own insignificance in the face of a cold, terrifying, malevolent world full of unspeakable terrors.

So, those are some of the ideas I have for a GMed game.  Iím willing to be really flexible and work with you on whatever sort of story you want to be in, but there will still be a lot of stuff left mysterious and strange, a whole world (or worlds) to explore.  If you have something in mind outside of these, Iíd be willing to hear it, but donít expect too much.  One final note that I would like to make is that you probably shouldnít expect too much sex in such games.  Romance and sex will likely be a part of the story, but Iíd prefer it not to be the primary focus.

In addition to the idea of a big GMed story, which is something Iím really interested in trying, Iíd also really like to do a number of more usual ďI play a character and you play a characterĒ style games.  You knowÖ normal forum based roleplaying.

The main problem with this is, well, I actually have a lot fewer ideas of what Iíd like to do regarding these types of stories.  Which, I know, is perhaps a bit peculiar.  Youíll see mostly fandom inspired ideas (because Iím terrible at coming up with ideas, shhh, itís a secret).  Nah, the real reason is that if I tried to think up scenarios, theyíd become painfully detailed to the point of not really being productive for a story.

Sugarless Gum
Iím not super fond of the fan name given to the pairing of Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum, but, well, it exists so I might as well use it.  Anyway, Iíd like to give playing out the relationship that Marcy and Bonny had generations ago, from its conception to their unamicable parting of the ways (which, as we all know, was at least somewhat repaired during ďWhat Was MissingĒ).  I imagine that this would probably focus mainly on the romantic relationship rather than the sexual one, though it would undoubtedly also be an essential aspect of the story.

Mass Effect Story
Outside of the abovementioned story, this is likely the only other sort Iíd be willing to play that heavily involves canon characters.  Iíd like to explore the relationship of Commander Shepard and Liara TíSoni.  Iím not sure exactly what aspects weíd focus on, that would probably be something to discuss, and Iíd be more than willing to diverge from the canonical story.  I would like to note one thing, though: Commander Shepard was a woman.  That is a fact and is never to be contested.  If I hear otherwise, I will stick my fingers in my ears and make funny noises until you give up.

So, this is pretty vague, but I love stories involving domination.  From a bit rougher than vanilla all the way to outright slavery, itís all incredibly fun in its own way.  Iíd prefer to either be the more submissive partner or, if weíre not going too extreme, in a switch relationship.  I can play dominant, but I wonít play a character who dominates someone of the opposite gender.  Iíll also not likely be super receptive if you come to me with a story about me playing a dominant, but, hey, if you want to try, feel free.  So, yeah, super vague, but, there are so many interesting avenues to go down, Iíd rather hear what ideas you might have and then see how we can develop them together.

This can also mean a great number of things, from playing a biological male who is in the process of transitioning to womanhood, to playing a transwoman, to stories involving forced feminization (hehe, ďforcedĒ).  Again, like above, itís a pretty vague concept that would simply be a core Iíd like to build a story around, so this is also something with near limitless potential.  I can say Iíd prefer to play the character who is transitioning, though to play from either side is something Iím more than willing to do.  So, if this at all intrigues you, let me know and we can go back and forth and nail down an idea.

I love history.  Love it, love it, love it.  Primarily European history (because itís what Iím most familiar with and, thus, what I feel I can most accurately portray, but if youíre alright with a bit of ignorance to the specifics of behavior and historical details, a whole host of other locales are possible too (even if theyíre not my first choice).  I will warn you, though, that I can get a little too crazy on the history train, especially if it involves that period between about AD 400 and 1500.  Especially if it involves Italian city states.  I will likely find an excuse, in any period, to include a discussion of Platonic theology, which could be frightening if youíre terrified of someone being really enthusiastic about something you probably find painfully dull.

In addition to these ideas, anything involving the ideas listed above in the GMed game section could be made to fit a more normal game.  I have some ideas, but, again, nothing really developed enough that I feel it should go down here.  Iíll also reiterate that Iím pretty open to most sorts of F/F stories, whatever the particular plot, so also feel free to shoot me any general F/F ideas you might have, even if they donít involve domination or transitioning or any of the setting Iíve discussed!

Wow, that was a lot.  I reallyÖ just didnít shut up, did I?  WellÖ sorry Ďbout that.  Iíll try to be more concise in the future.  I would like to remind you to please not post in this thread and, instead, PM me if anything has piqued your interest.
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