Seeking a male friend from my male character's past. Mild sexual content.

Started by TheKnifeWon, April 07, 2014, 07:18:34 AM

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Right, OK, so first off, the character in question is Davan Shaw, whose profile can be found in my ons and offs. In short, he's a southern man who lost his wife to a werewolf attack and disappeared thereafter, taking to the road to hunt. The setting is mostly realistic, so he was disowned by his remaining family as having gone insane after losing his wife. Please do read the profile if you're still interested, as there's a lot there. Not much by way of ons/offs as Davan's rather vanilla, left to his own devices. Tends to fuck rather animalistically, digging in fingers and teeth to anchor himself to his partner while he goes for gold inside 'em. He's got an open mind as long as he's not simulating abuse, I think. Anyway!

I'm currently looking for someone to play a male friend of Davan's from high school. Davan blipped off the radar around age 22. More than a decade later, they'll meet by chance. Maybe Davan'll put him up in a house or apartment he currently owns. Maybe it'll be the other way around, Davan struggling to find a good place to stay as he tries to find his feet in yet another new town. Whatever the case, he tries desperately to hide how fucked up his life really is, but time will inevitably ruin that for him. They have a history of fooling around in high school that they might rekindle with a bit of alcohol in them. I want to use the guy in this video for the character model, Tristan Bechet. The character will have also worked with electronic music, so please be familiar with underground music and culture before expressing interest in this role.

It'll be a story focused role with a smattering of scenes involving, most likely, oral sex exclusively. I'm not sure Davan'd wanna fuck him literally (and he's not much of a bottom), but I'm not writing it out completely.

Obviously the character you'll be playing does have a certain framework, but there's a lot to be developed (including a name, haha). If you're interested, feel free to inform me however you see fit. Posts should be between 300 and 2,000 words somewhere (the middle ground's nice).