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May 23, 2018, 05:58:58 PM

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Author Topic: Het Male Seeking Some F Domination  (Read 219 times)

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Het Male Seeking Some F Domination
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:19:50 PM »
Being a guy, whenever I play sexy rpg, I usually end up in charge.  The bad guy.  The rescuer.  Whatever.  I run the story outline... the extra characters... the setting descriptions.  I dont mind, Im kind of creative and I enjoy the mental exercise.  Being a Libra, though, I crave karmic balance.  I would like to see what its like to be on the other side of things.  What if I didnt have all the control?  What if I was the one captured and at someone's mercy?  What could that be like?

I had a few interesting scenarios I used to play with my wife.  We played Shadowrun lesbian lovers... I was the submissive mage to my wife's dominant elf infiltrator.  It was fun.  Id like to do more on that side of things.  I had one other person who let me play the captured sex slave... this time as part of a 'Amazon against the Centaur' storyline she had running with a few different guys.  Well, we never got too far, but here the result.  I was having fun making up the centaur race I came from and we discussed a natural rider/ridden relationship instinctively developing eventually... but not before I tried escaping.  She would be beset by men warriors and out of the blue Id come in and we would fight side by side.  It sounded glorious... but as they say in the Outsiders 'nothing gold lasts' or some such.;all

So what am I offering?  Ive written some good stuff.  I can really get into my characters and I love a good story.  I like extremes and like to explore borders.  So I wouldnt mind going places youve always wanted to try.  I have a few borders.  I cant really do male homosexual relationships.  If I am a male slave in your power... not sure I want to do a lot of anal things.  I could try, but it might get on my nerves if its too constant or anything.  I would be willing to play partial beastials... I played a good unicorn falls in love with the princess who lured him into a capture story.  'Precious Alicorn.'  My favorite on this site.  I can do good werewolves.  I can do tentacle monsters, if thats desired.  I would be willing to do watersports and other extremes.

Now there are varaiations on the theme.  First off, I can get depressed if too much degredation is heaped on a character.  Even reading about another character, a woman going through too much is just painful.  There should be some stick and carrot used.  There should be times for some friendship and happiness between dark points in the story.  There should be some sort of story.  Even a straight up hard core torture porn... where Im a male prisoner and you are the female interogator should have a feeling of progression... getting to something in the story.  Not just over and over describing where the electrodes are taped to this time.  For example... in the middle of the darkest scene with the interrogation scene, it would be nice if he passed out and had a quick nice dream of the love of his life and a pleasant afternoon he passed long ago, developing the background story of course, before waking up to a face full of ice water.

So, what can I do for you?
What if there was a bunker in a post apocalyptic world run by women.  What men are there are political and sexual slaves  who are turned out into the wilderness otherwise.  To impress thier power physically, all male sexual slaves have to 'recycle' thier Mistress's unrine.
Id really like to maybe do that centaur story I had started above.
I can play a really appealing lesbian character, if you want.  I can be as unwilling or coerced as you would like.  For example, I could see it as interesting if a lesbian queen bee of a uniformed preppy school found out my girl is lesbian as well, but kind of an outsider.  She could threaten my character with exposure, though indirect means, of course... unless I did certain favors for her... about two or three times a day.
Imagine a setting like 'Underworld'... but where I am one of those werewolf slaves with iron muzzels and chains and you are a female vampire with a penchant for screwing her father's werewolf guards.
Where else would you want to take this?  Maybe you should fire up a PM and let me know your ideas.  I would love to hear them.