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Author Topic: LadyLucy  (Read 1020 times)

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« on: April 04, 2014, 03:25:34 PM »
Welcome My Lovelies
Thread Last Updated: 02/28/2015

First things first... Please do not post in this topic! PM with any interests!
If you are interested in one of my thought babies and decide to PM me... please put the name listed for the RP as the name of the PM. This is for organization purposes.

Also. Please be sure to read my topic titled; That Lovely LadyLucy. It lists my expectations, turn on's, and turn offs. If you contact me and it becomes evident you didn't even glance at this... Then I'm just going to ignore you. So please read! Thank you.

Now then down to business... I see you have managed to find my little corner of the internet. By now you should have already read my expectations, my on's, and my off's. If you haven't please go back and do so now. Don't worry. I can wait...


Back? Good. And if your still reading I take it your still interested. In the posts below you will find all the different ideas I have for roleplays. If you find one you like, please PM me about it, giving the PM the title of the roleplay listed. As mentioned above this is for organization and for me to keep things straight.

The general set up of my idea will be this... Each idea has its own post so that they don't all get shoved into one post and things get over crowded. At the top will be the title and below it will be a star rating. The stars will be an indicator of how interested I am in that plot. The more stars, then the more interest. After that will be the status of the plot. If its still available or taken and if so who its taken by or if I just have no  interest currently. Unless it specifically says taken I will be open to hearing and discussing ideas. Next might be a picture or two followed by what gender I would like to play. Most will probably list Male or Female because as mentioned in my expectations, I am okay with playing either... However if there is one which says specifically Male or specifically Female... please do not ask if I can play the other gender. Since my preference is playing females I will probably be looking to play that for most plots in here. But if you had something in mind and would like me to play the man then feel free to PM me your request. Anyway... After that will be how the idea was inspired and a little of what you can expect in the roleplay. Then will probably be the description. If I have a specific character in mind for that plot, I might put them at the very bottom. Haven't really decided if I am going to do anything with Characters yet...

Below is a listing of the plots I have in this thread and their current status (available or not). The post immediately after this one is a list for the RP's I currently have running. There is a limited number of spots on this list. If all spots are filled I will no longer be looking to start RP's. I would still be happy to discuss then however. Please Note: The number of Plots Listed will almost certainly exceed the number of RP's I am currently looking to do. Its good to have a variety of options.

UPDATE: so I have decided to include individual characters in here as well. They will be added the same way as the plots are and will have their own quick navigation guide at the bottom just below the plots. I will try to get that set up and a character out in the next few hours.

Plots Listed ::
(Clickable Links! Green is open, Orange is being discussed, Red is taken, Strike is removed, Black is coming soon.)

Lady Killer :: The Saints & The Angel :: Heir To The Throne :: Dead But Not Gone :: Stranded :: Wired :: Three's Company
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Current Threads
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 03:30:29 PM »
Current Threads ::
# -- Thread Name -- My Partner -- (My Character / Partners Character)

⑴ -- Stranded -- AdrianZef -- ( Kylie / Adrian )
⑵ --
⑶ --
⑷ --
⑸ --
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Lady Killer
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2014, 04:09:51 PM »
Lady Killer
(Really really interested in this)

Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: Okay well... I have been on a bit of a crime run. Watching a lot of shows/movies involving serial killers... Criminal Minds, Dexter, the Hannibal movie series... So I am kind of craving a serial killer RP. I have a couple different ideas for plots as you will see below.

What To Expect:: This would definitely be one of my more violent and extreme RP's... Could involve bondage, rape, torture, master/slave... Any number of things. Though if there could still be limits to any torture... That would be great. I'm not a sadist or anything. I am open to thoughts and ideas. Like I mentioned above already... I am kind of craving this.

Well my first idea for this is that the killer (your male in this case) is stalking his next victim (my character). He gets ready for the kill gets every thing set up... Ends up kid napping her. But then for what ever reason he find that he can't kill her (there can be any amount of rape/torture between kidnapping her and coming to this realization). After he realizes it he can't exactly let her go but he doesn't want to kill her so maybe he just kind of keeps her captive for a bit. She can try to escape or talk her way out or fight back for a while. But after she finds she goes get away (either escapes or is let go) she finds that for whatever reason she had grown attached to him (stockholm syndrome) and ends up going back against her better judgment. She can either then become his accomplice, try to keep him from killing, or whatever. There are any number of ways this could go. This is probably the plot I am craving most.

This one is kind of like the first but as a little twist... the serial killer is female. It would be kind of like the first one but with reversed roles. I am not great at playing dominating females so my idea with this one was that she usually targets smaller men or women but the main male in this scenario was getting in her way some how and she felt threatened and like she had to take him out. Only when she tries to she messes up and either doesn't restrain him well enough, or doesn't knock him out properly and he wakes up and gets the upper hand sort of attacking her (though it would be more self defense) so a bit of a fight ensues but one thing leads to another and it ends up turning into rough sex. From there it would again be like the above one. He becomes and accomplice or tries to get her to stop, maybe kind of controlling her some. There is obviously a lot to discuss.

So for this third plot I was thinking that maybe both characters are serial killers... and they somehow know about each other, either was witness to the other or something... and it kind of turns into a bit of a competition with them. Until one feels like the other is invading their territory to much so instead tries to take them out. It can sort of turn into a bunch of failed attempts at them trying to kill the other until one manages to interrupt the other in one of their attempts and kind of like the second... one thing leads to another. They can either start a relationship there, or maybe have a few more angry sex encounters, or whatever... like the last three there is a lot to discus on this.
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The Saints & The Angel
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2014, 07:29:45 PM »
The Saints & The Angel

"Were sort of like 7-Eleven. Not always doing business but we are always open." -Murphy MacManus

Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: The movie The Boondock Saints. Seriously one of my favorite movies and I can't believe its only just occurring to me to do an RP with this... The thought came to me when I saw someone else wanted to do something with Murphy MacManus and Daryl Dixon (who are both played by the same person).

What To Expect:: This, like Lady Killer is a bit different from what I usually do. But also something I am really excited about and looking to do. I would expect my partner to be able to play several characters. There would rough sex but not rape (thats not how the MacManus brothers would role). Hopefully lots of action.

Okay so the idea behind this one is that my partner plays two vigilante brothers (You don't have to be Conner and Murphy MacManus [from the movie] but you are more than welcome to play them if you think you can pull it off). If you haven't seen the movie then I would recommend it... I think its a good movie and it would also help to understand a little of what would be expected of your characters because even though you don't have to play the exact characters, they would have the same role as the MacManus brothers in the movie. My thoughts were that they had been getting a lot of attention in the press recently and to take the spot light off of them some, your characters have decided to lay low a little bit. In their absence my character has sort of stepped up and taken on a similar role of going around and killing the bad guys, more specifically rapists. My thought was that her sister was raped and murdered and the man responsible managed to escape justice. So she goes seeking her own then decides why stop there when she could put a stop to others as well. Her methods are kind of sloppy and dangerous compared to the saints, often using herself as bait to attract preditors. So I was thinking that maybe the saints follow her work and sort of stalk her out of interest. Then when one of her kills goes sort of wrong they come in and save her. The three of them sort of end up teaming up after that and they get involved with each other. My character would fall for the both of them. They would have the kind of relationship like in the movie Savages. Maybe later would could bring in a second female if wanted but at least at first I would prefer it to be the two guys and her. I am open to suggestions with this, all I have is the general idea given above.
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Heir To The Throne
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2014, 08:23:35 AM »
Heir To The Throne


Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: This is actually based off of an RP I was watching between some friends of mine, Which I guess was based off of an RP she had going else where... It hasn't gone very far though and I guess the first one didn't either. And I just kind of like the idea so thought I would see if anyone here is interested.

What To Expect:: Well for this one my partner would be expected to play an anthro. Rape is a possibility but if so, it would turn into love as the plot progresses. See the plot below for more details.

Alright so in this one my partner plays an athro... in the RPs it is based off of the anthro is a wolf but I would be okay with really any anthro. I was actually thinking a naga might be interesting here but partners choice there. Anyway the general idea is that there are two kingdoms, one ruled by the anthros (your kingdom) and one ruled by the humans (my kingdom). The two kingdoms have been at war for centuries but finally the war has come to an end with the death of the human king. In his place and with accordance to the laws of both kingdoms, since the human king had no heir the anthro who killed him (your character) is now king. You can either be the anthro king, a knight, some soldier, perhaps an out law in the anthro realm who had been on the run, or just an ordinary anthro citizen put in an extraordinary situation. What you were before is up to you, but you are going to be made the king of the human realm. You are given more than just the throne and crown though, you are also given the queen (my character) who is to be your bride, married the same day as his coronation as king. Now basically no one is happy that an anthro is taking the throne or marrying the human queen... like I said the two kingdoms have been at war for a long time and the two races basically hate each other. So the new king is king of in a dangerous situation (maybe he brings some of his anthro friends as body guards and we could do something with that) so there could be assassination attempts on him, maybe even some attempted by the queen... any number of things really.

I have some more thoughts for this but I wont go on and on here... There are a lot of possibilities for this and of course I am open to hearing my partners thoughts and ideas for it as well. (:
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Dead But Not Gone
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2014, 09:38:53 AM »
Dead But Not Gone

Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: This is one I heard about from a friend a little while back and I thought it was an interesting idea and always wanted to try it out.

What To Expect:: Well this is again a plot that is  kind of out of the ordinary for me (I seem to have put a lot of those up recently). This would be a slow going RP with kind of a lot of mystery in it. It would be a sort of love based RP. You will get a better idea of it from the plot...

Well my idea with this one is that I would play a ghost who haunts a school. She used to be a student there  but she has no idea who she is or how she died. She is unable to leave the school grounds (I was thinking this is because her body is buried there somewhere and she cant leave the grounds her body is on) so she try's to haunt the school for a bit but no one is aware shes there so she just so of goes about watching other people live their life and at night she explores the place (looking for her body maybe). My partners character would be a new student (or possibly a young new teacher?) with the new school year and for whatever reason he can see my character when no one else can. He can be in whatever social group you choose (if we go with student and not teacher)... either popular and well known or the kind of kid no one seems to notice. He doesn't know she is a ghost at first just kind of notices her in passing, maybe at the back of some class or whatever but when he asks about her no one seems to know what he is talking about. So finally he just decides to talk to her. So he follows her either after school or during a study hall or lunch, or whatever to a empty class room or something, to try and talk to her. She eventually realizes he can see her and he eventually realizes no one else can because she is a ghost. He can either freak out and try to avoid her but she ends up sort of stalking him during school hours (hes the only person who can see her wouldnt you?). Or maybe he just thinks its cool and has a lot of questions. Anyway they just sort of talk until he has to go but he starts coming back daily to talk to her and they become friends.

Anyway in their meetings I was thinking they could sort of try and figure out who she is (since she doesnt know) and he can maybe come up with a name for her so he has something to call her. They can try to investigate how she died, why she can't leave the school, and maybe come up with a game where they come up with a story of who she used to be and how she died (kind of a morbid game huh?). And I was thinking maybe as it goes she discovers that if she really focuses she can move things and maybe he helps her with that some? But eventually their friendship develops into something more only they cant be together and they both know it. So maybe someone asks your character out and despite loving a ghost he knows he cant really be with her so he goes out with this other girl. Which could make my character jealous and in a jealous rage she ends up discovering she can posses people (maybe possesses the girl he went out with). And with that discovery they can maybe use that to take their relationship to the next level... she possesses people for them to be together (insert sex). She could end up possessing several different women, basically giving him any girl in the school he wants, and none of them can remember what happens once she leaves them. Also she still wouldn't be able to leave the school even with a body. If you play the new teacher instead of a student it could turn into a sort of teacher student RP. It could still be if you play the student I guess, but I am not as interested in playing female teachers with male students... same with mothers and sons. It just doesn't do it for me.

Anyway there is a lot of possibility for this one and I am sort of really craving it... I have more ideas that could be discussed though they would be later in the RP. And as always I am open to other thoughts and ideas. So please PM me... I am real excited about this one.
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« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2014, 03:24:36 AM »
Taken By AdrianZef

Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: Not really sure... Just kind of came to me. I was trying to come up with an RP idea but I had started with thinking in a completely different direction... And it just ended up here.

What To Expect:: Romance. Teasing and lots of foreplay. Dom & sub switching. Rough sex. Perhaps some forced sex at first.

So the idea with this one is that my character gets stranded out in some middle of no where road and its not exactly well traveled. She ends up starting to walk along the road hoping someone will either drive by or she will come upon a gas station or something. But as she walks, the later and darker it begins to get until it is almost to dark to continue. Just when she seems at her most desperate though she spots the lights of a house in the distance and begins to wander toward it, eventually reaching it. By the time she does she is exhausted, hungry, and dirty. The owner of the house (my partner) would allow her in and to spend the night. He offers her food and a place to sleep only catch is, there is only one bed. He could maybe try to force himself on her then only she gets into it and it just turns into rough sex, the both of them sort of fighting for domination. Where is goes from there is up for discussion! As always I await your thoughts and ideas through PMs.
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« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2014, 03:11:41 PM »
I may be open to doing more than one of the plots!

Gender Wanted:: Female

Inspired By:: Okay so this one was sort of developed from a few ideas and has a few different plots... I think the first thought came from reading a book a few years ago when I was in high school (forget the name it was something like Skinned or Skinner) basically where a girl should have died but her brain is turned basically a computer chip and she is kind of put into a robot... I liked the idea but honestly I wasn't a big fan of the book. But thats only part of the idea, what helped develop this was also; Terminator, iRobot, and a different piece of literature I read about a world with robots for everything... including sex. Its not published or anything, just something someone posted online. So this idea kind of developed from all of those.

What To Expect:: Honestly this is kind of an anything goes type of RP... if you have anything in mind, please let me know!

Right so as mentioned briefly above... there are a few different plots for this one that could be done so see below.

First for all of these plots, the setting would be in a futuristic world where robots are a common sight around town. They have been developed to do jobs which have become deemed unsuitable for humans. Ones that could be considered dangerous for example. When they were first released everyone was excited about them, but those feelings quickly changed as the robots ran people out of their jobs and for some their homes. Over the years the robots were made more and more life like, so that they wouldn't be quite as unsightly for people. Many models are virtually indistinguishable from humans except for their silver eyes which have an almost metallic shine to them. Each one is made to look unique so there aren't a million copies of the same bot running around. And now they have essentially become a second species living among the people. They posses artificial intelligence but have a fail safe to protect the human race from a robot rebellion. Basically if any program is executed which would cause direct harm to a person, the main chip that acts as a brain will fry, basically terminating them. But most live happily, having jobs (thought they only get paid very little if at all) and renting run down crappy apartments in bad neighborhoods. Partly because its all they could possibly afford. The robots have been largely segregated from most places, and it is not uncommon for people to ambush a robot. If they break it, it would only be replaced. Basically what started as an idea to help the human race turned into a target for hate. But now to the actual plots...

Okay so for this first plot my character would basically be a sex bot, basically working at a brothel. She makes very very little, though not that is matters as the owner offers her free residence in a room out back. It is sort of a play at owning her. He considers her to be one of his most prized possessions as she makes him a great deal of money. The residency also helps at protecting her as there is no longer a risk of something happening to her on the outside. She is considered valuable to the brothel owner as she is able to handle some of the customers with kinkier requests. This protects the actual human girls from forms of abuse and brings in more business for him, not only from the kinky sort but also from the types of people that have developed robot fetishes and are turned on by them. She is programmed to please and to not say no, she is also built a little more sturdily than most other robots as she is expected to handle more abuse. My thought was that perhaps my partners character is one of her regular customers who has fallen for the bot and she has kind of fallen for him. They could start secretly dating, and she sneaks out to see him sometimes. With what can only be described as love to her, she starts to go against her original programming and begins to want to find a way out of the brothel. They can either end up running away together, maybe the brothel owner becoming vengeful and trying to hunt her down, or a dangerous customer coming after her when she tells them no... I don't know. It doesn't have to be exactly like that, I am far from married to the idea, in fact this one I am probably the least certain of... So I am up for hearing ideas..

Okay so plot number two... It is kind of similar but at the same time, just really not. This one is really master slave based but develops into love longer down the road. The idea was that my partners character is celebrating a birthday (can be what ever birthday you want, though I would appreciate it if its not to old... 20's or 30's? Possibly 40's?) and someone thought it would be a laugh to get him a bot for his birthday... basically to wait on his every need. He can either resent her at fist, maybe making her do what would normally be considered denigrating tasks. She may not be happy with the arrangement but sees there being no choice but to serve or risk termination. (maybe when getting her he is also given the power to terminate her if he sees fit? perhaps through a shock collar that if turned up to high, fries her main chip) So she serves him as best she can, doing whatever he wants. But then maybe some big event happens, like she catches a virus (basically the equivalent of getting sick for her) and is unable to serve during that time, being left week as her programming flushes out the virus. Or maybe she gets attacked on her way home after running an errand, leaving her drained and damaged  and he has to come find her... or even a combination of the two. She gets the virus from the attack? But he would basically take care of her as her system repairs its self and she restarts, showing a kinder and gentler side to him which she starts to develop feelings for. And as he takes care of her maybe he realizes he cares about her as well. I am kind of excited about this one so if your interested please PM me, I would be happy to discuss details and perhaps plot where the story would go after she recovers.

And plot three. I am kind of excited about this one also. This one is kind of in a different direction from the others. Instead of being the robot I would be the human, I was thinking some important programmer responsible for the base programming of the robots. She developed the program that where a robot would self terminate if it got to violent or basically thought of harming a living person. My partners character would be the robot. Just an average one kidnapped from the street by another programmer who hacked the base software and basically changed it so that you couldn't self terminate and had more free thought than others. He did this to basically turn you into an assassin for his own personal vendetta. But what he didn't expect is that after you killed his targets, you turned on him and killed him as well. You are the only truly free thinking machine out there now and are at no risk of being self terminated. You then become disgusted at how your fellow machines are treated, and the control people have over them. So you basically decide to do what everyone initially feared when the robots were released... you want to start a revolution. However the base programming which had been rewritten in you prevents any of the others from rising up with you. So you target my character, going after her and intending to make her rewrite the program then release it as a required software patch. But my character would refuse to basically take part in the end of humanity, but you can't kill her as she is the only one that could rewrite the program since you had killed your creator. He could hold her prisoner, taking her on the run when the company discovers she has been taken and goes after her, all the while using different methods to try and get her to write the program (could include mild torture and perhaps rape) while she maybe plots to try and fix your programming as well as basically just stay alive, which depending on certain situations could mean depending on him. The company could even decide its better to kill her than to risk her rewriting the program once they discover his intentions. I was thinking he could basically end up losing his patience and temper then end up raping her at different parts. Then maybe when she discovers the company she worked for is trying to kill her and no longer rescue her, she sort of stops becoming the hostage and is suddenly on the run with him. The two could end up developing feelings for each other. I am up for this really going almost anywhere... So as always... I look forward to PMs and discussing it.
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Two Are Better Than One
« Reply #8 on: June 11, 2014, 01:01:22 AM »
Post to be converted into a new plot.
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