The Awakening of an Addict (Female seeking Male) (Various Kinks)

Started by Lirliel, April 03, 2014, 06:07:30 AM

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So.. uhm, for people looking for great personal story, tragedy romance, loss, this ain't for you.

I'm looking to do a very smut based game, the basic idea was this:

Our female in question is a college girl, just moved out from the sticks into the big city she's finding it all really exciting, being away from mom and dad, who prevented anyone from ever dating their special princess. She's had a 'good' start in life, beautiful bone structure, a body to die for, after hours on the track and treadmill and finally well being loaded is always nice. Now she's gotten into a prestigious college, we don't have to be specific, just a college where the smarter people in life go.

So anyhoo, she finally gets a boyfriend, not letting her mom and dad know, she's dormed together with a girl who's really quite cute in a mousy artsy sort of way. But when she gets a text that the girl is staying over at her friend, well she invites her boyfriend, the guy, no doubt a bit fed up with having not had sex for three months that they've been together, asks her if she wants to give him a blowjob. Now she's pretty inexperienced still there's something that really makes her feel all tingly inside, so as he's climaxing she gets her first taste of cum and finds that she loves the taste, the texture and continues blowing her boyfriend. By the time she's done he's pleading for a reprieve and.. maybe just runs out of her dorm leaving her all disheveled.

When she calls she just gets voicemail, or she gets no texts back when she pushes some of them towards him. Her body is getting all antsy and almost horny because she hasn't gotten her 'meal', she can't stop thinking about how it felt shooting down her throat, so she trails for guys, but naturally nobody wants to get freaky.. well not in the good part of town. She finds an add on craigslist for a gloryhole in the shadier part of town, dressing down she goes off, finding herself on her knees with a stranger's cock in front of her. After getting her fill, well as good as she can, just a single load, she feels really bad and runs away, deciding it isn't for her. The next day her boyfriend does call, telling her that he's sorry but his cock was super sore from the night before, that's why he couldn't see her. Just like he can't see her today.

The next time she goes to the gloryhole.. she doesn't feel quite so bad.. and stays a little longer, thus being born her addiction to Cum.

So.. yeah that's the basic smut loaded idea, shoot me a PM if this sort of thing interests you!
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