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I'm desperately looking for an RPer that can get me emotionally connected to the RP without making it boring. I'd like an RP to be more story than smut. I'd like for it to be in forums, but if you're someone that can help me out, I can try to accommodate you. I usually do somewhat small responses, but, so long as it stays interesting I will try my best to match you, even if it takes all day for me to get a response out. I have a couple Ideas, but nothing REALLY solid, if you wanna hear them let me know, or else PM me with your idea. I can promise you a long going RP that I'm sure we'll both enjoy as long as it's interesting, we talk, and we be sure to work together instead of it being one sided, I need the communication. I want for something having to do with fantasy, because that's where I work best, but I can do less fantasy if you have an idea that sounds good.

I will edit this thread when I have an RP partner, and that is how you'll know if the position is taken.

In terms of sex:
Will do:
-Most anything

Will not do:
-any thing belonging in a toilet
-gore in relation to sex

In terms of story:
will do:
-most anything.

Will not do:
-non original concept (video game roleplay, anime, etc.)
I'm taking a break.
As it is, i haven't been very active lately due to financial, emotional, and work stressers. Every weekend ive made an atempt to start writing, but have no motivation for it. My break is.. indefinite, i have no clue how long ill be away... anyway.. sorry if I've disappointed any of you.. those that have questions feel free to ask, and if i have you in messenger, ill still chat for sure.


Hello!  Might you be interested in any of my ideas?  The link to my idea page is in my signature below.  Thanks :)
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My Ideas thread is included with my Sig-line.  If you'd like, take a look and see if anything piques your muse.

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Hi ^^ If still interested in MxM at least, my sig has the link to my b-love ideas (two boys kissing pic). If anything takes up your interest, just pm me.

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