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Author Topic: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations  (Read 1271 times)

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NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:22:19 AM »
I will respond to messages that catch my interest.


I only play females, and normally submissive, though can do equal ground. I am not good at multiples, yet love multiple monsters...

Looking For Email Rps, seems Easier for me to keep track,

I am HUGE Into the following:
-non human partners- so anything like beasts/monsters/creatures/ fantasy beings/example: Centaur/minotaur/satyr/werewolves/dragons/gryphons
-Be CREATIVE in creatures, and there cocks and cum(special effects/colors/textures etc.
- LARGE/HYPER UNIQUE cocks-knots/barbs/bumps/flares whatever you want... I biggest on Knots and Flares...
-Cum inflation
-urine markings
- Stomach Bulges
-pregnancy/birthing.--Live births or eggs.
-Non con, and non con turn con
-Virginity restoration.
-forced Heat
-Fantasy settings/apocalypse etc
-urine marking

-hard modification
-anything under 18 i will NOT play or have anything to do with it.

Please do not comment on this thread. Send me a Pm If you are interested.

Cravings will be in Purple
Semi cravings in Pink

Ideas coming

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2014, 12:26:51 AM »

Twisted Fairytales

Something Naughty
Idea One:  Hunter became the hunted

Idea One: (with some modifications)
Name: Skyelynn
Age: unknown but looks to be early twenties
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue green
Height: 5'5
Weight: 132lbs
What Is she: Part feline,part human though life span one doesn't know. But so far seems ageless
Other tidbits added: Black feline ears, tipped in ash Grey, Tail matches in color, but the fur is long, streaked in grey.  Long claw like nails.
She doesn't have the piercings, or tattoos.
Weapon/abilities: Being Part feline has given her some advantages. She's agile, graceful, and quick. She has quite the amazing balancing ability. she tends to use her claws, knives, though she will pick up a gun and is a good shot if she needs to be.

History from the point of waking: Skyelynn never had a name, waking alone in a dark room. With soft fuzzy sounds surrounding her. though she wasn't as confused nor lost as one would think she would have. Considering how he came into the world. The Name Skyelynn came from a corpse. A tag upon the jacket the only identification of who the woman in the chair was. "DR.E.Skyelynn"  So she had called herself Skyelynn. The young woman managed to find some wears, and learned rather quickly what had transpired. Though that was all. They people who created her ensuring she knew how to survive in the harsh environment. Against the walkers.

Months after waking she managed to find survivors. The group coming to occupy a long since abandon mansion on the outskirts of Washington. She held their company for months, learning things, and earning the place as their leader. And they were doing quite well for themselves. until one unfortunate day, on a in town gathering for supplies. Where they encountered things they never dreamed existed. There were few walkers evolving, mutating, becoming both faster and smarter. If the wilds and after dark weren't bad enough, know they  had to deal with something much more deadlier during the day. The specials and special wilds. Who wind up killing her crew, Leaving her alone an the only one to barely survive the attack.

character bio.....

Some scenes for their world?  (could be her main quarters)  (animals on the street. Perhaps some mutated into things of nightmares.)  (a place where they stop on their travels.

Have you play the Last of Us. Could be similar to that. I have quite a few interesting ideas.

If you played the game the things i was talking about that we can use:
-Scarce supplies
-Gangs, control lands

-advances beings
-mutated creatures

Was thinking she was a science experiment, that was created before the world was destroyed. Could of been locked away in some chamber under ground. But she wasn't stupid. She knew things many were normally taught. Like survival, how to handle guns and such, how to fight etc. all things programed within her like the government knew this was going to happen. Few months passed and she had formed a small group of survivors. Saving them.

They made there base in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, braving the streets of cities and towns when supplies where running low. One day something happened. The creatures and zombies where becoming more vicious, stronger. Some mutating into special class Zombies (Like lat of us and left for dead combined.)  They were ambushed by a group of zombies, encountering the special infected. It was the first time they had seen hunters and smokers, or jockeys, And were caught off guard. Her people slaughtered. Until only she was left. Her enhanced agility, and unique abilities being what had saved her. But barely.

Managing out of the vehicle she took to a safe house. And that could be where you save her. both different, and both loners. Though I think most their traveling could be by foot. Searching for a way to save the world. Or a cure. or simply survive.

furry Idea's
Idea One:
Military Experiments, created them to spy upon an enemy encampment. Located within the amazon rain forest. But what happens when the experiments are more then that. Not fully ready for what they are ordered to do. not in sense of fighting. But not being brain washed into doing what it was that is expected of them. Having a free mind, and decided to live a life outside of what they were being trained for. And now are ones being hunted.

Idea two:
She was tired of the same old routine, So one night she decides to hit one of the towns popular night club. Where she meets a handsome stranger. One thing leads to another, and she finds the charming stranger, really isn't all that charming, and is rather dominating. And he is bent on making her his pet? But the thing is. She secretly loves it, loves the roughness, Even though her independent nature cries the opposite. Telling he he was nothing more then trouble

Idea Three:

The world has changed, humans have become extinct,  and mother nature has once more reclaimed the land as her own. Triggering changes in the more feral of creature, abling them to talk like humans once had, and walk upright while still retaining much of what their ancestors were.
(more to come.. feel free to add, or choose your own anthro..)

Monster Idea's
Idea One:

She was raised to serve the great goddess of life. And protector of her people. There had been rumors of great beast terrorizing the land. So With an oath she goes to investigate what is driving the monsters wild. She comes to a large tree in the middle of the great enchanted forest, It was giving off a strong corrupted magic. It's fruits lay scattered around the base many eaten. A few having looked like it had just fallen. She takes up a fruit and smells it. The scent seeming dissipated once she picked it up, now replaced with a sweet scent. Confused she takes a small bite. Tasting its sweet peach like flavor. But truth is it tainted. Blacking out. She comes to, finding that she was in a place she did not know. Yet the tree was there.

The fruit having done things to her body, making her mend easily, and sending her into a permanent arousal, and soon finds herself being pursued by all matters of creatures looking to breed her.

Idea One:
she hadn't seen her father in eight years. due to a separation between him and her mother, and a good distance. But one fateful day her mother was in an accident. So her studies were put on hold, and she flies out to stay for a few months with her father. She and changed a great deal since she last saw him, she was twelve, but now she was a grown woman of twenty. He did not expect this, and when she seeks the comfort of her father. It turns into something entirely.

First it could be non con. then she comes to love the forbidden love. And having to keep it between the two of them. I also want him well equipped, and a good looking older man.

Idea two:
She was his sweet and younger sister, who just turn eighteen. He was five years older then her. He was the older protective big brother, especially when their parents died in a horrible car accident six years from the date. He loved her, took care of her. And she looked to him. One night, she comes home from a friends party, crying. Her boyfriend having hit her,Not once but a few times. Now they were broken up. He wanted nothing more then to beat the living shit out of the man for hurting his sister. But due to her begging him not to, and to stay with her. That she needed him. reluctant he stayed home.

Well that night everything had changed even more. As she cried her self to sleep on his lap, watching her as she slept, he felt things a brother should never feel for his sister. A need that was wrong, it went beyond the protecting brotherly love, and into something more.

Idea Three:

girl I will play
minus tattoo
Twincest or younger sister and older brother

She had always looked up to her brother. From the time they were young, and even now. He was always so strong, and popular with the ladies. Although she was popular with men, she had no interest in any of the. One day they received news about their parents death. And turn to one another for comfort. After the funeral they decide to take a small break, going to their family's lodge in the middle of no where. Where they could be alone. where one thing leads to another.

Idea One:

Her father the Pharaoh had left her with nothing but a country that hated the royalty. There was still some faithful to her family, though even that was waning. And she soon finds herself out of options on how to gain her people back. Leaving her with one choice. To offer herself up to the people.

this could be fantasy based if you want it. Adding like centaurs minos etc..
Idea Two:

Born blind, her parents thought she would amount to nothing. Having also considered in abandoning her. Not that they would openly tell her so. But she knew. She always had. But she wouldn't let her bring her down. She would show them that she would be something. So she learned, and quickly. She learned simple magics to teach her to read,secretly learning to duel wield.

One Fateful night her family was assaulted, men wanting jewelery her father made. Grabbing her fathers name sake swords she attacks their attackers, swiftly. This shocked her parents.


As she grew up she had been nothing but whispers, known by many as Venom Kiss. As she later became a hired sword/or/assassin. Making her name big. Taking out big shots, until she meets an equally skilled assassin who was sent out after her.

Idea Three: (idea coming

Skyrim Idea's
Idea One:

Character Ideas:
There is a new threat that filled the lands after Alduin and the first dragon borns defeat. A new dragon, that some believe wields immense powers. Able to conjure up beasts of legends, and of nightmares. Who thrives of breaking the spirit of powerful warriors. And is set on making the new dragonborns life and those of the land life a living hell.

Feral Idea's
Idea One:

I play a young husky, a runt of her litter, and now mature was still small. She used to be a house pet, but eventually her young owners had a child of their own and began neglecting her. Desperate for attention she had few accidents the warranted her being tossed out. Now left to fend for herself.that was until she meets you. A junk yard dog. A large stud who fancy himself  a ladies man. But is rather rough around the edges..

I see her becoming his bitch and those he decides to take into his little gang. Expanding his territory. using her as a bartering tool. Not only for other dogs, other animals as well......Desperately craving.

(((from all my request boards...need to clean them up a bit now))
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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2014, 01:11:03 PM »
Idea One: This Isn't For Kids Anymore

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2014, 10:58:11 AM »


Looking for someone to be able to play a main or two your choice and some minors...

Some Guys I wouldn't mind seeing...

Your Choice on the one I play

Basically Iwanna play a character who comes to the academy due to her blood line. She has the blood of a lust goddess. No matter how hard she tries she needs to have the fun,the release. And she hopes that attending here being around those who have abilities as well can help her out. Help her to tame the wild need. The aura that draws men and women to her.  But what happens when it doesn't pan out. They want her just as much. Although many their can still control themselves. So it makes her life a bit easier. But still things can get out of hand.  And even in her dorm alone, some nights she gets a visitor.. Or when she goes for walks she is over whelmed in that darkness of an ally.

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2014, 12:41:10 PM »

New inspiration (Id like to do something with this comic, with more to it, though I would play maybe the fox or cheetah female in the first pic... Maybe I play a girl new to the gym, that is mainly males, and well. She gets more then just a work out  :D looking for someone to play the males,))  I like this comic although im not very good at two characters,, so id play one of them.

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2014, 01:35:18 PM »
I like the two incest stories which involve either the father or the brother.  I prefer the rp with the brother.  Perhaps after they are with each other she goes back with her old boyfriend without telling him and again she is beaten.  He investigates what is really going on between the two of them and finds on her cell phone a sexually explicit  video they made together where she is begging to be beaten.  He then uses that to blackmail her and keep her to himself.  Other things may also be on the phone that she would not want to get out.

The father rp is fine as you have it although we could have the father holding something over her head as well to keep things quiet.

Pharoh's daughter is left with nothing to do but offer herself up for the people.  I see a neighboring territory being ruled by one willing to put money into the development of some needed infrastructure like perhaps a damn or perhaps offer jobs and food to the people if they convince the Queen?  to make herself a slave to that King.

Venom Kiss-She has met her match and yet her bettor had been much impressed with her abilities and spare's her life.  In return she will be both his sexual slave and his employee as well taking out some of his easier cases.  I see her breaking the rules to the bargain due to her rebellious nature and at that point only would it be best to say what he does.

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2014, 10:07:39 AM »
New Furry Inspirations.
Idea one:

I Play a new girl that is given to him. To serve him. She is a timid thing, soft spoken, and gentle all around. Though she does her best with what he is asking of her. First he relied only on his favorite bitch, a nasty woman couple years her senior.But flawless in her looks. She does everything in her power to ensure that the new girl isn't given the time of day and that their master only came to her for his pleasure, for his release. This sparks some jealousy in the new girl. And despite her efforts seems to be getting no where fast. That was until he or one of his men over hears her talking to one of the other maidens about sex and how to please a man.. Since she had no experience. It was rare for one to be given to him, and still be untouched. And soon takes her to his bed as soon as he finds out.
His first virgin, and it became something to him. Especially when she begins to feed his needs, his wants, everything from gentle love making to full out rough raping. She comes to crave and need it as much as he did. So the top bitch is quickly pushed down the line...

((I wanna play the new bitch... you the master... and co write the top bitch.))    (please please please play)  (mmmmmmm)
((Some More To come))

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #8 on: May 04, 2014, 10:34:50 AM »
More inspiration and yummy pics

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Re: NSFW Sacrah's Twisted Inspirations
« Reply #9 on: May 06, 2014, 05:12:07 PM »
And More (queen of dragons) (The ways to power) (The devils Keeper)