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Author Topic: The Imperium (Sci-Fi). Maybe: Espionage, Romance, NC, Warfare, Misadventure  (Read 673 times)

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Offline Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

At this point I'm only looking for GM's (freeform).  This means I'd like you to play the other characters (potentially with a focus on one) and guide the plot as I focus on my one single character.  Some exceptions apply, mainly, with simply both of us playing multiple roles.  However!  I still want you to guide the plot. 

I'm also full up on Male Experimental Soldier roles, so if that's a character your interested in know that this role is female-only as of now.  I'll include a reminder in the title of their character sheet as well.  For kink, I'm only now interested in romantic-foreplay-only, or NC-varying intensities.  As opposed to romantic-smutty, I intend the sexual content of romance to build up to foreplay with fondling being the limit.  Romantic-vanilla (I'm thinking kissing the limit for vanilla), is as always, also appropriate.

The Imperium
The Imperium appears to be an idyllic society... but is it?  Here I have presented a highly-adaptable idea taking place in this society.  I believe it works best with one player as the "main character," whoever that may be, and another character as the "GM," who controls the world and all the other characters to guide the adventure.  I am actually open to either role, but I'll require something different from you in either case.

If you want to GM,
Emphasize what you're looking for in plot AND kink/romance.  What do you want to happen, with whom?  If I'm going to trust you to lead, I want to really talk about what you're thinking about kink/romance to make sure we're both on the same page there.  I'm more or less fairly confident I'll be happy with the story in this setting right away.

If you want to play, and have me GM,
Emphasize plot.  Which character below would you want to play?  What things would you like to happen?  Still however, tell me what you want in kink.  You may or may not like anything I put below - and that's wonderful!   But let's talk about it.

Want a vanilla RP with less sexual content?
Great!  Then I demand romance!  And Plot.  So let's talk about that.  What do you want?

Me x You : Possible gender combinations (romance)
M x F
F x M
F x F

Elements originally intended:  Things to consider, all of which essentially optional and can be discussed.
The setting involves a corrupt society, and a rebelling force fighting the corruption.  The nature of their conflict occurs most behind the scenes.  The rebels fight the Imperium cautiously, and more than warfare, espionage is the primary means of doing so.  This means being careful who you trust and playing your hand close to your chest.  Fulfill your objective and maintain your cover.  Mostly.

Difficult Choices
I want player choices, and I want consequences to those choices.  While occasionally choices will be "right or wrong," mostly I want choices to be something that help shape the plot.  Occasionally, this can be used to great effect to say, forge a bond with one alliance with one side while alienating another... save one from harm, but cause or fail to prevent harm to another... show mercy or ruthlessness, or gain different friends and allies.  Like a pro and con to each situation, even if every angle is not always seen.  This creates tension, with each friend, likely, an enemy is also made.  I want the setting to ooze tension.  I think this will make it possible.  Not that all choices must lead to such drastic consequences and shaping of the plot, a huge choice here and there would be ideal.

Non-smut focus.  Romantic, yes.  A lot of foreplay-like sensual contact, yes.  Groping (mostly the female), kissing, stripping (to underwear), cuddling, maybe even teasing, grinding, or fondling (the female)... but probably not so much actual sex.  There may be a middle ground on this if you really think it's important for some reason.

NC, female victims only
Mostly, not hardcore NC.  The kind that wouldn't deflower a virgin.  It may be groping, partial nudity (or top/bottom halves), whispering dirty things, public humiliation, or blackmail into other favors.  It may be more sexual, either because the corrupt elites are trying to 'buy' a person or because they simply have the 'right' to overpower them however they wish, but I want this to be played for tension more than anything else.  Anything that could lead to say, full penetration, mostly avoided, rescued, or distracted from before it happens.  However the heroine might not be so lucky all the time.  I would also like to try forced orgasms that don't involve penetration.  Maybe with an implanted electric device, pheromones, or aphrodisiacs.  Maybe in public.  Maybe with partial nudity.  Maybe mixed with some other kinks.  It can also be mixes with 'choices' and used as punishment for making the wrong 'choice.'  Again none of this is necessary.

Still something I'm mostly experimenting with - and yet again, not at all necessary.  It will likely appeal to very few anyways!  Since I'm mostly avoiding penetration, a lot of my ideas here are involving NC.  Like, rubbing it on them, grinding, or external ejaculation.  One idea I still have yet to try, is a sudden and unwanted appearance of her own futa cock that sends a female into an uncontrolled orgasm in public with excessive semen.  I'm thinking something temporary, involving perhaps a medical or genetic experiment, like a procedure or more likely, a pill or powder forced into their system or spiked into their drink.  Probably humiliation focused, or used as revenge/betrayal.  Do I have to repeat again that this is entirely optional?  It is!

RP Partner Requirements
I am very chill about post-time, please mention if you want a certain post frequency or be chill about my post-timing also!
I've go between weekly, bi-weekly, daily, and like, 5-daily.  I don't like to commit to anything firmly because it ties you down so... it will probably fluctuate a bit.

2 Paragraph post average.  More happens sometimes and I've happily maintained an average of 4-5, but only when it happens naturally
Threads, not IM's, PM's, or.. other things.

PM me if interested: With info on what you'd like to RP!
And please, for the love of Thor, don't give me minimalistic PM's.  I mean.  Come on.  Let's discuss a few things at once please.  Or it takes eons.  And I'll probably assume you're going to give minimalistic posts also.
I'd especially like to know the amount of sexual content:plot you'd like in a frequency ratio.  And with a few examples of the varied intensity that might occur. 
You may want a "vanilla RP" lacking in smut and that's fine - say so - but also tell me if there is any mature content you would like?  Kissing?  Groping?  Violence?  Partial nudity?

Dropping an RP
I will let you know when I'm going to drop the RP, and if I do, please understand.  I'll understand if you need to drop it as well.

Characters/Plot info
Make sure to tell me who you want to focus on.  Who would you like to be involved?
Do you have an idea for a plot - or shall we discuss it?
Also!  At some point, I'd like to see a character pic of who you want to play.  It need not be right off, but it would be nice if you would pic one at some point ant show it to me!  I also plan on posting my character pic in each post, and different character pics if I GM, and feel free to do the same!  You may use my example pics I have, and if you like them feel free to tell me that too!

The Highly Adaptable, Frame of an Idea
I wrote it up this way, but a great many elements can be altered as the plot evolved as I went.  I originally wrote this idea for a spy in the entertainment industry, and while I'm trying to edit that out, some of it may still linger because it does explain the society well with this perspective.  The character ideas listed below for example, describe "a heroine" as a main character.  That is referring to the spy and I'm leaving those examples just to show how each character may relate to one another and how choices may affect each character.

Genre: Sci-Fi

The Setting: Futuristic, "Idyllic" society

The reigning government, known as The Imperium, maintains a firm grasp of the population with strict laws all in the name of peace.  Even further, the government is run by an elite few, and as time passed, became more and more full of individuals who were irredeemably corrupt.  Despite this corruption and lessening concern for the common good, many of the laws still remain to keep peace, or at least, keep civilians content in the idea that peace is being achieved in this system.  Their slogan, "For peace on Earth!" has become a mantra for their society and had been appropriated to throw out praise and support for the Imperium.  Shouting this is basically the same thing as shouting "Long live the Imperium!"

The Imperium is ruled by a senate representing different factions and locations elected by people they represent (if it isn't rigged).  Above the senate is a Chancellor, elected by the senate, serving as the public face of the Imperium and deeply involved in political activities and scientific advancement.  The Chancellor's word is law, and even the senate dare not defy the chancellor publicly.  The senate knows that they only maintain their power if the people are happy, and the people are happy when they believe the system works - and they believe the system works, by believing in the Chancellor and their wisdom and intent to serve the greater good.  The Chancellor often becomes a figurehead.  If they make enough enemies in the senate, they can become a puppet.  No matter the case, citizens of the Imperium are taught to unconditionally love and eternally respect their Chancellors.  Sometimes they are right to, and sometimes they aren't.

In order to control the population, the breaking of any Imperium law necessitates a high cost and although everyone knows this and the general population believes in the values of such high costs, what those costs are have become lies.  Instead of imprisonment, transgressors are often killed, or worse, reeducated.  Criminals who commit crime are often indoctrinated to return to society a firmer believer in the system and trained to endorse and support the system.  Offenders are changed, and a great many people grow up in a society trained to love the society and do in fact, live in peace.  In this way the greater collective supports the Imperium and peace is maintained.  However, behind the scenes many evils are committed and not all of them are in the name of peace, and many of the corrupt senators commit selfish and illegal acts with no reprisal.

In their society, the entertainment industry is highly influential.  The Imperium often uses them to spread propaganda, reinforce public support, and most prominently, to keep everyone content.  They are invited to special functions, and often called to support the political agenda of the Imperium.  To sustain this influence, the Imperium supports and funds the entertainment industry to the point they almost become the backbone of the social community and economy.  Celebrities are in many ways even more influential than senators, but if they don't support the Imperium no one is more quickly reeducated.

Notable Characters:
  • All characters are dynamic and subject to change based on the actions of the heroine and the direction of the RP.
  • The Player focuses on one, the GM may focus on one but also plays all the others.
  • Romance is possible with any character if properly pursued and choices for their benefit are made to earn their loyalty.
  • -OR- We may decide certain pairings ahead of time, that's fine also!

Popstar Spy

The Imperium took everything she ever cared about in a bloody raid.  Her family and friends all died, but through their sacrifice only she survives.  Desiring revenge and unconcerned for her own well-being, she volunteers herself to the rebels.  In their society, the entertainment industry is highly influential.  The Imperium often uses them to spread propaganda, reinforce public support, and most prominently, to keep everyone content.  They are invited to special functions, and often called to support the political agenda of the Imperium.  Although there are many departments that provide valuable access to intel, the rebel network lacked a strong idol candidate, until she came along.

Having a charismatic appearance and personality, a natural talent for singing and dancing, and an innate innocence that did not at all fit the typical hardened mettle of the rebels, they train her in espionage and seduction to gather intel previously unavailable to them.  The Imperium would never make her allegiances known in order to maintain the system, but she would not be let off easily.  If she was caught she would be undoubtedly be tortured, reeducated, or killed.

The Popstar Bestie

A fellow celebrity and perhaps, the heroine's only real friend, the bestie is a largely innocent star untouched by the conflict in their society.  Always ready to stick up for her friend, the bestie will always look out for her friend, and expect the same in return.  Just as kind and sweet as her fans believe, she is sure to be understanding and eager to help her friend whenever asked.  As long as her cover identity, the bestie is truly the greatest friend a person can ask for, but will the two worlds always stay apart or will the bestie be thrown into the world of the Imperium and rebel conflict? 

Will lying to her get easier?  Or can she be trusted with the truth?
If she is drawn in, how might she react?  Will she remain loyal to her friend?
Will she become a liability, an asset, or even a threat?
What will happen if she is used to bait?  Or leverage?

These are the kinds of things the heroine may be forced to decide.
These are the kinds of things the heroine's choices and behaviors may affect.

The Handler

The heroine's lifeline and aide to help her complete her mission and to cover for the lies she tells.  The handler is her one comrade on the field, a fellow rebel who is highly trained and experienced.  She maintains a close watch on the heroine and looks out for her safety, and can be approached to express professional and personal concerns to help keep her focused and prepared.  In the real world, the handler poses as the manager of only two clients, the rebel spy and the bestie.  Here, she can stay close and available, but she is not invited to many of the same events.  She deals with the desires of the rebels, the invitations from the Imperium, and her public relations all seemingly without effort.  She is never far off hand, and maintains 'eyes in the sky' or infiltrates enemy territory herself if needed.  The well being of the heroine is her highest priority, and no one can be trusted with her secret more.

Is her loyalty to the rebels, or to the heroine?
If she gets caught, how far is the heroine willing to go to save her handler?
Can she be trusted with doubts to the rebel cause or ideals?
How far is her opinion trusted on and off the field?

These are the kinds of things the heroine may be forced to decide.
These are the kinds of things the heroine's choices and behaviors may affect.

The Experimental Soldier (temporarily, female-only)

Found in an Imperium lab, and accidentally rescued, the Experimental soldier is a powerful weapon created to destroy the rebellion.  They are extremely hard to kill, while very proficient and merciless while killing others.  I consider them largely as a 'Shifter-type' of mutant aside from being faster, stronger, and more athletic than any human.  Maybe they can grow claws and fangs, maybe they have a long, slimy tongue that can secrete toxins, antitoxins, or aphrodisiacs, maybe they regenerate wounds almost instantly, maybe bullets can't even penetrate their skin, maybe they can alter their appearance or gender, maybe they can emit pheromones, maybe they can climb walls or breathe underwater, or maybe they can change the size of their body or temperature of their skin.  Though this is my original idea, they can also be a cyborg, or have other supernatural powers.  Maybe there are all different kinds and they are found as soldiers on both sides of the conflict.  Maybe there is just one that proves to function effectively.

The core concept is that they are a weapon that could only be controlled by bonding to a master to ensure they would be a loyal soldier.  At this stage of the experiment, the belief that a body, mind, and soul connection may link a commander - and some adaptations to make this more viable as well as unforeseen risks develop because of it.  They are dangerous, and using them is also dangerous.  They can be accidentally awakened (perhaps by the Popstar spy), or consciously used (perhaps by the Chancellor).  While loyal, they are unstable, and their idea of what earns their loyalty can be rough.  Mostly, I anticipate it being NC.

I imagine the Experimental Soldier will be a large source of kink in the story.  He (or she (possible futa also)) will claim a female for their own in return for their following any order or desire set by the 'master.'  Though they will call it love, and much of it will be, there are many elements to the relationship that fall under possession.  The Experimental Soldier intends the relationship to be exclusive and eternal, and genuinely cares for the other.  The Experimental Soldier will restrain themselves from actually completing sex at the wish of the one who releases them.  It will proceed with all other manners of sexual contact, but it will limit based on the lines drawn.  If she seeks to terminate all contact, the Experimental Soldier will feel crushed and believe she has no intention being forever with them, feeling betrayed, their reaction is sure to be extreme.  If reasonable requests become restricted for too long, things might need to make up for it and the soldier will be more aggressive about ensuring they get something more.

This may include but it not limited (negotiable and potential) to caressing, heavy groping, kissing, employing use of supernatural body parts (like a long tongue, or skin that changes temperature), over the clothes grinding, stripping of clothes, pinning and/or bondage, pheromone manipulation, external ejaculation, assisted or forced masturbation, and forced orgasm (remotely).  One idea is that prior to awakening the experiment, the female accidentally falls into a contraption and then is injected with a device that the soldier can trigger when sex is denied for too long.

Imperium Elite

A high-ranking official an the Imperium, his opinion has sway in the Council and he is often in attendance at public functions.  He is a calm and collected individual phased by nothing, but something about him seems different from the others.  He appears genuinely concerned for the citizens of the Imperium.  Further still, he does not have the self-entitlement ever-present in the others, and treats her with respect.  All the while, his eyes give away an intellectual consideration whenever new variables become evident.  What is his motivation?

Haw far is he willing to trust the heroine with his intentions?
Can he be used to further the heroine's or the rebels' objectives?
How far will he go to protect the heroine, should she need it?
Can he be trusted with the heroine's real identity, or can he overlook it and still look out for her well being?
If the rebels or the Imperium desire his death, will the heroine step up to stop it?

These are the kinds of things the heroine may be forced to decide.
These are the kinds of things the heroine's choices and behaviors may affect.

Chancellor of the Imperium

The twenty-third elected, the chancellor of this era is like most are, unanimously elected by the Imperium Senate.  Her power is virtually absolute, and her word law.  She is respected by the Imperium, and loved by the people.  Every public decision makes is always attributed to her, and it is the public belief that anything and everything she does is calculated for the good of the collective or at the very least, intended to be good.  As all chancellors have been, she is extremely healthy, wise, and as difficult to read as her predecessors.  It is nearly impossible to understand the mind of a chancellor, and the system needing to rely on the unanimous approval of the chancellors puts her in a really interesting position.  She may or may not actually oppose the beliefs of the rebels, as usual, the rebels would like to find out.

The heroine may find herself in a position to learn more about her, befriend, or betray her. 
The heroine may be put in a position to save her for harm, should she so choose.
The heroine may need to decide whether or not to trust her, or kill her.

Rebel Leader

An experienced soldier, their new leader inherited the position after his mentor, the previous leader, retired.  With the change in hands, not much has changed although as usual there is a slight shift in what it is the rebel outfit has come to value most.  With any untested leader there is a phase of testing of their abilities and decisions.  In the past, the rebels were forced to split over two ideologies - one of extreme violence, or one of minimizing the risk to civilians.  Violence has always hit the Imperium harder, but a more peaceful approach always reduced casualties on all sides and gave the rebel a more sympathetic cause.  There are always proponents of both sides, but whoever was the leader at the time often controlled the path of the rebels.  However, just because the leader had usually been able to quiet those who are in disagreement, doesn't mean they always will.  As time passes the distinction between the two paths continues to divide the group - and the true believers in the cause will always agree that a unified rebel force is better for the people and for their cause than two rebel who might even be forced to fight themselves.  These believers say that the solidarity of those who fight against the system is paramount.

The heroine may be put in a position to support him, or to appeal to him and change his mind.
The heroine may find herself in a position to help the rebel leader make serious decisions.
The heroine may need to decide whether or not to trust him, oppose him, or kill him.

Rebel Mentor

Having personally trained the heroine in espionage and seduction, the heroine's mentor may come to help the heroine or may stick up for the heroine when other may not.  A highly respected rebel agent, her opinion carries tremendous weight.  If the rebels or her handler cannot be trusted, the heroine may find solace in her previous mentor no matter how extreme the heroine's opinions about the Imperium or the rebels become.  If the missions begin to get more proactive and the heroine put at greater routine risk, the mentor will likely reappear as reinforcement and stick around for some time.  Further she may even sacrifice her own beliefs or her own position in the rebel alliance due to her attachment to the heroine.  The mentor likely never wanted to send her or put her at risk in the first place.

The heroine may call on the mentor in an hour of need for further aide or consolation.
The heroine's choices may put the mentor in a difficult position.
The heroine may need to choose to aide the mentor, or allow her to sacrifice herself.

Rebel Sympathizer

A reporter who began to express concern for corruption in the Imperium, she finally crossed the line with a public statement that admitted to seeing what it was the rebels wanted to change.  Seeing this as an opposition of the Imperium, she was quickly detained and it was reported to the public that she was a plant by the rebels to sow disharmony.  They also reported her detainment until the matter could be sorted, and peaceful solutions and an honest hearing of her concerns were currently underway to ensure everything could be done to address any problems.  Of course, what this really meant, is that she was going to be punished and reeducated.  However the rebels do not intend to let her return and spout brainwashed propaganda for the Imperium to further the public support for the Imperium.  The rebels ask the heroine to post surveillance, but after she sees what they are doing to her can the heroine just let her go?

The heroine may decide to risk everything and save her, or to let the rebels handle it at a later date.
The heroine may invoke one of her Imperium contacts to spare her, or to falsify their completion of the reeducation program.
The heroine may earn her trust or convince her to join the rebels, sharing with them the gathered intel and list of trusted contacts.
The heroine may decide to trust the intel elsewhere, or simply destroy it altogether.

Potential Combinations!
Naturally, after focusing the RP on the Popstar Spy, I had to further develop the world.  In doing so, I created an array of characters I think have potential to star in their own RP.  Here are some potential combinations that come to mind.  Romance, NC, espionage, the roughness of the Imperial decisions, and the impact of decisions are all variable options.

Genders can all change.  May want a M Agent, or a F Rebel Leader.  Some things I may prefer locked like the F Chancellor - but it depends on the idea!

List of Potential Combinations!
Player Role x GM focus character

Popstar spy x Experimental Soldier (M or F): trying to overthrow the Imperium, romance (or) non-romance and more NC
Popstar spy x Popstar Bestie : trying to balance spy life/civilian romance
Popstar spy x Handler : Finding romance in the spy world, and either trying to balance both or escaping the spy world
Popstar spy x Imperium Elite : Sort of star-crossed romance, romance from opposite sides of a war
Popstar spy x Chancellor : Betraying their rebels and helping the Chancellor after discovering her pure motives
Popstar spy x Rebel Leader : two rebels, romance, and fighting the Imperium
Popstar spy x Rebel Mentor : After being disposed of by the rebels, rescue by the mentor and romance while trying to survive
Popstar spy x Rebel Sympathizer : Rescue of the sympathizer against orders, romance, survival

Popstar civilian x Experimental Soldier : chased by the Imperium for taking their weapon
Popstar civilian x Rebel Leader (or Agent) : romance, caught in the war -or- romance after first being captured to turn to the rebel cause
Popstar civilian x Imperium Elite : romance, protection from NC, potentially caught in the war -or- romance after caught to be reeducated
Popstar civilian x Chancellor : romance, while battling some other conflict (war, political betrayal, being hunted by rebels)

Rebel Handler :: Also can serve as a traditional Rebel Spy, or Rebel Agent
Rebel Handler x Popstar civilian : romance/camaraderie while battling the Imperium, needing to watch over the asset, or romance while meeting her innocently
Rebel Handler x Chancellor : caught by the Imperium, interrogated by the chancellor, turned to join the chancellor (potential asset betrayal, or asset joins turning)
Rebel Handler x Imperium Elite : caught by the Imperium, interrogated, prisoner romance

And I'm tired of providing plots.  They exist!  Use imagination or we'll discuss!

Imperium Elite x Popstar spy
Imperium Elite x Popstar civilian
Imperium Elite x Chancellor
Imperium Elite x Rebel Leader

Chancellor x Popstar Spy
Chancellor x Popstar civilian
Chancellor x Experimental Soldier
Chancellor x Rebel Leader

Rebel Leader x Popstar spy (or other Agent/Soldier)
Rebel Leader x Rebel Mentor (or trainer)
Rebel Leader x Chancellor
Rebel Leader x Popstar civilian
Rebel Leader x Experimental Solder (F)

Rebel Mentor x Popstar Spy (or other Agent)
Rebel Mentor x Popstar Civilian
Rebel Mentor (or trainer or soldier) x Rebel Leader

Rebel Sympathizer x Popstar Spy (or other Agent/Soldier)
Rebel Sympathizer x Rebel Leader
Rebel Sympathizer x Chancellor
Rebel Sympathizer x Imperium Captor
Rebel Sympathizer x Rebel Sympathizer

An example plot
Here was my first idea, before I realized this setting provided much more.

Popstar spy x Experimental Soldier
Key Elements:
NC (by Imperium officials and by the Experimental soldier, potential others)
Futa Potential (soldier)
Difficult Decisions (who to form alliances with, who to trust)
Romance (either for the soldier, or a second focus character)

Act I: The Experimental Soldier
The Lab

She is invited to throw her support at the unveiling of a new technology meant to make lives easier, but as one of the Imperium elites and scientists steals her away to be made his own, she gets him to brag about something bigger than what was unveiled today.  A weapon.  A weapon that will crush not only this rebellion, but any rebellion made after that.

In pursuit of this, she sneaks deep into the lab to find a humanoid floating in a tube.  As she begins to download filed, she searches some.  The humanoid is a mutant.  A product of genetic experimentation.  While genetic modifications are not uncommon, the results of the stable procedures are often subtle and produce undesirable side-effects.  This experimentation however is to produce a soldier that cannot be killed, a soldier that does more than follow orders, but becomes one with the motivation of their commander.

Then, on accident, she wakes it up.  It obeys her, it kills for her, and it promises to be ever-loyal.  As time goes on it reveals unbelievable capabilities, but a high price for its loyalty.  Still, she can use it destroy the Imperium, so she'll risk the price and try to use the weapon for her own.

Act II, Act III, Act IV...: Warfare
She has to struggle to maintain her position in society and find ways to strike the Imperium in a way they cannot recover.  She has a weapon, now she has to find out how to use it.  Even her allies in the rebels may oppose her methods, and even her weapon may prove a danger to her.  Can she protect those she has come to care for, control the weapon, and complete her revenge all at the same time?  Difficult decisions wait in her future, and things may not be as they first appear.

Another idea I am craving:

Chancellor x Popstar Civilian Romance
Here, I would like to try a FxF romance.  For purposes of the GM/Player role, either could be the 'main character' or player character, depending on any plot we can develop.  Here are two example plots with different focuses.

Player Character: Chancellor
Newly elected, and confronted with new responsibilities, political enemies, and at risk of becoming a puppet to the Senate if handled in properly, the newest Chancellor to the Imperium has a lot to struggle with to maintain her position with authority.  During her struggle, she meets one of the celebrity pop stars, and quickly forms a bond with this person.  Somehow, the popstar celebrity is the only person she can truly trust.  Innocent, and without stake in the political system.  She is drawn to her innocence, while the popstar celebrity is drawn to her commanding presence.

Potential alterations:
NC : The Senate perhaps, has a particular way with which they like to control their chancellors... and it isn't pretty.
Popstar Spy: The Popstar civilian, can in fact, be a spy.  She could be manipulating the Chancellor, at first, or get involved with her on accident.
Prisoners : Perhaps the Chancellor and the Popstar were both taken by the Rebels, and meet as prisoners.

Player Character: Popstar
A quick rising star, the Popstar quickly becomes the center of attention in the Imperium.  While it is fun and enjoyable, there are perils too.  The Senate want to treat her as their plaything, and she is expected to support them wholeheartedly.  However, her popularity brings her to the Chancellor's side, and she is drawn in to her.  They can work together for some time, or the Chancellor might take the Popstar in under her protection.

Potential alterations:
NC : The Senate might not only want to treat her as a plaything, but actually treat her as a plaything
Spy : She could be a spy.  Or the Rebels could approach her later in the RP.
Prisoners : Again, they could meet as captives of the Rebels.

Either Way
The Romance can be the main focus, or secondary to larger plot we can discuss more deeply.  A lot of options here, and depending on what you're looking for, I can help you brainstorm.  But I need to hear something about what you want first!

Reply With:
Lastly, I don't know why this happens but despite stating it multiple times people always reply minimalistically lacking the content I ask for.  I choose to expect this is because people get so excited about one aspect they see in the post and thus send me a PM immediately without reading the rest.  Even so, I have to repeat myself again every time!  To avert the annoyance of this, I will for ease of reference, sum up everything here.  Also!  Should someone still somehow miss the point of this, I will reply with this message automatically, possibly in a quote box.  It's less annoying for me, and then I don't have to repeat myself over and over again.

If I am sending this to you, then you have given me an insufficient amount of information.  Please fill out the following - possibly restating what you already mentioned.
It is also acceptable to first ask if I am open for another RP, in which case I will also reply with this as a reference:

Imperium Interest Thread:

Role: Who is going to GM, and who is playing the character role? (At the time being, I'm only interested in you as the GM)
Character: Who do you want to be the main stars of the RP?  Who is the Player playing? (At this time, the player must be me)
Plot: What are your thoughts on possible plots?
Kink/Romance: I demand one of these, do you have a focus on one?
Kink: What are some of your thoughts on sexual content?  Particularly, NC?
Romance: What are your thoughts on romance?  Mostly, I'm not looking for a smutty romance.  See thought on romance in my interest thread.

Plot/(kink/romance) Ratio: Which has the focus?  Maybe... 70:30 plot:kink?  Maybe... 40:60 plot:romance?  Maybe... 50:30:20 plot:kink:romance?

Thank you all for stopping by!
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I've edited quite a few details, made some corrections, narrowed down what I'm asking for to reflect my new needs (GM's).  So I'm ready for a 2nd round of recruitment.

Pay specific attention to the last section which I added to be absolutely clear of my expectations in a PM expressing interest.  I expect a GM to be able to answer at least this much.  However!  It is also okay to simply sent an inquiry to ask if I'm still open before you spent much time on it.  I understand that also.

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I clarified what I meant by GM in the first paragraph of the thread.

I've added a craving to the original post:
Chancellor x Popstar

I'm still thinking Player x GM would be best, but... I do sense some wiggle room for something else... but it depends on your idea!  What do you want to do?
I also changed the title, again.  For what it is worth...
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