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Started by BitterSweet, March 31, 2014, 10:52:21 PM

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Only the basic idea is drawn from those old, cheesy classics (they in turn from too many stories to name); Species 1, 2, and Awakening so no worries on not knowing a thing about them.

The Cliffs Notes premise is that human and alien DNA have been fused, either by contagion or by human curiosity getting the better of common sense.  The result is … an alien that looks (or not, we decide!) human but will have alien children, and is strongly driven to reproduce – taking over Earth one brood at a time! 

The aliens in this storyline mimic humans in order to reproduce, and are beautiful and handsome in their human forms.  They also have pheromones and empathic abilities that arouse and attract humans and also trigger strong protective and parental impulses.  Humans who have been hormonally bound to the aliens will do anything for them; they are passionately, unshakably in love.  Love is nothing but chemicals, after all.

I'm envisioning a game that has a lot of sex, potentially with non-human (but intelligent) creatures, hopefully multiple partners, large/alien cocks and so forth.  Other kinks are likely welcome.  The story has a underlying theme of invasion, transformation and a bit of horror – but part of what makes it interesting for me is that we are the horrors.  We are the alien, the brood queen, the invaders and we're invading body and mind.

There are two options (I admit I prefer the first but that doesn't mean I don't like the second!):

Lilith: Mother of Monsters
Mother of Monsters (NSFW)
Lilly has lived her whole life in the Lab; she was created there, raised there and destined to die there as scientists study her unique genetics.  She's grown quickly but is developmentally between sixteen and eighteen (we chose) when the story starts.  You, my friend, are a man who works in the lab, perhaps a scientist, perhaps one of the military guards there to make sure nothing goes wrong.  We've struck up a tentative friendship through the plastic and filters that separate us.  You discover that the project is scheduled for 'termination' at the end of the month and decide to rescue me.  It's not the smartest thing to do, perhaps you've already been influenced by my empathic abilities or you don't believe in the technobabble the scientists are spouting.

My character is naïve, innocent and has had no experience of the wide open world, or other people – in fact she's not really had a chance to even touch another person.  Unlike the movies (if you've seen them) she's not murderous, or evil, or even especially aware of her genetic destiny.  Lilly just wants to live, be free and to love.  She's at the brink of her alien maturity, and discovering desires she never felt before.  Profound desires that seem normal to her but are decidedly non-human.

Lilly's nature makes her irresistible to you (and to other men as well).  Surely the rescue is the start of a beautiful relationship!  And a large … very large family.

The kinks and things I'm eager to explore:
Large cocks and anal sex are pretty much required – two of my favorite things!
Sexual innocence; my character is not going to be passive but she's never even been kissed before and that leads to … lots and lots of eager, hot sex - sexual obsession, even. 
Pregnancy, breeding and birth; those lovely alien children – they might not look like you but they're yours and you love them!  Lilly gives birth every three months or so, and doesn't show until the last week where she grows rather large quite rapidly. Lactation is an option – the brood do not nurse but perhaps that's a way that Lilly keeps you close.
Gang-bangs/orgies/multiple male partners and anonymous sex: Lilly wants good, strong fathers for her children.  We can play those other men together, or however.  Those other men will, in turn, become attached to Lilly – they will likely be left behind (unless you want to play multiple male characters) and will help sully the trail so hunters cannot find us.  They'll also protect any brood that are old left to fend for themselves.
Corruption/alien invasion/monsters: Lilly's children are not at all human (we can chose together but the more monstrous the better as far as I'm concerned), except every now and then she has a girl child who looks lovely and human – the better to keep the generations going!  The boys might look monstrous but they're out there having sex too!
Sci-fi: The themes and the adventure as we are chased by the scientists who are desperately trying to prevent Lilly's brood from taking over Earth.  Most movies make our characters out as the bad guys but all we're trying to do is live!  And take over the world through great, great sex.

This story has a somewhat more 'romantic' flavor to it; my character isn't evil natured, simply driven to ensure the survival of her species.  She truly loves you, and you – even if it's chemically induced – may love her in return.  They are lovers striving against overwhelming odds and the evil humans seeking to destroy our children!

Cain: The Marked One
Your character was 'infected' somehow; a NASA astronaut who inhaled a fragment of alien dust, a scientists studying the same dust, or similar types of characters.  No one knew, even you, what was going on inside but you begin to have urges … strong, aching urges.  Needs that you never had before but are overwhelming now.

My character is a teenage/co-ed neighborhood girl, perhaps sweet young intern if you're a scientist, even, dare I say it, your own daughter.  Young, healthy, beautiful and you're sure I'd make a perfect mother for the children you desperately want to have.  You kidnap me to make me yours, in every way, while my shock and fear turns to passion and love as your pheromones and empathic influences work their charms.  As in the other storyline, we're on the run from your former co-workers who recognize that you've become something … other.

Some of the options could be; you change physically into something more alien, or mostly just mentally.  The changes could be subtle, you simply realize that your whole life before was nothing compared to the way things are now or sudden, perhaps including blackouts, or nightmarish episodes that you pray are not real.

Things I'd like to see:
Sex, as before – lots of it and my character being fairly innocent.  Non-consensual sex is a possibility (though not required) here, though it will become consensual and very enthusiastic. 
Pregnancy, breeding and birth: lots of kids here!  They will look alien, mature quickly, and are eager to find women of their own!  Again, lactation if you like, as an intimate act bringing the two of us closer.
Sexual dominance: if we got this route, then I'd like your character to be sexually dominant over mine – dominant in general, really.  You take me when you want, where you want and how you want - and I love it.
Multiple Partners: your character wants to have as many young as he can, as quickly as possible, so he might seek out other women.  I'd be happy to play these one night stands.  If your character has the blackouts or physical transformation, these encounters might be quite non-consensual.  That would give the storyline a decidedly darker tone.
Physical changes: your character could begin to change and become the alien he is externally as well as internally.  The more monstrous the better if you want to go this route – alien cock very welcome.
Corruption: is kind of given in this story; mental, emotional, the corruption of my relative innocence, your changes and perhaps physical as well.
Sci-fi and horror:  This storyline is darker and more horror themed that the previous.  Humans are fighting to keep your character from impregnating women everywhere you go and creating broods of monsters. If my character is a daughter of one of the hunters, then they're desperate to rescue me as well (not aware that it's far too late for that).

Note: I had a Life Eventtmand dropped off the face of E for a bit.  My documentation is out of date (though the list of kinks and interests is still very valid) and I'm working on updating it.  I'd say I'll be replying every other day or so, more in the beginning probably.  I can reach but not reply while at work so my hours of playtime are limited.