Submissive female looking for a couple specific roleplays~

Started by GingerAurora13, March 31, 2014, 05:06:57 PM

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First of all I would like to specify that I only role play in the forums or in pm. Thank you. C:

The first role play I would love is a Deadpool role play. Myself being another mercenary, Lady Death, or my own character Aurora, whom I will explain shortly. This would be mainly story driven with smut more and more the further along we get. I would like you to portray the bombastic, insane nature of the merc with a mouth. It doesn't have to be exact of course but as close as you can get to his character (I.e. His inner voices portrayed as well, slightly self conscious about his appearance especially when it comes to someone he likes, very crazy, and mildly annoying at times).

Second is one I've been wanting to do for a while, Shadows of the Damned. In which I would play Paula and for whomever picks it up, a dual role of Garcia and Flemming. It would go along with th storyline of the game. If you wish I can voice for Johnson of you can take that over as well. Along with Paula I will do some of the more important female characters like Justine and any others you would like to see portrayed.

Third is the last, and least specific request I have. I would like a simple master/pet scenario with a stern but loving owner who rescued ne from some sort of peril in the beginning. My character will be a Neko name Chi. As for you character, whatever character you feel fits the role or you make up is lovely c:.

**My OCs**

Aurora: A former student of Xavier's School for the Gifted now teacher's assistant. She is very reserved and antisocial. She was originally part of the weapon x program, but she escaped. The experimentation left her mute and nearly dead before Professor X located her and sent a team to rescue her from certain death. She attended the school, learning to control her powers. Her powers are not too original but they are verywild even after she learned to control them. She literally has fire power, mind my pun, but unlike Mr. Douchebag McFlames she does not just control it, but she produces fire. And when in high stress situations she goes 'supernova' and destroys everything with in a mile radius, no counting the fire spreading afterward. It only happened once before leaving her parents dead, bit that story will be more hashed out in the role play.
As for appearance; she is very pale, she has long black hair with one red streak that occurs naturally, at first she wears a black hoodie that always has the hood up and black pants of some description(tights, skinny jeans, slacks... Just whatever she is feeling that day).

Chi:A girl, age 19, who has the ears and tail of a cat. She is not very tan but not pale, she had red hair with black ears and a black tail. That's basically all I can describe about her without specific questions haha.


And just to make sure I make it clear, all characters mentioned are 18 or above. C: