1x1 Rush Hour ( Fast cars/ rouge/ looking for that type of thing)

Started by VideoKid, March 30, 2014, 08:42:01 AM

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So this was an idea I kind of had after watching a couple car racing oriented films.

Basically its open for suggestion and change but as it stands the basic plot is I am looking for someone to play a rogue race car driver, one who probably has some sort of criminal background. Doesn’t have to be a ruthless serial killer though if that’s your thing, by all means….

My character would be a young female that somehow he ends up grabbing as collateral on the way of his current run. The basic plot leaves a lot of room for improvising.

I figured depending’s on how long term the role-play could be we could stretch it out. My character after everything could end up being an apprentice.

Like I said pretty open on this one.

Only request is I got some visuals I’d like used for both roles.  For the rogue driver, it can be female or male. I can do both MxF and FxF.

I wouldn’t mind even switching the roles and having the female be the driver be the driver in the MxF I just wouldn’t be able to play her very well. I could try. I was kind of hoping a guy who knows his cars might take up the role lol though it does sound appetizing. Though if you play a female you better be one or be damn convincing else I won't be interested.

The above two are just idea's in mind if the female ends up being the driver.

Looking for it least one or two games of this.

Only rule still is I only do vanilla sex, nothing to extreme.

He was my first choice but I an also open. Want to use someone else and have someone in mind? Show me and maybe I'll like.

My second.

Some of example of cars I like that could be used. This is open too.

Someone please help me kill my boredom.