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April 18, 2021, 12:54:16 pm

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Author Topic: Bound by Blood (MxM BDSM Plot Seeking Sub M Character)  (Read 603 times)

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Offline wiccaangel311Topic starter

Bound by Blood (MxM BDSM Plot Seeking Sub M Character)
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:46:03 am »
First, off Yes I am a Lady, but I like to play both male and female characters. Second, yes this is a total Master Slave plot between two Male characters. Third, please do not post in this request thread If you are interested in this plot please PM Me

Setting and Plot
so this story takes place in a dark future of our world. Vampires (I may bring Werewolves into it but that wouldn't be until way later and it is up for discussion) have taken over the world and divided it amongst themselves. There are now 12 regions governed by 12 Vampire princes in the land now known as Lamia terram. What happened to the Humans you may ask? They are still around most of them were captured and either sent to blood camps where they await to be harvested for food, or they were made into slaves to serve the vampire lords and princes. some however managed to hide out from the plunge into darkness and formed a rebellion in hopes they could over throw the vampires. most of them however hide out in the depths of the sewers.
Where the plot begins is an attempt to over throw one of the princes a small rebellion troop tries to lead an assassination on the current prince of the region. (Probably during the day) However they are thwarted by one of the Prince's day guards. while most get away its every man for them self and your commander trips you in order to save himself. so that night you are brought to the Prince and told of your treason, for which the punishment is death. However the prince decides to spare your life and make you his own personal Slave. so as you can see this can go many ways will he hate his new master or will he learn that vampires are not as bad as he has been lead to believe.

My Character

Prince Alexander Knight. He is a pure blood vampire one of the very few left and is the current Ruler of the 3rd region of Lamia Terram. He Doesn't own many slaves and the ones he does own are seldom seen. He however is described by the humans around as a ruthless Vampire ruler and has used armies to take over other territories that once belonged to other regions making his the largest region in Lamia Terram.

Kinks I would like to be in here
Obviously I would like a lot of smut but the main focus is going to be the plot of the Vampire human relationship developing and maybe some other things central to plot that I would like to discuss. However here are some Kinks that I would like to be apart of this.
Public Sex
This one is mainly because he is going to have parties and go out on the town. in this society it is not uncommon for them to demand pleasure in public.
Branding(Optional) This is completely optional but I had wanted the first night my character to brand your character as if he were cattle. however i can replace this with a tattoo or Bite mark if you prefer.
Blood Dependence
Being as I am playing a vampire there is going to be at least some blood dependence so I would like him to feed from you everyn now and then
Other Obvious things The typical obvious things that come with a MxM story like anal and hand jobs blow jobs Etc. Etc.