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Author Topic: YRP's Sexy Male Plots- M/M  (Read 10947 times)

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YRP's Sexy Male Plots- M/M
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:16:16 pm »
Especially looking for plot #8 at the moment.

Only looking for plot based games at the moment as opposed to sex based games. That means that the game is not entirely about sex but about anything else. So do not contact me unless you are willing to do a plot based game rather then a sex based one. And are willing to post at least, let me stress this again, AT LEAST, once every other day. Thanks.

Current Games

Sympathy for the Devil With Bron- College friends Kyle and Colt have a very weird relationship that leads to rape and attempted suicide.

Milked With Cerulean Dreams- Young man Lou is abducted by criminals and edged and milked repeatedly due to his sperm being worth a shit ton of money. ON HOLD

Games of Survival With yourporcelaindoll- Lovers Alexander and Basil attempt to get into Ba Sing Se, but are rejected, leading them into the seedy underbelly of the poor society outside the city.

Off to School With StrawberryDream- Colton's slave Tyler goes to school, but must remain completely naked at all times apart from his collar. He meets a friend, Sean, and starts to fall for him.

Hogwarts: A Future Currently with beta12- Kyle and Asher are friends who are going into Hogwarts this year, generally just bumming around. Possibly entering into a romance. Current threads: #1

Hello hello everyone. Welcome to everyone who likes M/M related plots. This is my plotter. Welcome welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Before we begin, take a look at my O/Os and browse through some of my posts to see if I might be compatible.

Note: I generally prefer to play with male writers over female writers. The reason for this being that a lot of women I've seen have a problem playing men. They seem to think that playing a gay guy means that they can play a woman with a dick. Which is obviously not the case. Boys and men should be just that, boys and men. They shouldn't be overly emotional (unless the story is specifically supposed to be that way), they shouldn't be thinking about romance all the time, they shouldn't be wishy washy or passive aggressive (unless those are specific traits of the character), they should be sexually turned on by people they find attractive, ect. I don't mind if you are a lady playing a gay guy, but make sure that you know how to play a boy and aren't just playing a girl with a dick. I'm attracted to men, so make sure your character is a man, not pseudo-female. Thanks.

Some of my favorite kinks are bondage, sex slavery, rape, public nudity, forced nudity, orgasm control/denial, milking, humiliation, and loincloths or general skimpy outfits. Also romance if the plot is good enough.

I tend to play plot based stories rather than sex based, although sex is very important, obviously. Please be advised that I prefer that you be able to post at least three or four paragraphs each post as well as at least one time a day. I say that last one because I would rather you not drop out without notice, let me know if you're going to be gone for awhile. I'll also probably want to chat with you about the plot preferably with Skype, but YIM is also fine. Ok, on to the plots.

Specific Plots

1. In this world, all men are slaves to women. Women have gained the upperhand and have naturally declared a victory for women's rights. All men are either kept as work slaves or as milking slaves because a woman having sex with a man is abhorrent to society. However some men are allowed certain freedoms and are on an equal level with women. These men can own male slaves themselves and can get paid doing jobs. They are seen by other men as absolute scum, of course, as they suck up to their female overlords to maintain their own power and not be made slaves themselves. MC would be one such man sucking up to his female overlords, trying to avoid being made a slave while YC would be bought by MC from a slave club.

2. This is basically the nude in school initiative. I've seen it going around a bit and wanted to try it. Basically all students are required to have one week of forced nudity throughout the school day. They are not allowed to wear any clothes at all. If any other student approaches them and wants to do something sexual with them, they may not refuse whatever the request. Male students, if they have an erection that distracts them from their school work, may ask their teacher to masturbate them to get rid of the boner. However it has to be in front of the whole class and the class may relieve themselves while watching if need be. Basically a story set in this sort of scenario. I don't have any details in mind other than the general premise.

TAKEN3. This one is similar to #2, but this time a slave boy is being allowed to go to school by his master. However, the slave is not allowed to wear anything but his collar and wrist/ankle cuffs to signify his slavery. Slavery is completely legal in this world and thus public nudity for slaves is not uncommon, however the school has never had a slave before. The slave boy falls for a fellow classmate, played by myself while you would be the slave boy.

4. Mind Control. One guy, MC, has the ability to make anyone do anything he wants, subtly influencing their mind so that they don't even remember what happened afterwards and uses his power for his own sexual pleasures. He is able to maintain his mind control powers over someone for as long as he wants before letting them have their own mind back. Another guy, YC, finds that he has similar powers and MC takes him under his wing, as an apprentice of sorts, and teaches him how to use his powers for his sexual benefits. MC also has a harem of his own mind controlled guys and teaches YC to do the same. Romance between the two is also an option as they start to realize no one else but them are of their own minds. This is set in the modern day real world, with the obvious exception of mind control powers.

5. One professor, MC, in a magical school is known for punishing his male students in unique ways. He's known for sexually using his students when they misbehave or making them into his own personal sex slaves. He'll even sexually abuse and rape a student right in front of the entire class. The administration feels this is an acceptable form of punishment as it most definitely disincentives bad behavior when they know they will become the teacher's bitch. Misbehaving female students are referred to another teacher.

6. Basically Blue Lagoon. Two boys crash land on a deserted island when they are young. They grow up together, fending for each other, and end up in an intense romantic relationship. They run around mostly naked except for a loincloth and are of course breath takingly beautiful.

7. Set in a generic fantasy setting, there is a large group of pirate slavers who kidnap young men and women in the night and sell them far from home as exotic slaves. YC is a slave kidnapped in the night and dragged halfway across the world to be sold. He is bought by an accomplished wizard, MC, for a sex slave, but also because he sees magical potential. MC uses him as a sex slave while simultaneously training him as an apprentice.

8. A rich English boy at the beginning of WW2 goes to an old money private boys only boarding school. He knows the most intimate secrets of many of the other boys who go to the school and thus exploits them for sex. He's built a complicated network of sex, politics, explotation, and secrets. Everyone in the web implicitly knows that they have to bow to his will, but explicitly would never say it for risk of being the one to be called out. MC would be this boy and you'd play one boy in particular with several others as well. Perhaps his second in command that also likes this whole web of intrigue and is actually romantically into mc.


The one I would generally prefer to play is in bold. If neither of them is bold, I'll play either one. Make sure you have a plot in mind. I'd love to do any of these as long as there's something going on.

Loner/Popular Party Boy- College, not High School
Master/Twin Slaves
Master/Former Master made into a Slave
Master/Straight Guy Slave
Stalker (or Blackmailer)/Celebrity Crush
Human or Dwarf Master/Elf Slave


Same as above, make sure you have some sort of plot idea in mind for the pairings.

Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Zuko/Sokka- as long as it involves rape and sex slavery
OC/OC- exploring various eras and places in the world, especially interested in Avatar Wan's era as well as Republic City

Harry Potter
Can involve romance, rape, slavery, whatever. If there's a Harry Potter pairing you have an idea for that you like that's not listed here, let me know and I might be interested.

Fred and George/Any combination of the above
Percy/Fred and George- This one definitely involves rape and/or blackmail.
Tom Riddle/Henchmen (Basically this would be young Tom at school with his own group of henchmen)
OC/OC- Any era or place in the world, somewhat interested in Hogwarts founding era (Hogwarts students under the original founders), Post-Potter (future), Riddle era

A Very Potter Musical- I don't know how this would be different from the regular Harry Potter, but I really like the idea, if you get an idea for it.



Plots involving Robin or Nightwing or both. either in some sort of romance or better yet, being kidnapped by one of the villains as bait for Batman or other superheros and raped repeatedly/used as a sex slave. With YC being Robin or Nightwing.


Similar to the above, and inspired by the number of times that Clark is tied up and tortured with kryptonite: plots involving him being tied up and raped.

Doctor Who

Similar to the above, Adric, Turlough, or Rory being kidnapped and being raped/used as a sex slave as bait for the Doctor.

Adam/Jack- This Adam. Adam tries to take revenge on the Doctor and Rose, and in the process meets Jack before Jack meets the Doctor. Jack wants to scam them, while Adam wants revenge.

Either that or Jack has already met the Doctor and "redeems" Adam.

Dragon Age

Dalish Elf Warden/Alistair
Dalish Elf Warden/Zevran
Dalish Elf Warden/Alistair/Zevran
Dalish Elf Warden/Tamlen- In which Tamlen and the warden were lovers before he was cursed. And than when Tamlen shows up, the Warden is able to cure him and carry on their relationship. Based loosely on this mod.

More based on the movies than the books.

Peter/Caspian- Likely involving hate sex. Or jealous sex.
OC/OC- Exploration of various eras or places in the world.



Star Trek

OC/OC- Exploration of various eras or places in the world

Merlin- if it involves a re-writing of the show (as the show was quite badly written, especially where Morgana and Merlin are concerned)

Any combination of the above and the rest of the knights of the round

Disney World- Various Disney worlds from various movies have collided to make one big world. For whatever reason. Can simply be an excuse to get Disney characters together or a whole elaborate plot as they try to get their worlds back in order, like Kingdom Hearts.

Any combination of Disney male leads, but especially Flynn, Peter Pan, Jim Hawkins, Milo, Will Turner, and Kristoff, and especially especially Aladdin.

Kingdom Hearts

Sora/Peter Pan
Any combination of the above

Picture Inspirations
These are intended to spark imagination for possible plots. If you think of a plot from these pictures, by all means let me know.

SFW Pictures

NSFW Pictures
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Re: YRP's Sexy Male Plots- M/M
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2014, 08:32:13 pm »
Added several pairings ideas.

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Re: YRP's Sexy Male Plots- M/M
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2014, 07:25:54 am »
Sent you a PM.

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Re: YRP's Sexy Male Plots- M/M
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2014, 11:29:06 am »
Added number 8 and a couple pairings.