Seeking Partner to Play Bisexual Male Character for High Fantasy Game

Started by LtRipley, March 26, 2014, 11:25:53 AM

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Please take a look over my O/o thread (linked in sig) before pming me, thank you :)

I don't care about your gender, but I'm looking for some one to play a male character that is attracted to both males and females.

I won't go into super detail with the story idea here but it's a high fantasy setting involving a female Knight, her Mage, and a Dragon (who is able to shape shift between human, anthro, and true Dragon forms). I definitely want to play the Knight, I'm looking for some one to play the Dragon, and the Mage is up for grabs, I'm perfectly happy to play him, but if my partner would rather play him, that's fine. There will be a small cast of other characters to play as well.

I've got a great plot in mind, but one that allows for a fair amount of smut as well. It would follow a Knight and her Mage sent to kill a dragon accused of burning down a village. The dragon claims to be innocent, and as a knight (therefor an upholder of justice), she is obligated to investigate and discover if the dragon burned down the village, and if he didn't, who did and why. It will have a good mix of action, drama, intrigue, and smut, with room for romance as well. If you'd like to learn more about it just shoot me a pm!

I'm looking for some one who can do about two or three (or more) paragraphs a post at least once a week.