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May 21, 2018, 02:06:54 PM

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Author Topic: Into the Deep Black (M/F/O - Female alien and female-ish android needed)  (Read 230 times)

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Offline Crimson CaineTopic starter

In the Deep Black

So, this is a little strange idea I've been thinking on and decided to throw out to see if there is any interest from other players.

MC has been assigned to a deep space mission to expand the star maps and find new resources for the colonies. Because it is a solo mission that requires a human to monitor all the data and make extrapolations to alter their course the colonial navy has designed an AI unit to the ship to see to the pilots needs. Alternative,  instead of a android AI the ship companion could be a genetic modified creation to take care of the crew member.

Flying to the last habitated planet, the companion not yet active, the pilot partakes of the alien culture there as they get few visitors. They have a celebration and he is forcibly introduced to a woman while there who later makes sure his cup is full and he gets a good helping of food. The alcohol is more powerful then he initially thought and it isn't long before he is effected by it. Heading back to the ship, the woman escorts him as he can barely stand where he collapses into bed.

The ship has been set up to automatically take off once secure on its designated course into unknown territory. When the pilot wakes up he realizes the woman from last night is in his bed and the ship is moving, both distressing situations. The ships companion has also been activated on launch and she is there suddenly to help. The woman he finally learns was given to him as a wife for his bravery at facing the deep black for his people. The ship is on autopilot as it has to go through an asteroid belt that no human can navigate so will not release controls. They are stuck together.

So, this is a strange little idea that has been rattling around in my head and is a little different. I see this more as a character study detailing how these disparate personalites stuck together deal and grow. There will certainly be some story and adventure as the journey wasn't meant for two, the will need to resupply and clean the air scrubbers and such more often. But the focus is on the character in this idea. Is the alien happy having been given to this human? How does the companion feel about this alien as she was designed to keep the crew member company. A lot of potential conflict and growth.

I'm pretty open as far as what I would be looking for in the two roles, they are there for the other writer to design and make their own. The companion could be an android or it could be a genetic engineered humanoid with aspects of other creatures. If an android was she built with sexual pleasure in mind, having the parts for it, or if the relationship evolves that way will it require the writers creativity for sexual congress. While I'd like the alien to be humanoid, beyond that the exact design is up for discussion. I would assume the character would be feminine in looks to have drawn the pilots interest but that doesn't mean their people and humans have the same thing as expected between their legs.

I want my partners to be able own their characters and help creat the backdrop and craft the story of these three characters. While I see these three coming together what that might mean will be determined by the writers of the story. I don't have any expectations as to this moving quickly to adult situations though eventually they would, how quickly and what it might entail will be determined by the writers and the characters.   Because of the type of RP, I would prefer partners that can write at least three detailed paragraphs.  I am not a prolific poster averaging about a post or two a week depending on life and the muse though I'm always trying for more.