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Author Topic: Halo: The Ohana Rebels (Interest Check) {LIGHT EXOTIC}  (Read 602 times)

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Halo: The Ohana Rebels (Interest Check) {LIGHT EXOTIC}
« on: March 25, 2014, 03:28:13 pm »
Welcome to the Ohana Rebels Interest Check Thread. If interested in what you read, please enlist. Ohana is always accepting new recruits no matter what is going on.

Are you tired of living like a Rubble miner? Do you ache for adventure and the unknown? Are you capable of joining the military, but do not share their views? Then becoming an Ohana Rebel might be for you.

Good news! Ohana is now accepting new recruits from August 19Th, 2557 at 6am to September 2ND, 2557 4pm Sign up and testing will be located at the Falaknuma colony in the 18 Scorpii system.

To qualify you must be:
At least 18 years of age.
No current affiliation with the UNSC military or covenant military
Be able to maintain firearms and are physically able to lift heavy objects over 50lbs.
Able to follow orders and simple instructions.

All applicants must pass a physical exam and simple training test.
cR is determined by time, and efficiency. Credit chips may vary from recruit to recruit based on ranking, and morality. Ohana works as an independent employer and takes no responsibility for anyone's disappearance, and said words; be it fact or opinion.

I would like to start by saying I have designed this role play to be capable of taking on new recruits at any time :) It is placed in an adult section of the website because it is meant for adults. For this reason at the end of this post I will keep you up to date on the latest mission and the current whereabouts  so that you may join in right from the get go! Keep in mind upon joining: no one is automatically recruited as an Ohana Rebel. It only means that you are now a part of the story until it is so written within the pages. I encourage later if not now to look back upon the progress made so you can be better up to date.

Please note: This is in a Halo Universe setting. Based around the time of Halo 4 (just to keep up with the franchise really). Therefore this story is Sci-Fi, Action. Because it is in the adult section there will also be sexual relations and of course maturity and patience.

When going into adult behaviors, I request that your characters find a more private place, for example: a busy Ohana corridor is not the place to begin sexual contact, but a room would work, or inside a warthog, pelican, a closed room that might invite a surprise walk in, etc. I encourage it to be posted within the story, if you wish the encounter not to be seen by other characters within the story please note this when making your posts that way you may not get disrupted.

I have always been one to take my turn. I won't double post or cut lines to post ahead of someone else unless appropriate and I would appreciate it if everyone also did that. Nothing can be more frustrating than working on a good post only to be forced to rewrite it because someone else skipped ahead of you and changed what could have been.

Current post order in the story: ashia starstreak, Juggtacular, Gladiator0161, Ambie, Fabjuth, RebelJap8O8

I realize sometimes we all have a brain fart, but please post at least one paragraph per post. Grammar is also quite important, unless your character has an accent and you are purposely misspelling things to better bring out that accent. For example: "Git 'er the hell outta 'ere!" or "Aww sheeeet..really?" I prefer quotations when someone is talking just like an actual book (I get confused easily), but a different color text will be fine too.

Please follow Elliquiy's set of rules  on top of these as well for everyone to better enjoy themselves :)

Please note: if you are unable to keep up, if you feel you are lagging, or if you have lost interest in this story; tell me. There will be no god modding, there will be no killing of players other than our own made up ones. I don't expect this story to be fast paced so I don't want anyone to feel rushed to post because a rapid reply is not a requirement. If by 1 month we do not have a post on someone's turn, I will notify you by pm and we can either skip over your turn, or wait depending on what is going on.

Don't Ingest!: The Interspecies Handbook
Interspieces reproduction does not compute ~ For hybrids to occur the parent would need to have similar genetic structures as their partner and either the same number of chromosomes or a very similar number, but even as little as  two inversions within chromosomes will make both partners incompatible for reproduction.

Toxin Warning ~ Due to different biological structures within each other, it is recommended that both partners take protective action as some species can mistakenly poison each other. Secretions may be violently toxic, be it a simple allergic reaction all the way to something as serious as death.

Rule 34 ~ Generally accepted internet rule that states pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject. Therefore, any species on species is acceptable.

Ouch! That hurts ~ Every species has their own flexabilities and obstacles. Keep in mind not all positions are universal for all species. For example: Unggoy waddle along on hind legs; they're digitigrade, with short upper and lower legs, where as the Kig-Yar's legs are sinewy, muscular, and are reverse-jointed.

What to Expect from this Story
Picking up and dropping off cargo
Threats of ship take overs
Battles against opposing forces
Locating lost individuals
Social activity within Ohana and other colonies, worlds, and ships
Character training and organic/synthetic repairs
Life from within a marthon-class ship

Have fun, interact with one another, build onto your character, their experiences, and feelings.

I love Halo and feel by doing this I can in a way, live Halo without being directly involved in its war.

Welcome Aboard Hannibal Ohana

Ohana is a rebel marathon-class ship favoring neither the covenant nor the UNSC. Rebels are recruited and trained to take down any that get in the way. Originally designed to transport goods from one colony to the next, the ship slowly began picking up mercenary missions that involved more labor and bigger pay outs. It is not yet clear as to where the warship came from or who the Admiral of the ship is. Low profiling keeps this marathon-class ship unnoticed  by many, but rumors have slowly began rising. One in particular involves Ohana's broken MAC guns. Though no one is talking about how it became destroyed in the first place, it is in the process of repair. Ohana's Complement includes: forty Cryo Chambers, forty HEVs, twenty longswords, ten warthogs, three pelicans, and one personal ship. Her armament consists of oversized archer missile pods with sixty missiles each, fifty mm point-defense guns, two fusion rockets, and two broken magnetic accelerator cannons.

Inside Ohana

Ohana Color Grid

Lavatory Entrances

Inside the Lavatories

Gun Vendor and Café Lounge

Pelican and Warthog Hangar

Longsword Hangar

Flood 89's Hangar

Restricted Area

Cryo Bay

Crew Quarters

Commander's Quarters

Command Deck

When in space, but not aboard Ohana, Flood 89 becomes a second home ship.

The link to the story is here.
The link to the OOC thread is here.
The link to an In Character thread while waiting on posts is here.

As I will be making updates on this thread with more recruit interests and missions, please feel free to keep coming back to see if anything new has popped up! If you have any ideas that you may want to add send me your ideas via PM.

Please reframe from posting in this thread and if you have any questions you may send me a PM or go to the OOC. Spending a great deal of time on drawing all these pictures to get started, I am eager to begin writing. I look forward to playing with you!

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Re: Halo: The Ohana Rebels (Interest Check) {LIGHT EXOTIC}
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2014, 06:39:51 pm »
Active Characters

Ambie is

ashia starstreak is

Fabjuth is

Gladiator0161 is

Juggtacular is

RebelJap8O8 is

If your character does not appear here, please fill out a character sheet and include a picture or a description of your character(s). Then send it via PM.

Character Sheet
Characteristics(name top four):
Weapons(top two only):
Specialties (top two only):

This section may change frequently depending on the story and characters.
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Offline ashia starstreakTopic starter

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Re: Halo: The Ohana Rebels (Interest Check) {LIGHT EXOTIC}
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2014, 06:47:44 pm »
Inactive Characters

ashia starstreak is

King Serperior is

Yugishogun is

Characters here are those that are not currently active within the story. This doesn't mean they are KIA, but perhaps MIA until the author decides to come back or the character is brought back into play. Also this is an area that I will be putting my side mission characters when they are not currently active within the story, but will be in the future or have already been used in the past.

This section may change frequently depending on the story and characters.
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