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May 12, 2021, 12:38:11 am

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Author Topic: [FxF - Gundam Universe] Mobile Suit: Era Unkown  (Read 623 times)

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[FxF - Gundam Universe] Mobile Suit: Era Unkown
« on: March 25, 2014, 11:44:53 am »

(GPC) Galactic Peacekeepers Coalition
Elite forces, specializes in a wide array of armaments.
Colors are dark red on black.
Symbol is a Star with crossed spears.

Independant hostile factions
(HSOV) High Society of Venus
Arrogant, Highly Technologically Advanced. Plasma weaponry.
Colors are Royal Green and Purple.
symbol is a golden Fleur De Lis.

(DSML) Deep Space Miners League (Space Station)
Ramshackle technology, specializes in Photon weaponry, yet heavily advanced with deep space knowledge.
Colors are Brown and Black.
Symbol is two pickaxes crossed.

(SOT) Sons of Thanatos (Pluto)
Highly Religious, almost cult-like in manner - specializes in laser melee weaponry.
Symbol is a elongated skull.
Colors are white on violet.

(EOH) Empire of Hathor (Space Stations near Mercury)
Slave Dealers, advanced. Mainly sonic based weaponry to disable,
Colors red on silver.
Pair of bull horns with a sword down the middle.

(TOR) The Olympian Republic (based on Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune)
Roman Ideals. Specializes in melee weaponry.
Colors are Red on Bronze.
Symbol is a planet with a Laurel wreath.

Independent neutral factions
(LPA) Lunar Planet Assembly
Trade Corporation, Peace lovers. Mainly Electrical weaponry,
Colors are grey on White.
symbol is a chain of moons.

(MTI) Mars Terraforming Initiative
Biological Weapons.
Colors are Brick Red and Brown.
Symbol is a tree imposed over Mars.

(UEF) United Earth Federation
Laser Weaponry
Colors are white and blue
Symbol is a metallic Earth with wings

(AU) African Union
Colors are light and dark green
Symbol (South-African) Coat of Arms

(RoEA) Republic of Eastern Asia
Nuclear powered mobile suits / Weaponry
Colors are white and red
Symbol is a rising sun with a yellow star at the center overlapping

(FoUR) Federation of United Russia
Tesla coil weaponry / energy
Colors are red and yellow
Symbol is a classic sickle and hammer

(AF) Atlantic Federation (America, Canada, Europe)
Renewable Electricity in suits / Weaponry
Colors are different type of blue
Symbol is a blue compass in a wave of water

(CoSA) Coalition of South America
Colors are orange and dark green
Symbol is a head of a tiger with three clawmarks behind

(IO) Independant Oceania
Solar Power (Weaponry / Energy)
Colors are light blue and purple
Symbol is a classic crown set on a ray of sunlight

With a wide array of forces the universe is shaped yet the story to take place and the characters to be shaped
depends entirely on the person willing to participate in the setting and thus roleplay. Contact me through PM!