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May 22, 2018, 08:35:02 PM

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Author Topic: Let's have more plot and less sex! (M For F)  (Read 438 times)

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Offline ShenyoTopic starter

Let's have more plot and less sex! (M For F)
« on: March 24, 2014, 09:37:12 PM »
It has been ages since I have been able to find the time to write! Literally as of the time of this writing it has been at least a year and a half, and that's simply too much time to have gone by without getting something out on paper, virtual or not. I am looking for a female writer who is interested in having more of a plot based story with sexual elements only when appropriate. When it has meaning behind it things tend to be more interesting, and I'm certainly not just here for some smut as I could find that easily somewhere else.

Either way, onto some random ideas that have floated around! I'm open to most things, but I do wish the story we write to have just a couple of things in particular. That it is written in a third person past tense narrative as anything else would drive me insane. That the story be in a fantasy type setting (Romanticized medieval times for example), or in Modern times with magic and monsters being more of an underground and unseen phenomenon. Finally, that there be a healthy dose of romance involved when it comes up just right, and unless there is a great reason it is not simply love on first sight.

Onto some things!


Fate - There is something tying the two of our characters together, and despite their best attempts to leave, they are soon drawn together again. A slight, if distinct difference than the theme below.

Meeting By Coincidence - Either truly by luck, or one of the two is merely acting like it for some greater purpose.

Forced Servitude - By knowledge or interesting circumstances or rules. (Not sexual in nature, initially. Our characters are doing important things! Might be a decent perk later on though)

Clashing of Characters - (Strong willed on both parts, not necessarily in bed, that keeps tension and interests high between the two characters. But due to strange circumstances they keep each others company, most likely eventually learning to like the person)

Romance - Not instant, but certainly necessary.

Action - If you know what I mean! Which is to say, both meanings?

Magic/Fantasy/Unrealistic/Supernatural - All similar, but all loved just the same.

Demons/Vampires/Otherworldly creatures generally inhabiting the world - This can be well known, or secret to the general population.

Non-Human Dominated Population - Either humans share the majority of the world with others, or are actually a minority, or may not even exist as more than a myth or legend. If that.





Cities (Endless and quaint alike!)






Extreme Environments or Dimensions

Pre-Made Worlds

And other odd combinations and creations!

I would also like to add that I would love to use one of my already existing characters, one I've built an extensive history and personality for via other roleplays in the past. However it would be better for him to be placed in something with a little more action, or at least be paired with someone who also has some supernatural abilities, such as magic or something of the like. He does have a few animal features that tie into his nature, so you would have to be ok with that as well! Please feel free to inquire if you are curious!


Sample Writing Here! (Too tired to write something right now! Come back eventually or just go for it and message me!)

Offline ShenyoTopic starter

Re: Let's have more plot and less sex! (M For F)
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 08:17:22 PM »
Setting Idea 1:

A peaceful, chilling calm came over him as he laid still upon something wonderfully soft but oddly cold. A dampened whistling of wind could be heard through the darkness as he stirred, his body struggling to shift and move. With effort his body rose from the ground and the snow fell down around him.  Fingers slowly uncurled themselves in order to push upon the snow, his legs kicking as he scrambled up and out of the snow, the wind’s piercing howl hitting him head on as he struggled to find his footing.

As he regained his balance his softly glowing dark green eyes took in his surroundings, picked what could have been the right direction, and trudged forward. Unfortunately even if the man knew which way to go there was a distinct issue with his situation. The blizzard was at its peak intensity as he moved through the middle of an empty forest many miles away from the next town or village. The chance of making it to such a place was next to nothing.

Strangely enough, as his life usually was, there was another place of refuge not far from where he was moving. In fact he was nearly upon it as he suddenly lost his balance once more on a large rock sticking up fro m the ground, hidden by the snow. This caused him to go down yet again, face first into the snow.

With a few grumbles and curses, he struggled to his feet once more. The wind moved sharply through his body with every step, and he wasn't sure if being in the snow was better than being above it. The protection he did have from the elements seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help at this point. A dark green cloak was stuck to his body like a second skin, soaked completely through. The same was true with the layers underneath, and even the scarf barely protecting his face from the wind. The layers underneath were hardly meant for this kind of weather though. A thin sweater and simple cloth pants, and thankfully boots, adorned the rest of his body. The boots the only real thing he should have been wearing in such a storm, but he had never expected to be out in it to begin with. Just a few hours ago the ground had been covered with a mere half-inch of snow, the trees beautiful, and the air not biting of his skin. Now the snow was threatening to reach his chest and it felt as if every exposed part of him was freezing solid on the spot.

Fortunately the rock he had tripped over and promptly ignored was a sign of things to come. It belonged to a castle that had long since been abandoned, which just so happened to be the way he was traveling. Oddly though, the map he had purchased before making this trip made no mention of it, not that it was in a usable state now having been completely soaked through. As his eyes looked up he began to catch glimpses of it through the storm. A beautiful white structure jutted into the sky with many towers. From what he could make out it appeared that the castle was in something of a circle, with towers adorning the edges and a massive central structure deeper inside that went much further up than the others.

The man shambled to the closest wall and began to follow it, using it to prop himself up and hide from some of the winds. Eventually he was able to find a pair of massive double doors that looked a little worse for wear. Large cracks could be seen through the wood, and though there was some metal reinforcements it didn't look terribly stable.

“Let me in” He shouted out as he cracked his hand against it, his voice just barely rising above the storm. Either someone was going to let him in or he was going to break the door down with his bare hands. Any human would have been dead by this point, the weather unnaturally harsh. Fortunately for him, he was not quite human. Still, the door was not giving in so easily. All he could do, was yell and hit it, hoping someone existed within.


This is an old favorite of mine that can take some interesting turns if you put the effort in. Typically the other person plays the part of a vampire, but it could easily be someone frozen in time or otherwise bound to the location. It is certainly open for discussion!