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Author Topic: Jarod's cravings Revamped and Organized (All comers welcome)  (Read 948 times)

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Jarod's cravings Revamped and Organized (All comers welcome)
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:37:11 PM »
Alright it too the point where I need to rearrange my cravings and ideas into 3 sections Darker stories, lighter stories and taken.  Before we go top far, I would also like to let everyone know that I prefer forum roleplaying.  If you really want to do it a different way such as e-mail or PM, I might consider it if the idea hits me right.  Now that's out of the way, let me tell you about what I generally like as a roleplayer.  I'm open to almost anything when in comes to my characters, and who I roleplay with.  That means if your a female in real life but wants to play a guy, or visaversa, that's fine by me, as long as you can do it well. 

If you are interested in Roleplaying one of my idea's, or have an idea of your own you would like to do with me, shoot me a PM.  I'm trying to keep this board as clean as possible.

Post Availability:  I'll let you all know up front I work retail, and am married.  I am intending to post at least once a day when I can.  If I am not going to post for a few days, I will pm you and let you know whats going on.

Posting and collaboration:  What you can expect from me, is at least 2 to 3 paragraphs as long as I have something to write about.  Which brings me to collaboration.  I am not looking to come up with all the details and idea's for a story.  There isn't anything I love more than to be surprised by a plot twist and having to react to a situation. 

While I am open to almost anything, the things in my On's list are my favorites.

Playing strong willed characters
Playing female characters
Power struggles
Being forced to submit
playing submissive characters
Good mixture of story and smut
Non con

M/M.  I don't have anything against it, but its not my thing sorry.
Extreme gore
toilet play
Killing my character (unless we talk about it)
Extreme torture (unless we talk about it)
God modding
1 to 3 line posts.  Take your time, I don't mind waiting

Current Games
Unlikely Allies  w/ SugarandSpice
Deal With the Dark One w/ DrusillaJenson
A Second Chance /w Chaotic Envy
Peace what is it good for? w/ dwarfvader
The Uncivilized Future /w Rhapsody (slow moving
On Hiatus
Magic Comes with a Price w/ zefieyuki  (slow moving)

Stories of a Darker nature

b]My teacher the stripper -[/b]  (non con, potential bondage, potential extreme) To the students at the high school where she teaches english, Olivia Snow is a contradiction.  She is a tremendous beauty, than any of the male population of the school, would dream of being with.  She is also an incredibly strict disciplinarian.  Many a student has spent at least a detention or two with her writing lines, or something.  Despite the tough exterior, Oliva also holds a deep secret.  Do to some poor choices in collage, Olivia ran up an enormous debt, much more than a public school teacher could pay back.  To help supplement her income, Olivia works weekends at a gentlemen's club known as Pandora's Box.  She sing, serves drinks, and also strips.  The money that she get is good, but of course if the school administration found out that one of their teachers was working at a strip club, she would lose her job. 

That is where your character, one of her students comes in.  My thought is that he someone she has ridden hard in her class.  My thought is that one night, he manages to get into the club, and see's her working.  Since everyone has a smart phone these days, he records a video of her.  He'll confront her with the evidence the next time he see's her at class.  From there he will blackmail her at school, things that normally she would punish him for gets overlooked.  Then it will progress beyond school to things like giving him a free show, or letting him touch her in inappropriate places, and then beyond 

The details for exactly how he uses her are open to discussion, but I am looking for someone who is willing to be dominant.

Two Sides of the Same Coin   Felicity Jones is the life of any party.  For her life is a party, and she love going to clubs, teasing men, and simply enjoying herself.  She is very free and open sexually, though she tends to be very dominant in the bedroom.  Sarah Jones on the other hand couldn’t be farther from it.  Sarah is very shy and quiet.  Her self esteem is low despite the fact that she is rather pretty, in a sexy librarian sort of way.  She tends to be very submissive, and her sex life non existent.  The two women have absolutely nothing in common, with one exception.  They share the same body.

(Not really firm on a story for this one, but the idea of multiple personalities interests me.)

A Whole New World (BSDM) Jennifer Williams is 27 years old, married with a 5 year old son.  Life with her husband Randy is about as good as you can expect.  He works long hours for a technology firm and there are times when he is gone for weeks at a time, leaving Jennifer alone with their son.  It wasn’t that she minded, Randy provided a good life for her.  She was never wanting for money or anything, and yet she was unhappy, and sexually unfulfilled.  One day when browsing the internet, she accidently ended up on a porn website.  She planned to close the page quickly embarrassed that she had even been on such a site, until she saw a picture of a woman strung up.  Nervously she clicked on the link and watched the video from beginning to end, an excitement stirring in her as she watched the man torture and tease the woman and even clamp her down and force themselves on her.  When she had finished watching the video she felt a guilty feeling building up inside her, as well an intense desire to experience it herself, but know that Randy would never participate. 

Searching the web further, she contacted a professional place that specialized on fulfilling sexual fantasy’s.  She told them that she was interested in being introduced to the world of BSDM and they arranged to meet her. 

I will be playing Jennifer in this roleplay.  I’m looking for my partener to play her trainer for multiple sessions with each session taking her deeper and deeper into the world. What else happens is open for discussion.

A second chance - PENDING (Dom / sub, possible bondage) In the year. 2025, the overcrowding in the prison system has reached an epidemic level. In an effort to decrease the number of prisoner cluttering the jails and raise new revenues a new program of indentured servitude has been introduced. Non violent offenders are now given the opportunity to sign over there lives for a reduced sentence to a company. They are trained in multiple ways depending on the service they will provide. Service includes, but is not limited to general house work, and does not exclude being used as sexual entertainment.  Any rule breaking during training results in solitary confinement. If you break the rules 3 times then you are sent back to prison.  If you break contract and try to escape once your contract has been punished will be  a breech of contract and result in immediate return to prison.

Once the sentence has been served, they receive a third of the proceeds of their contract so that they can start their new lives. 

In this story I'm looking to play the prisoner either male or female (depending on what my partner wants wants to be). My writing partner, I'm going to ask to play 2 maybe 3 throughout the life of the story. Early on you'll be my trainer. Teaching me to obey orders, to prepare me for when my contract is purchased. Later in the story, you will be the person who buys my contract.

Want Ad (Bondage, Dom / Sub, training, consenting forced)  Are you bored with your regular everyday life?  Do you desire excitement, and to delve into a part of yourself that frightens you?  Then contact us by phone, or email and we will arrange to meet you.

Very basic premise not a lot of story behind this one.  I’m looking for someone to play a Dominant Male or Female Character to play opposite my character.  I’ll be playing someone that has a very limited exposure of the sexual world, they have only ever been involved in vanilla sex, and want something more.  They find an AD one day while on the web and decide to answer it, wanting to broaden their horizons.  Beyond that I am willing to adapt and collaborate with a partner

The most dangerous game - CRAVING (Non-con, bondage, maybe extreme) (I am looking for this to be a thriller first and foremost, and then a struggle once Alice is taken.  pairing could be M/F or F/F) There was another abduction last night.  Another woman in her mid twenties to go missing, without a trace.  Over the last year 12 had gone missing.  Even knowing the night that the perpetrator liked to strike didn't help.  What was most maddening of all was that they we're no closer to catching the person behind the abductions, or the women he has taken.  On the plus side no bodies had been found, so there was hope that they would be found alive. 

As the next month passes and the time for abductor to strike again draws near, a daring idea is put forth by Detective Alice Stone.  Knowing that perpetrator targets women in bars, Alice agree's to be the bait.
Ok this is the rundown.  Despite what many of you are probably thinking, this story is not sex centered.  We will get there, but I’m looking for a chilling story of this person who positions themselves inside the investigation in someway.  A concerned citizen type, whatever.  Someone brilliant who is able to fool everyone around them, draw a victim in and then do unspeakable sexual things to them.  The person’s next target is Alice.  The criminal for the most part I will leave up to you to figure out.  All I ask is that you not drive the story to Alice’s abduction too quickly as I want things to build up to it.  That being said, we will more than likely be interacting a lot.   

You can't tell me what to do!!! - (bondage, maybe non con, D/S)This story can be done  numerous ways. The basic premise is that there is this person (could be male or female). They alway get their way until one day they encounter someone that will put them in their place for a change

I'm flexible with how this happens. Maybe the person loses a bet, or is blackmailed, drugged and abducted. In the end they might find that they like being submissive.  I'm looking for someone to be the dom in this story

pairings for this
Teacher x student
Manager x assistant.
Or others

The Desperate plea - (could be light, non-con, bondage, or EX)  The war is over, and the elves have lost, driven out of their home by the force of the Orc’s.  With nowhere else to go, the new Elven Queen Ama’ Rua leads her people to the only place that they might find salvation.  The kingdom of Humans.  The young knows that that this path is full of many dangers as well, seeing as their too races had not always gotten on the best with each other, with many humans viewing the Elves as stuck up and condescending, and the Elves viewing humans as barbaric, and almost childlike. 

I could see this going a number of different directions.  I could see, the ruler of the human lands forcing the elves into slavery, while I could also see them being a bit more reasonable forming an alliance with the elves to combat a common foe.  In this version I can still see the leader of the human lands having the upper hand and manipulating the elven queen offering protection in exchange for sexual favor’s. 
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Re: Jarod's Craving's
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2014, 12:08:21 AM »
Lighter Plot Driven Stories

If interested please pm me.

Your wish is my command master  ( Dom / sub, master slave) My new master found me in an antique store. He didn't know of course that he was getting me when he bought the lamp. He only thought he was buying a pretty trinket.  That all changed when he rubbed my lamp to clean it up, and released me. Now I must serve him, until he grants my freedom or until my lamp passes on to someone else.

On Strange Tides Those that sailed the high seas called her Siren. The most beautiful and deadly pirate captain around. None crossed her for fear of her wrath. A pirate captain can show no weakness, especially a woman captain.  One day her ship is attacked by a pair of British ships and sunk. Most of her crew is killed, she survives simply by the will of the fates, washed up on a shore half dead and with no memory of who she is rescued by the local doctor who nurses her back to health.

I will play Siren, or as your character will know her Evelin Rose. You will be the doctor.  I am looking at this developing into romance, but am also open to other ideas

A suitor for Queen Elsa - (light) This is a story that takes place after the movie Frozen.  The queen now has control of the power which she has possessed since birth, and as she is now the monarch of Arendale, she is expected to find a husband to rule beside her and to produce an heir. However Elsa is not sure she is ready to take that step now that the whole world knows what she can do.   Will she find true love, or be forced into a loveless marriage? 

I’m interested in playing Queen Elsa but would not object to playing the man or men seeking to court her.

In the name of Duty - Sarah White was a master thief, who has broken into places thought impenetrable by most, taking precious gems or other items of rare value. In the early going while still a teen, Sarah had simply been looking to survive, never taking more than she thought people would miss.  After all even an orphan on the street had to eat.  Later on when she was set for life, Sarah did it simply for the challenge, to prove that no matter how good the security she could break it.  During this point in her career when money was no longer an issue for her, Sarah became more discretionary in who she hit, and what she took, after all she wasn’t greedy. For nearly a decade she was on the loose, authorities no closer to discovering the identity of this thief than after the first heist.

That all changed when she was betrayed by a man who had hired her to steal something for him, lying about the contents of the item.  He enticed her, but telling her of the complex security she would face, and a healthy payoff when the item was delivered.  Sarah didn’t need the money, but the challenge intrigued her, and so she accepted.  Over the next 2 weeks Sarah did her homework, and planned the heist down to the last detail.  During the heist everything went flawless, she got in avoided detection, and got out with the item a metal capsule.  During the exchange things fell apart.  Not feeling comfortable with the item she had stolen Sarah refused to turn it over till she knew what was inside.  She became horrified when she learned that it was a sample of a new disease, and that the man was planning to have more created. 

Of course now that she knew this, she couldn’t be allowed to live, and he ordered his men to kill her.  Always multiple steps ahead, Sarah used a pair of smoke pellets to conceal herself as she made a break for it.  Despite her smoke screen, a pair of stray bullets hit her in the side and shoulder causing her to lose the bag that held the virus.  Although she is able to escape, Sarah loses her package.  Terribly weak from loss of blood Sarah manages to reach a hospital.  Its not her ideal choice, but its better than bleeding to death.  During her second day in the hospital a man in a black suit enters.  He flips her a badge indicating that he’s an agent for a top secret government organization, and that he’s taking into custody for the theft of the virus. 

Okay wow that was a long setup.  The story takes place about 3 months later.  Sarah is being held in a maximum security cell, and the virus has yet to be recovered, although they just recently got a fix on its location.  Because of the political climate, the powers at be want to keep things quiet and so an offer is presented to Sarah, and recover it from the man who shot her.  Sarah agree’s and she is partnered with a handler who is take make sure she doesn’t flee.  You will play my handler.  As the mission goes forward they may become friend and even lovers, but at the beginning I’m expecting him to be a rigid company man though we can discuss.

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Re: Jarod's cravings (seeking dominant male characters for most)
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2014, 02:10:31 PM »
Stories I'm currently working on

Uncivilized - TAKEN The year is 2075.  Over the last three quarters of a century, civilization collapsed on itself.  It wasn’t natural disasters, war, or even plagues that did it although those things came later.  The around the year 2055 governments of the world fell off the financial cliff, and the world simply stopped working.  Our leaders said they would fix it.  They had said that many times.  Government could no longer afford to even operate.  There was mass panic and chaos across the globe as even basic services, like police, fire, and hospitals stopped receiving funding. 

In the years that followed countless billions perished especially those in the in the big cities where the rioting, looting was the worst.  Eventually a new order was established.  The maps redrawn as small communities banded together in the name of survival.  Warlords rose, uniting people with fear, but also the promise of protection as long as you do what they say. 

My character: will be a vagabond, who travels from place to place mostly surviving on their own.  Only really traveling to town if in need of trading for something he/she can’t get any other way. 

Your character: Really its up to you. I am thinking that your character will join up with mine and they will travel together.  Maybe unite behind a cause or something we can work out the details later

The price of magic - TAKEN people often think that magic is a gift, that everything is easy.  That all your dreams will come through.  The truth however isn’t so simple.  Everything comes with a price, magic most of all.  To be honest I don’t have a strong direction for this one.  I’m simply a big fan of once upon a time and enjoy the idea that Magic has a price either to the one using it or those asking for its aid. 

Unlikely Allies-TAKEN  (Purely fantasy set in a medieval time period)  Monsters exist, Vampires, Warewolves, demons, and more.  To battle such creatures that prey on mankind, there to exists the hunters, a seceret order of warriors that serve no king, but protect all the lands.

News of strange deaths in a city reaches the ears of the Hunter’s with one being dispatched to investigate the crimes and dispatch the monster behind them.  As the hunter investigates, he/she soon tracks down a Vampire (can be another creature if we want)  The hunter thinking that he/she has found the guilty party attacks, but soon learns that the real monster has yet to reveal itself.

What I’m wanting is for the two to start off bitter hated enemies, however through the course of the story, and the real threat emerges they will join forces and perhaps even fall in love by the end of it.  I’m flexible on which role I’ll play, they both have a lot of potential.

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Re: Jarod's cravings Revamped and Organized (All comers welcome)
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2014, 12:40:36 AM »
Image based ideas

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Re: Jarod's cravings Revamped and Organized (All comers welcome)
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2014, 01:36:07 PM »
My Teacher is a Stripper is open again. 

Added also. Your Wish is my Command and A Pirates Tale