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Started by Aragem, August 24, 2008, 08:46:30 PM

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   500 years into the future, humanity had spread out beyond the solar systems to planets beyond the milky way.  However, they have yet to discover life beyond their own. 

Alice grew up in such a world in the love and safety of her family and spoiled by the lavishing society and technology around her.  Innocent, kind, good, and loving to those around her, one would think she would have a promising future.


While traveling to a renown university after graduating highschool, Alice's passenger vessal underwent a tragic malfunction.  Passengers were herded into life pods to escape the oncoming collision with a star.  Most of the passenger's life pods and the doomed vessel didn't escape the incinerating heat of the star, however a single pod, Alice's escape pod, manage by some divine miracle to escape with it's living cargo unharm.  Yet, the life pod sustained solar flare damage to its SOS beacon. 

Due to lack of life pod signals, rescue crews assumed the worst.  No survivors.  Thus, no rescue crew was sent to find Alice's pod.  Alice was placed into a deep cryogenic sleep to preserve her life support which could last 500 years.  And for those 500 years, Alice's life pod traveled through the vast distance of space.

Believing her for dead, her family and friends mourn her passing and lived out their lives without her.  Never knowing that that somewhere out there, many light years away, her pulse still beat, but once every few weeks due to cryogenics that kept her young and living as years passed.

The small life pod traveled, never passing through the wide ranging radar of exploration vessels or scouting ships.  It passed in silence through the faraway barrier of space known to humankind and into the dangers of unknown space.

Perhaps due to divine intervention or Alice was a very lucky girl, her life pod strayed away from the dangers of space.  At the end of the 500 year life span of the life support system, all hope seemed to be loss.  The internal computer was programed to painlessly end the subject's life right before the life support system shut down, leaving the subject vulnerabable.  Better to die a quick death from a small dose of poison than suffer from starvation, hyperthermia, or lack of oxygen, which ever came first.

Yet, another miracle, or a supposed miracle happened.  The pod was found and taken on board.

But not by humans. . . .

Alice is thrusted into a life of slavery as she is the only human in the system her pod had carried her.  Her sheltered life is torn apart by the brutal hands of her "saviors."  Now the girl must learn to find strength and wit to survive the tyranny of those who consider her a toy, a plaything for their amusement.


Need mostly players that like to be aliens, dominate, and with great imaginations.  Bondage is welcome.

No scat or anything toilet.  No impregnantion.  No gore during sex,  especially no loss of limbs or severe blood loss.

Male and female players are welcome as are male and female characters.  To be noted that you can play any species of alien or something out of your imagination.


The girl (name Alice) = Me. 

Need Aliens.  Tentacles are welcome, sub-human are welcome.


Human Satellite

Milo has no memory of her life before the surgery.  What she does know that she committed a horrible crime that was enough to give her the death warrant, however, the government cut her a deal.  They would take her off death row and give her a new life, however, she must do something for them first.

Let them change her body into a information receiving living.  Her body is of flesh and blood, however, there is a small device implanted in her brain that is constantly sending information to a satellite over head of any newly discovered planets.

The planets discovered have alien life on them.  From primitive to nuclear age.  Milo is sent to these planets to learn about the people.  Everything she sees, touches, tastes, and smells is sent to her brain and into the device that sends the information to an orbiting hidden satellite which relays the information to a waiting science vessel.

Milo is also required to attain DNA samples, peacefully, without harming the natives.  But what better way to attain such DNA than by sex?


I'd be willing to be an alien for you my dear... just let me know if you are still looking....
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I would also be interested in joining in. PM me if you want my services  :D
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Will the girl be shared by the village, oh boy I like the sound of that
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Hey, I didn't get any replies for the longest time, so I gave up on this thread being answered.  Then I found it again and I pleasantly surprised.   ;D

Oh, yes, there will be sharing and "passing around" so to speak.


One could certainly convince me to take part in the story of Alice.