Regretting what she had said m for f

Started by seeker619, March 23, 2014, 08:43:30 AM

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A beautiful but heartless woman to men she did not like once they hit on her had said a little too many bad things to this man.  He promised revenge and to do so he found her closest girlfriend by spying on her(we can leave this part out) and sought her help by threatening to rape her if she did not do as he said.  He told her to talk to this woman in confidence and ask her in all honesty five things she would secretly love a handsome stranger to do to her and five things that would be the most embarrasing or humiliating things to her.  All sexual of course.  She would report back to him when he saw her next and he promised he would when she least expected it.  He then abducted this cruel woman and return the cruelty in spades and also throw in how good he was at those things she would love a stranger to do to her.

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