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June 23, 2018, 05:38:05 AM

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Author Topic: Eight Ideas [m/m m/f f/f]  (Read 336 times)

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Offline traci80Topic starter

Eight Ideas [m/m m/f f/f]
« on: March 22, 2014, 08:19:40 PM »
I hope you like one of the following. I would also like to hear your ideas. My F-List is in my profile.

1]. A 16yo girl has her eye on the new boy in the neighborhood who goes to a different school. He is a bit of a shrimp for a boy being about her size. But he is so fucking CUTE! Never would she have guessed that he was actually a she. He hangs out with, acts like and dresses like a boy right down to his boxer-briefs. He uses a binding under his small tits under his shirt. She flirts his ass off. Then one day she goes to watch the girls basketball team to go and play the team from his school. And what do you know? He...err she, is the guard on the GIRLS team. I can play either character in this role play.

2]. This would be a pairing of 16yo brothers. We would each play one of the twins. The previous year their grades began to drop. Their mom thought it was because all their attention was on girls and not school work. So, she decides to send them to an all boys high school. Being cute, smooth and just a bit small for their age they begin to get the attention of a number of boys from their new school. While they have fooled around with a few other boys and with each other [nothing too serious] they think of themselves as straight. As pretty boys they are followed around like they are girls. They might play drums in the pep band. The plots will center around things going on in and around the school.

3]. We have a 16yo boy and girl. The boy would be an almost-jock who is a bit too cute. He is on the JV soccer team but spends most of his time sitting on the bench. Girls gravitate to him, but still he is virgin. In fact he hasn't gone much beyond kissing. He currently has a girlfriend. A snobby bitch the girl can't stand. Then one day after the boys soccer practice she happens to cut thru the woods behind the school and spot the boy pushed up against a tree by an older teen. They are kissing. He has his hands gripping the boy's ass pulling him in tight. They are humping rather intensely against each other. It gives the girl blackmail material not only to make the boy your boyfriend, but to also make him break up with that stuck up cunt he is am dating. I can play either character.

4]. This would involve a 16yo boy actor. He has been in this movie and that, but no real blockbusters. He is straight. It would center around some of his Hollywood friends that introduce him to beer, pot, and a little boy-boy fooling around. Tho nothing too serious to start. Also some older actors who take time to help him with his acting. His parents get suspicious when they start giving the boy their phone numbers and inviting him to call anytime he needs to talk and offering to take him to ballgames, amusement parks, or maybe just for a ride. But they look the other way thinking this would only help to make his paychecks get fatter. [There could even be an actress in the mix]. But they would all enter the role play one at a time to keep things from getting too messy. I could play the boy, or every one else. To start everyone else would be his best acting friend and one of the adults.

5]. We have a teenage boy who moves into an apartment building with his mom. Even as he is still moving in the word has spread among the girls about the new cutie. It seems he can't go anywhere without at least one of them around. They're all in a race to be the first into his pants, or nail him down as a boyfriend. From the start he also find himself taken into a clique of boys who, like him, skateboard and play video games. They are a year, or two, older. He is surprised by the open 'playing around' among them. He might not be a stranger to fooling around [maybe him and a friend back in the old neighborhood used to hump each other with their pants pulled down], but these guys are so open about it. Him and yhis buddy had kept it a tightly wrapped secret. And from what he can tell they all have 6 or 7 inch cocks compared to his 5. They all think he are the sweetest, little piece-of-ass for miles around. It isn't more than a few days before they are already taking free feels and trying to get him to play. I can play the boy, or everyone else.

6]. A 16yo straight boy finds himself working the coat check at a party for the Lesbian and Gay Club in his schools gym. The club is made up from the five high schools in his home town. The party this month happens to be at his school. He is only there as his mom is a teacher and is the club supervisor that represents his school. She asked, or really pretty much insisted, that he work the coat check. She poo-pooed his protests that people may get the wrong idea about him being there. So that Friday night he found himself sitting up on a high chair behind the half door accepting coats [being southern California there were few] and other junk that needed to be checked. The 15yo is a pretty boy. The girls think he is one of the cutest in their class. Still he hasn't gone past kissing. He is just a touch smaller than most of the other boys his age. His cock is the same. He is almost as smooth as a girl. The lesbians that came thru that night either ignored him, or teased him by asking him if he was a girl as he was so cute. Fucking dykes. The boys that came thru were mostly 16, 17, or 18, tho there were a few the same age as him. A number of them went out of their way to be friendly to him. Some left their phone numbers. Some asked him out on a date. Some offered to give him a BJ. Some offered him money. Then one of his friends came thru. They both blushed when they saw each other. His friend headed into the gym without a word. A while later he came back out...
I can be either boy.

7]. Would you be interested in a pairing of 16yo boys? They
have a bromance thing going on which irritates the fuck
out of their girlfriends. The girls are always complaining
that they don't get enough alone time with their guys as
the boys are always with each other [The girls would just
be NPCs]. Our boys much prefer to be with each other than
with their girlfriends.
The boys play drums in the pep band at school. They
skateboard, play video games and just plain hang out
together. They are cocky and a bit too cute for their own
good. That and the their success with girls sometimes
makes them target of a few bullies. The boys are about the
same size and just a touch smaller than most of the guys
their age. Their cocks are in the 5 to 5 1/2 inch range.
They are not jocks by any means, but they outdraw most of
them with the number of girls chasing them with their
flirting ability and being so damn cute. They pussy-tease
the girls into thinking they have a chance with them [even
tho they have girlfriends]. If they're lucky the boys
might kiss them.
The boys think of themselves as straight. With girls
they have a lot of experience kissing. Beyond that they've
received a few hand jobs from their girlfriends and a they
both had a poor BJ from a girl named Megan. It wasn't that
good, but it was nice too cheat on their bitchy
girlfriends with her.
Tho they have fooled around with other boys a lot more
it hasn't gone beyond the playing stage as yet. The most
popular activity is laying on top of each other with pants
pulled down and humping off together. They will go farther
slowly. They might pimp themselves out and get in deeper
in the future.
My guy will be more aggressive sexually, but other wise
they will be equals. Any ideas you would like to add, or
maybe change.

8]. We have two friends. A boy and a girl. They have been best friends since their early grade school years. Recently the girl has developed a crush on him. She was determined to get into his pants. Right about this time he came out to her as gay. Did that stop her? Hell no! She figured he would like her mouth in certain places. It wasn't like he was getting any guy-on-guy action.