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May 21, 2018, 02:15:50 PM

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Author Topic: School Bullying/Romance: Jedi/Adventure: Futa/NC : Dark Souls-Inspired Adventure  (Read 1622 times)

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Online Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

I think I found 4 plot ideas that round out all of the things I feel like doing here and there - though, some flexibility in any direction is available in each idea.  The sexual content in particular can be toned up or down for each idea, even to none (excepting idea 3).  All genders welcome!

First, quickly I hope, RP requirements
I am very chill about post-time, please mention if you want a certain post frequency or be chill about my post-timing also!
I've go between weekly, bi-weekly, daily, and like, 5-daily.  I don't like to commit to anything firmly because it ties you down so... it will probably fluctuate a bit.

2 Paragraph post average.  More happens sometimes and I've happily maintained an average of 4-5, but only when it happens naturally
Threads, not IM's, PM's, or.. other things.

PM me if interested: With info on what you'd like to RP!
And please, for the love of Thor, don't give me minimalistic PM's.  I mean.  Come on.  Let's discuss a few things at once please.  Or it takes eons.  And I'll probably assume you're going to give minimalistic posts also.
I'd especially like to know the amount of sexual content:plot you'd like in a frequency ratio.  And with a few examples of the varied intensity that might occur. 
You may want a "vanilla RP" lacking in highly rated smut and that's fine - say so - but also tell me if there is any mature content you would like?  Kissing?  Groping?  Violence?

Dropping an RP
I will let you know when I'm going to drop the RP, and if I do, please understand.  I'll understand if you need to drop it as well.

Alright, moving on!
In short!  I have four ideas with different central elements.
For each Idea, I'll post some pictures that show different directions that are available in the RP, and pictures for potential reference for some characters involved.

I have four Main Ideas.
I love pictures, and each one has character models or inspirational images.
I may have claimed a character role - but with if the idea you have sounds like a lot of fun, I can be convinced to play another role.
No matter the plot - I'd additionally like to focus on clothes.  Clothing damage is good for drama or battle, and never total nakedness (except for very brief or plot related moments.)  Feel free to  refer to my on's/off's for more on this.

School bully - romance (not the bullies), FxF
Main Idea 1
This idea involved my main character as a pretty high school girl (16-18) name Corinne, who makes an enemy of the cheerleading captain through an accident that embarrasses her publicly.  She basically owns the school and her boyfriend (football team), basically owns the law.  The popular cheerleaders and jocks target her for bullying (controlled obviously by you), which we may discuss.  Feel free to reference these images or use them to inspire your ideas.

Bullying may include but is not limited to:

NC threats -- May or may not actually follow through, becoming just a whispered threat to screw with her (like everything else here, not at all required)

The romance is fairly open-ended, but I'm envisioning someone who is willing to fight for her.  This can be another cheerleader, a friend, or a like the character image I'm posting below, an outcast punk-rock, tattooed girl name Dawn, who has no problem beating down cheerleaders or the football players who torment Corinne.  I'm also having Corinne be often home alone (which also may open up invasion-type bullying), so either she is invited to move and rooms with her friend, continues to risk home-invasion bullies, or invites this friend to stay with her so she isn't alone.  Which opens the the roommate-romance options.

My original idea had the romance slowly bubble as Corinne is new to FxF, but mostly filled with experimentation and over the clothes action.  The bullies will continue to torment Corinne even after Dawn (or whoever) steps up to the plate.  Dawn (or whoever) may also fall subject to bullying or be violently efficient in putting them down, depending on what you want to do.

Character Models


Names: Rebecca, Hilary, Ashley

Jedi, Adventure.... Potential Misadventures, Dark Side torture, or straight Jedi adventure
Main Idea 2
Old Republic Era a'course.
A Jedi named Alexa (me) feels drawn into going somewhere because she believes she is needed out in the world and helping.  Alexa has moderate power with the Force, and has an agile emphasis with a single lightsaber and not any notable amount of strength or martial skill without her lightsaber.

The other two characters are her ally Jen, or Jenna, and the rival Sith Kara.   More than anything else, these two characters will help us fill the gaps based on the plot we want to run.  The plot depends a lot on what you want to do in this RP, and I'll more than happily help brainstorm with anyone who tells me what they'd like.  Here are some inspirational images that may help spur ideas on the plot, the beings she crosses in her adventure, the perils she falls into, or the kinds of battles she is involved in.  This all depends on what strikes you most.

Adventure may include but is not limited to...

Jenna could be another Jedi, an exiled Jedi, a pilot, a slave girl, a soldier, a rogue Sith.... You may find her useful to guide the plot and have someone to RP with Alexa between the action.  She could also simply be the giver of the mission and an NPC that crosses her path on and again.  Or potentially, I could play both Alexa and Jenna.

Kara either has always opposed Alexa, or is tasked with stopping them from completing their mission.

Character Models
Alexa, Main  ::  Jenna  ::  Kara

Futa Magic, NC, Public orgasms, Humiliation
Main Idea 3
I have lately been interested in Futa, so I came up with an idea centered on it.  It could use a heavier focus on a plot, so I hope you'll help me with that.  Here is my random idea framework that can totally be changed if you have other fun ideas.  I'll say one more time, I want an actual plot beside all the kink - but I have only ideas on the kink thus far.

VARIED Intensity
In case it isn't clear with my emphasizing kink here - but the futa doesn't need to make this smut-focused, perhaps it just, comes up now and then rarely.  Like the initial time to establish the danger, and then she has to struggled to avoid or escape it.  Preferably with varied intensity consequences.  Perhaps sometimes she is just fondled or stripped, but she escapes before worse happens.  Perhaps those around her simply threaten or pin her down but don't push farther that time.

Potential Backdrops
Beautiful princess under-appreciated by her kingdom, and lusted after by foreign dignitaries and warlords - humiliated in front of her people
Island getaway, captured while on vacation - put on display as entertainment
Obsessed stalker lusts over her - kidnaps and abuses publicly
Rebellion leader failure and capture - humiliated to put end to rebellion

Some generic plot ideas:
Medieval: Humiliated to establish power
Medieval: Lusted by another, kidnapped, or sold for sake of "alliance"
Modern: Stuck on island, attempt to escape/survival-horror

Theme plot ideas:
Romance: I'd need help on planning how this may work, but if possible it could be a fun theme.  Maybe as a subplot?
Horror: Just, instead of being caught and killed, being caught and NC'ed

Initial Ideas revolve largely around her being tied in front of a crowd, or audience. 
For Futa magic, I would use either Elena or Tess.  I also imagine the Futa magic being temporary, and extremely and intensely fill those affected with pleasure.  This could also be used with another victim, say, Erin.  One could be forced in this manner to publicly Futa-abuse the other with perhaps an uncontrollable urge to implant another.

First time under the spell.
For the first time, I have an image I would like to try something similar to no matter our plot idea.  Emma would grow the futa cock and instantly be overwhelmed with intense pleasure.  She would undo her own pants to release the intense pressure, and be shocked to see a fully erect, throbbing, 11 inch futa cock.  It would pulse and in a short time she would be in uncontrollable orgasms in front of an assembly for several minutes.  Probably, on her hands and knees and spilling onto the floor and maybe even on herself.  Someone else may be on stage with her, additionally fondling, positioning, or stripping more of her clothes during.  Maybe even causing her more torment by playing, pulling, or aiming her new futa-cock.  Or, Emma may simply be a spectacle on her own.

Random Other Idea: You may want to use, or not
Other futa-girls rubbing on her, entering her, or spraying her
Abusing her in different ways until she is completely exhausted

Will try to get some plot-idea inspirations to put here later

Character Models
Emma, Ex-Princess    ::   Elena and Tess   ::    Erin, Other Captive

Dark Souls-inspired Adventure, Combat, Perils... Potential Death/Respawn, Exotic NC, Dual Heroine
Main Idea 4
I just started Dark Souls II.  Like.  Just.  So no spoilers from anyone!  Very familiar with DS I, but really, you don't need to know it for this RP.

The Dark Souls inspiration comes from the adventure style.  Basically, you become a hallow (going to stay human here), and are basically forced to go an adventure quite suddenly.  I'm sure there's a reason.  I forget.  I beat the game twice I swear.  Anyway, on this adventure you fight a plethora of enemies, from other hollow skeleton/zombie type things, to dragons, to hydra, to demons, to bugs, to lava monsters, to critters, to gargoyles, to snake-human naga things, to weird monster bosses.  It is all one big adventure.  That's what I'm aiming for here.

So what I need is a GM-type person to run the world, guide the adventure, and decide mt fate in battle.  The plot is up in the air, and in fact, I don't mind having a great quest of super importance as much here.  You may want to work out an epic quest, and sure.  I'll help you.  I have one idea premise pre-made and I'll go ahead and include it just in case you like it.

My character will be Li, or Olivia, depending on who you prefer image-wise, and will probably fight with a sword and shield and... maybe magic but only really if you'd prefer combat to be a little more interesting.  Alternatively you could control the other character or I could control both characters to have a party, or you could control the other as a party-member, a rival, or a helpful NPC.  Potential character development that way, but really, it's the adventure I'm after so plot is dependent on what you feel like.

But there will be Peril!  Like Dark Souls, I want the adventure to seem dangerous and intense.

Peril: How is the danger expressed?  What is the punishment for mistakes or failure or losing a battle?
You may want to focus on the battle, and may wish to implement the brutal, unforgiving Dark Souls danger system and implement a death/respawn type system.  I do not want to have gruesome deaths, but give me wide range of examples in categories you might consider "light/moderate/heavy" in intensity OR, "rare/moderate/often" frequency deaths.  Some deaths that I don't like I could probably tolerate rarely.  And just to give some idea on what might work, I do not at all mind blood splatter, but I don't like anything that shows what is beneath the skin like, mutilation, holes, or spilling... anything.  Ew...  But impaling with minimal detail, being bitten or slashed, electrocuted with magic, and things like this would work well.  Also, you're free to tell me how much health may remain, when I have died, or simply prompt a situation and allow me to make a decision that decides my survival.  Up to you.

You may also want to implement NC, or Exotic NC.  Tell me what you're thinking, otherwise I probably won't mention it.

Monsters that might be faced

Premise I have all prepped, used earlier and re-purposed for a potential plot

As legend tells it, the world was created by a god and a goddess.  The God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.  Though they were partners that gave birth to all life, they often disagreed passionately about how the world should run.  The God of Darkness desired a world of hardship and trial, to let the weak perish and the strong survive.  He wanted mankind to know their frailty, and fight it.  He wanted them to grow strong and worship the gods for their strength.  The Goddess of light desired a world of peace and harmony, to let humans have nothing left to need except spiritual growth and compassion.  She wanted humans to grow strong of heart and mind and worship the gods for their wisdom.

The two fought for their hold on the world, and while the world lived in balance with both Darkness and Light, the balance was fragile.  Their disagreement soon became a battle, and their battle enveloped the world.  Followers of the God of Darkness battled the followers of the Goddess of Light, and both sides were blessed by their deity with power and weapons.  It is said that the war lasted for centuries, scarring the land with volcanoes, fissures, and craters that persist to even the present all across the world.  Neither side grasped an advantage, and both sides grew tired of conflict.  Finally troops were amassed on both sides besides their gods ready to end the war once and for all.  This battle is known as The Battle of Good and Evil.

According to the legends, the Goddess of Light was destroyed.  Entombed in a place hidden from mankind.  The earth at last had a single ruler, Lord of Darkness.  However, stricken with grief over his new-found loneliness, it wasn't long before ceased to govern mankind.  Without guidance, the world that was once filled with order fell to chaos, plagued with elemental storms, disease, famine, and drought.  However, the legend also foretells of a time Light would return to the world.  That if her Tomb was ever found and unlocked, the Goddess of Light would once again bless the land with her compassion, and restore order and balance to the world.

The location of the Tomb of the Gods was lost, and when the world fell to chaos, the known world grew smaller and smaller until societies finally became cut off from one another.  The only knowledge of the world that remained were what was known in legends and written about history.  No one society contained knowledge of much, and people ceased to care about spreading territories as such work building and maintaining throughout the constant storms and sickness caused populations to quickly dwindle.  Travelers were extremely rare, and quickly became a source of gossip.  For they brought with them information on the state of adjacent societies, or occasionally, materials for trade.

It was one such trader who brought Lauren and Ashe a map to ancient ruins, which encouraged an expedition, which led to the discovery of an ancient tablet, which detailed accounts of the conclusion of the Battle of Good and Evil, which hinted at a possible location of the Tomb of the Gods.  Considering the location of the tablet and reference, it was quite possible the Tomb of the Gods was deep in the heart of what was now called the Forgotten Forest.  The forest lie near the adjacent society, known to be ruled by anarchy and warlords.  However, if the Tomb of the Goddess was there, freeing her would mean divine favor and potentially, the blessings of the Goddess of light and the restoration of balance.

Character Models
Li, main   ::   Olivia, main 2, main Alternate, NPC Ally, or Rival (2 pics)

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