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Author Topic: Scene Continuations. (M seeking F)  (Read 529 times)

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Scene Continuations. (M seeking F)
« on: March 19, 2014, 07:57:56 PM »
The following are scenes/descriptions of ideas I would like to play. I will be playing all the MALE roles. I am seeking people for the FEMALE roles.

Some are continuations - write a response via PM to me - others are thoughts so PM me with your ideas on them.

-His wife hadn't come to the party. She had gone out with her friends instead. But he couldn't skip the business party himself. But she was there - that cute secretary who always seemed to have that sparkle in her eye. She had gone all out for her costume, dressed like a dark angel, complete with wings drawn onto her back. Of course he had shyly approached her and commented to her on it. Turns out that they weren't drawn onto her but were real tattoos. That got him hooked. They had talked some more, mostly about her various tattoos - some she could show him, others she could not. And he had continued to drink. When the Office Slut got a game of 7-minutes-in-heaven going, he found himself with his Dark Angel in the closet together, her hands guiding his to some of the tattoos she couldn't show him... with WolvenTears

-His daughters BFF had been teasing him all day...letting him rub lotion on her while she lay by the pool in her bikini. Then she had been sunbathing, undoing her top, giving him ample view of her sideboobage. He had even caught a glimpse as she had sat back up to tie it back together. And she flirted with him, making all sorts of remarks. He had witnessed her growing up into a beautiful young woman over the years and had watched her develop mentally too. She was a femme-fatale, even at such an early age. She'd never have a problem getting what she wanted. He even breathed a sigh of relief when she went upstairs to her daughters room to get ready for the night. And so did he, taking a very cold shower to calm himself down. He hadn't bothered dressing afterwards, simply slipping into his bathrobe before grabbing a six pack, settling in front of the TV. He was two cans in when he heard, "Mr. Richards?", the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as he turned to face the body of that sweet, sexy voice. with RedEve

-Mr. Simon slid his hand a little higher up her thigh. "Yes, thats right. Keep reading." He responds. She shifted her legs slightly, maybe spreading them apart a little bit? She had come to him after school, seeking some help. Her skirt was far shorter then regulations required, her shirt unbuttoned enough to give a hint at her lacy bra underneath. He had always had a crush on her and this was the first time they had ever been alone together. Sitting beside each other, he had moved his hand to her leg. It had slowly inched upwards with each passing minute and she didn't seem to mind. "Now, who seems to be mimicking Hitler in real life at this time? It may be a long drag, but there are some similarities. Remember how they say history repeats itself?" The girl nodded her head, his hand brushed the hem of her skirt...

-Peter swallowed the lump in his throat as Mrs. Robinsons hand slid down to grab the growing erection in his pants. She had kept him after school today because he had failed her last test and needed some guidance. Secretly, she had seen the doodles he had made in her class. Peter always had his head down, sneaking the occasional peek, always doodling. And he was always doodling pictures of her. So she had teased him for the last week, unbuttoning another button on her blouse, bending over at just the right angle. And now she had him him, catching him staring down her top once more. "I'm going to teach you something you'll never forget..." She cooed to him, causing his cock to twitch once more.


-Richard awoke slowly. It wasn't due to his alarm or sunlight or anything. No, it was the warm, wet mouth attempting to swallow his hard cock. He smiled and shifted his legs further apart. The bobbing motion of her head could be seen even though she was hidden beneath his covers. Slowly, he peeled them back, to reveal his mother sucking on his cock, still in her nightie. She had started doing this every morning for the last two weeks. At first he had been shocked, his erotic dreaming waking with a real happy ending, but his arousal had overtaken all other senses. He moaned softly as she took him deeper. She always came in, an hour before his alarm went off, and snuck back off into his fathers bed before his father ever woke. Of course, Richard couldn't last more then a few minutes in her mouth. But today, today was going to be different. "Can...can I touch you?" He asks tentatively, not wanting to break whatever it was they had going. ((Alternatively, Father/Daughter in same situation, with Daughter being the sneaker))

-Andrew slid under her covers like he had done several times before. Only this time he was completely naked. He pulled her half-sleeping body against his, her rear against his groin. They had often slept together like this before. He'd sneak into her room or she'd sneak into his room, always sneaking out again in the morning before their parents found them. But he couldn't take it anymore. He loved her, his sister, and wanted to make her his. She shifted against him, feeling his growing erection, and rolled onto her back. He rolled on top of her, letting her feel every inch. "" He murmurs down to her, before kissing her on the lips. with Nymphadora

-Richard heard the moans coming from the room of his twin daughters. Dressed only in his bathrobe, he felt his anger and shame rising. How dare they sneak a boy into their room in the middle of the night! The kid would be lucky to get out alive. He stormed down the hallway to their door and burst in, only to freeze at what he saw - his twin daughters, naked on the bed together, making out. No one else was in the room. But his reaction was instant - his cock ballooning into hardness. The more social of the two twins looked up and smiled at him. "Good, Daddy, I'm glad you came. We've always wanted you to be our first hard cock experience..."
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Re: Scene Continuations. (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 09:28:11 PM »
Added new game.
Removed taken.

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Re: Scene Continuations. (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2014, 06:21:25 PM »
Updated with new ideas.