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Author Topic: Bonds that Hold (Post Apocalytic; Semi-Modern; Semi-Freeform; LGB friendly)  (Read 395 times)

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A Brief History

In a world, ruled by mankind, there is a place where peace and harmony can be found. Unfortunately, Man and his quest for power have buried it. In the year 3097, a new source of power was found. Many wars were fought over it and almost 4 Billion lives were lost. After fighting this battle for almost 500 years, a temporary ceasefire was agreed upon between the three remaining powers. In the lands formally known as Asia, the power known as The Coalition of Sigma was formed. In what was known as Europe, the power known as The United Front was formed. In the land of what used to be the Americas, The Unified Independence was formed.
Although there is a ceasefire enacted, the three powers do not trust one another. All three powers are constantly building up their arms.

The Coalition of Sigma (CoS) is widely known for its aerial powers and has millions of warships. The nation is set by 5 layers. From bottom to top, there are the Slums, the factories, the military bunkers, the Middle Class, and the Upper classes. Outsiders are unwelcome. Each layer requires a card that most in the slums have never even seen.  The Slums are just what they say they are.  The Factories are where those in the Slums work endlessly night and day, overworked and underpaid, watched over by the security that is the military.  The Military Bunkers are in the center of the rings, so as to quickly reach any point and defend the nation from attack.  The Middle Class belongs to those select few that have proven themselves useful to the nation.  The Upper Class.....think of anything you've heard that the rich receive and multiply it.  Only 1% of the nation's population live here.  Few outside the Upper Class have ever set foot here....
The United Front (UF) is a nation that has the strongest ground forces out of the three. Tanks, soldiers, power armor, this nation has it all. It's only weakness is a lack of aerial support, but its anti-air capabilities are strong enough to take what the opponent has to offer in the sky. This nation has dug its way down making heavily fortified bunkers. The nation is set up so that there are three spires that radiate from the center capitol. Rules are extremely strict and there are harsh consequences to breaking them. Just about every place is set to automatically seal itself off and kill anything trapped before being declared safe. This makes it very dangerous and difficult to infiltrate.
The Unified Independence (UI) is the smallest of the nations, but it has the most advanced weaponry. Unlike the other nations, everyone is trained to fight. If one is unable to do what is required by law, they are used as targets in the constant war games. Every able-bodied man, woman, and child of at least 18 years of age controls a mech.  This makes up the majority of UI’s army.  Normally, this would give a great advantage to the nation, but the limited supply of mechs and low population prevent them from being used in an assault so easily. Many would think that the smallest nation would be the weakest, but that would be very incorrect. The UI have perfected the use of AIs and the AIs control many of the defensive systems that surround and protect the base. These AI’s easily make up for the lack of the size of the nation.
Although each nation has a major advantage over the others, they have few ways to make up for the disadvantages against them. Each nation knows that if war is declared, it will be an all or nothing battle. Normally, this would be a simple thing that any nation would do, but there is a bigger problem. If one nation declares war on another, there is a very high chance that the third nation will attack the less defended one. It is this possibility that keeps the nations in check. Unfortunately, this caution is not going to be effective much longer….
There is an organization that has, over the past 1000 years of rebuilding, infiltrated all three nations and plan on making the three weaken each other so that they will be defenseless against takeover. If nuclear weapons are launched, so much the better. The organization is too deeply rooted in the world for mere nuclear devices to force out. Luckily, there is hope for the world.
Surviving in the ruined wastelands outside the boundaries of the nations lives a rebel group. They go by many names, but they are most widely known as The Brotherhood. Many in this rebel group are murderers, bounty hunters, medics, mechanics, soldiers, and other categories of work. Most escaped from the three nations and most of that number came from the slum areas. All know that the lives in the nations are horrible and know that war is inevitable. Every member of this group has been scarred by combat. Friends and family are lost daily. To many, the rebel's cause seems hopeless. They are outnumbered and outgunned. The only thing that they have going for them is the ability to survive.  However they stand or fall, they are a people, Bound By Blood, and these Bonds will Hold until the end!

Will this be enough to save the world? Are the rebels on their last legs? Will one nation eventually conquer all? Or will this secret organization's plans for world domination ring true?
There is only one way to find out: Join the cause and fight for the survival of mankind!!

  • This is not a sex focused game, however, this does not mean that there will not be any.  There is a time and place for everything.
  • There will be a tagging system.  Please use it as it helps with organization.
  • I know that many of you will desire to be in the Brotherhood, but that is what killed this game the last time I tried this.  There are three nations for a reason, so please use them to your advantage.
  • This is semi-modern with some futuristic aspects.  There will be lasers, yes, but they will always require a large facility in order to fire them.  There will NOT be handheld lasers or beam swords.  Technology is not that advanced.
  • The laws of physics are expected to be applied.
  • Yes, there are mutants and bandits and yes one can be a bandit, but no one may play as a mutant (A mutant is/was a human or creature that has become severely deformed and is extremely dangerous).
  • Yes, Cyborg people will be allowed, but within reason.  If there is an extreme showing of them, I will bar them.  Not everyone is rich and can afford such limbs.
  • While I would prefer to use real images like celebrities, models, actors/actresses, I will allow other images as well.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character's Name: [/b]
[b]Player Name: [/b]  (Ex. King Serperior)
[b]Character's age: [/b]
[b]Rough Nationality:[/b] (Can be from one of the three nations or from the ruins of a past nation)
[b]Reason for Joining the Brotherhood:[/b]  (Leave blank if part of one of the three nations)
[b]Job:[/b] (What does your character do for a living?  Pilot? Mechanic? Medical? Politician? Factory Worker? ect...)

[b]Weight: [/b]
[b]Physical Description: [/b] (Add something along with a picture)
[b]Other Distinguishing Features: [/b] (Leave blank if there are none)

[b]Personality:[/b] (A short description of your character's personality)

[b]History: [/b] (A brief history of your character)

[b]Fears/Weaknesses:[/b] (Everyone is a human and no one is perfect;  List 2-3 or more)
[b]Skills/Strengths:[/b]  (What can your character do that sets him/her apart from another?  Please be within reason.)
[b]Equipment:[/b]  (Within reason, what does your character have?  It can even just be the clothes on their back;  The knife from their father;  or even just a special coin on a necklace.)

[b]Sexual Preferances:[/b] (I repeat, though this game is not sex-based, I cannot deny that there will none.  This is simply a final a last addition to the sheet)

If you have any questions about the game, ask.  I will be the first to admit that my GMing experience leaves a lot to be desired, but I am working on building my ability up.  If someone has extensive GMing experience and wants to help, feel free to ask.  Don't let this deter you, though.