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June 20, 2021, 04:48:39 pm

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Author Topic: The Betrayer's Reward <M looking for F, high fantasy>  (Read 639 times)

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The Betrayer's Reward <M looking for F, high fantasy>
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:33:35 am »

The Betrayer's Reward

The world was once a lively and beautiful place, now it doesn't even have a name, or at least no one remembers it. When the forces of the Void emerged and started claiming what was once a realm of peace and prosperity, countless heroes united to fight them, powerful men and women from different land and races, putting aside their differences to save the world they all live in. For a long time, the two sides were deadlocked. The heroes were mighty and had the support of an entire world, but the Void-Dwellers had the number advantage as well as powerful entities of their own. It was clear that this war might end in any ways, but the Blue Eyed One, the most cunning of Void-Dwellers, decided to use a ploy that will swing the tides of war.

"To the most beautiful heroines, we offer you a chance to join our side and gain immortality. You will rule over this world as queens, granted treasures and pleasures beyond what mortal men can provide"

It was a simple ploy, but jealousy and Paranoia began running rampant amongst the mortals and soon they became divided from the accusations being thrown around. Lovers turned against each other in fear and distrust.  The true betrayers however, managed to evade notice, women who realized that the war is hopeless and that there is no way they can come out of it alive. These Betrayers were given the immortality promised by Blue Eyes on the condition that they marry a void-king. Now, they rule over a dying world while their fallen comrades are used as Slaves, breeding vessels, or worse. The world burns around them, yet they know they will live forever. Is it worth it?

Possible Plots

The Betrayer Queens

You are one of the infamous Betrayer Queens, you abandoned your lover and your people for the promise of eternal youth and pleasure. Now, paired with one of the void-kings, all your wishes are fulfilled. You can feel the change in yourself, the pain of mortality no longer felt, only the divine energy of the void coursing through your body. Your void-king expects you to serve him sexually, but even that is a small price to pay seeing as they possess a vitality and endowment that puts your lover to shame. He is the ultimate stud, one who is always eager to provide you with sexual pleasures without any of the weaknesses associated with Mortal Flesh.

How will you adapt to your new life as an immortal? Will you thrive in it? Or will the ugly phantom called guilt rear its ugly head?

The Sacrificed

You remained loyal to your world till the bitter end, and make no mistake, the end was truly bitter. While most men suffered an agonizing death, the women are kept for breeding and slavery. That is the ultimate fate of those who resisted the void-dwellers. Once-Proud and mighty heroines are now the toys of low level void-dwellers, used for their entertainment daily. Many heroines broke, losing their will to resist and surrendering themselves to their masters whim, but some remained defiant, though for how long who knows?

Will you keep your dignity? Or will you beg for a kinder fate? Certainly there are void-dwellers who prefers claiming one of the slaves as their permanent mate, can you find one? And even if you can, will they be a tolerable master, or a cruel one?

Who i will Play

I will play multiple characters, from the lowly void dwellers to the void kings themselves. Expect alot of group scenes here, so it would be ideal if i can find a partner willing to play multiple roles themselves. If you have any idea or twists you would like to throw my way, please do so, always interested in other ideas.