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Author Topic: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)  (Read 923 times)

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Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« on: March 14, 2014, 05:28:33 PM »
After a long journey, you awake to find yourself at an enormous log gate with a great hanging sign reading "Silverthorn Ranch" in shining silver letters. Checking your map, you confirm that you are indeed at the right place and look around you. Behind you seems completely barren, but from somewhere, you can only assume behind the high stone walls, in which the gate seems to have been cut. Just as you're about to dismount, the gate opens and reveals a lush and green, but young forest and a long winding path that comes to rest at the front porch of an odd looking cabin. Assuming this to be the place to find the woman you're looking for, you head for the door to knock.

Just before your fist hits the door, a voice behind you makes you jump, turning around quickly to face it. Before you stands a young woman with brown hair, blue-green eyes, cherry red lips and tone-tanned skin, wearing what could only be described as the remains of jeans shorts, and a blue flannel shirt tied up under her bust.

"Howdy y'all! Welcome to Silverthorn Ranch, I'm SxyCowgirl, but you can call me Sxy.
I'm guessin' y'er here to apply for that job opening right? Well lets see what's available at this time."

From her pocket, she produces a dirty, well used piece of paper, unfolds it and hands it to you. On it reads:

"To qualify for the position of Stable Hand, you must meet these following standards;
1) Must be willing to improve. (No static characters.)
2) We're not a loony bin, but neither are we an office. (Crazy is good to an extent.)
3) Profanity allowed in adult/appropriate company. (Please use profanity minimally.)
4) A certain level of linguistic competence. (NO TXT SPEK! Full sentences only please, unless befitting the circumstance.)
5) Not sure what to do next, take your best guess, or ask for help. (Filling in some blanks is fine, just no one-liners.)
6) Know your coworkers and act accordingly (See my on's and off's before deciding to join.)
7) Rehiring = if you've worked for us before, you must wait two months before reapplying except under special circumstances. (You can be in an rp from here once every 3 rps. ie if you're with me in one rp, you must wait until I have completed 2 other rps with other people before I will rp with you again. Few exceptions will be made.)

Current Available Position(s):

Somewhere in the desert, a legendary herd of horses roams. Very little is known of the herd other than their ability to have survived in the harshest are of the region, and their ability to disappear into the dunes as swiftly as they appear. A poacher from a far off land hears of the herd and decides they will catch the lead stallion and claim the herd as his own. They find it to be more difficult than they anticipated.
- Position = Male/Female/Other -- To play the poacher
- General goal = Romance, stockholms, or exploitation (maybe combination?)
- Require = Patience, communication, and endurance
- Method = Full, coherent sentences, between three and twenty sentences

Current Applicants:

None yet!

Previous Employees/Positions filled:

None for this ranch yet!

On the back-burner:
Stowaway -- Short to long (looking for ship captain/crew)
A young woman stows away on a ship hoping for an adventure. But she gets something she didn't expect. The cargo ship she was expecting, turns out to be a pirate ship. Hiding herself as a boy, she is able to stay relatively unnoticed from the rest of the crew easy enough, but the captain knows better.
-- In order to stay on the ship, she must become the personal plaything of the captain, the crew's wench, or take a walk off the plank.
-- After being discovered, she is thrown into the brig/Captain's cabin, and is visited by the captain often. (rape fantasy)
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Re: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 12:24:24 PM »
The Lost Children of Paradise -- Short to long (All positions not Hurricane are open)
Human and bird hybrids have been roaming the earth for centuries, after being brought into existence by The Labs, funded by the government and kept secret from the public until the first successful escape of Aves Annon's. It's been 20 years since then and now there are three different sub-groups of annons; the Free - Annons that live outside of the cities in their own communities, the Imprisoned - Annons who were once wild, or were born in captivity but wish to be a Free, and the Domesticated - Annons who have accepted the role as pet (or in some cases lover) to the humans.
Hurricane is a Free who was born in one of The Labs and escaped, but was later recaptured and kept as a trophy piece in a pet shop for 6 years.

Optional plots:
-- Hurricane is on a raid on her old pet store prison and is caught by the man who'd been wanting to buy her for 6 years (due to his feelings towards her, either love or lust makes no difference to me) takes her home and 1) tries to/succeeds in marry/ing her, 2) Takes her home as a pet, 3) Takes her home and tries to seduce her, 4) takes her home and decides to have his way with her (could be a combination if interested) ++Duke ??? position open++
-- Hurricane is already under the control of the Duke that had wanted her for 6 years and it's her mate's job to get her out ++Squall position temporarily open++
-- more may come soon
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Re: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2015, 11:16:09 PM »
Catching Tigers - short to long (either position open)
Deep in the forests of India, great and powerful God Animals rule. Larger than their more average counterparts, these creatures have a great many powers and the blessings of Gods on their sides. Both the humans and the other animals live in fear of angering or even encountering these creatures and so often (the humans) leave sacrifices to appease them and keep them at bay. Particularly the great red God Tiger that stalks the river banks of the great rivers and haunts the nightmares of anything that sleeps.

Optional Plots:
 -- The great tiger comes to collect the tribute, but decides not to eat them and to take them back to their den instead
 -- The tribute is unwilling and runs away in order to escape their fate, only to be hunted and caught by the very thing they were running from
 -- Sick of having to give tribute from their village's members, one lone warrior sets off in search of the tiger to slay it and; a) falls in love with the creature they find and change the way things work, or b) is fallen in love with by the tiger and is followed back to the village, nearly/mostly tamed
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Re: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2015, 07:58:55 PM »
Mistress Is Crimson -- Experimenting with some blood play, bdsm and open to other suggestions. Looking for a dom for role of Vampire/ss.
~ A Black Swan, newly introduced to the vampire community, is invited to the local annual ball with her damphier boyfriend. Deep conversation and a few drinks later and things start to heat up.
1) While her boyfriend is out on a smoke break, the vampire/ss steals away the Swan away for some fun of a seedy variety, before returning her to her boyfriend nearly drained.
2) A staged 'kidnapping' is discussed with her boyfriend and the vampire/ss and her boyfriend conspire to ravish the swan
3) The vampire/ss decides to steal them both away and force the boyfriend to watch as his swan is tortured by the vampire/ss
4) The swan's boyfriend and the vampire/ss decide to strip her and parade her around the ball
5) Other scenario ideas?
***any and all scenarios above may involve any of the following; feeding, tag-team/orgies(female), rape fantasy, BDSM, chasing, and possibly more. Don't be afraid to ask. ^w^***
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Re: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2015, 03:04:31 AM »
Turning the Victim - Rape fantasy - Looking for the assailant, any gender
~ Realistic or fantasy setting

1) Sniper no Sniping - female sniper is caught off guard when the one she's been trying to assasinate finds her first
2) Bad Cop, Good Fellon - female cop arrests (insert fellony here), the leader of (insert related group here) and finds herself in a hot and heavy hostage situation with the perpetrator
3) Shadow and Silk - the most renouned Gaesha travels through the mountains towards the golden city to service the man she was bought to pleasure; the emperor. But along the way the caravan is beseiged by bandits who decide to take her as their spoils.
4) Turncoats - A female sargent finds herself with a new set of recruits bent on going against everything she says. eventually they decide to take certain liberties with their superior officer
5) Wild Wishes - a young female shapeshifter is mistaken for a wild horse and caught the horse is stollen and when the girl transforms to thank her "rescuer" things don't go as she expects
5) A Night at the Beater - a beautiful young woman goes to an expensive play in the city in order to meet someone she's been interested in for a while
  - the man she likes isn't who she thought
  - rejected and distraught, she leaves the play and finds herself in a less than ideal situation

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Re: Sxy's Silverthorn Ranch (Roleplay requests/schedule)
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2017, 07:23:25 PM »
Pets For Sale - In a futuristic world, people began modifying themselves with animal DNA but it had unintended consequences. It was all the rage for a while, until their offspring were discovered to have shared animal traits with their altered parents. Things got out of hand and eventually the Anthros were locked up and became slaves and pets for humans and cyborgs alike. Now there is a 'Pet Convention' every year where new and more interesting 'species' are sold and traded. This year in particular, a being of such strangeness that it is the only of its kind is being sold for breeding purposes. It has been nicknamed the Karma Beast as her name is Karma. The most interesting thing about Karma, is her ability to switch between a feral beast and an anthropomorphic 'pet'.

Optional Plots:
-- Big spender buys Karma outright for his own pleasures. Can be NC or C.
-- Liberator frees Karma and runs away with her, becoming her lover.
-- Someone kidnaps Karma during the chaos created by the power being cut and keeps her captive for their own pleasure.