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Author Topic: Syanyte's Dreams.{Closed for now}  (Read 825 times)

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Syanyte's Dreams.{Closed for now}
« on: March 12, 2014, 05:01:29 pm »
Even if I appear offline does not mean I am most times I am under invisible just depends really so please if your interested in anything in this thread don't hesitate to send me a pm.

I am also open to any Role-play's one might wish to play with me it does not have to be a idea from this thread. Don't hesitate to Pm me. The newest things added will be in bold then table of contents anything in blue is click-able.

I am currently, In a older woman/younger guy mood, I am looking to play a bottom/sub My RP's also tend to be in the extreme.

Table of Contents
1. What is here and pairings
2. Idea's

Character's I play. tend to be beauty's in their own way.

Character's I will not play with. I can't stand the overly muscular characters that look like they could break someone in half and I will not play with them or as one.

Post length. I usually try to do between 2-and many more paragraphs it all depends on my muse, I would like to have someone that can give me at least three, but no less then two. I can be long winded so I hope to get like minded people. I can usually post up to once a day depending on my muse maybe more.

I use Real life pictures to describe things., I also use animation pictures as well.

Also a person that doesn't mind playing different parts to help the story along.

It doesn't matter your real gender just as long as your character is Male Or Female

Current Role-plays.


Current pairings I would love to do.
Jock/emo girl/ secret girlfriend
Bad boy/good girl or emo girl
Emo boy/emo girl
Older man/homeless girl
Gang leader/kidnapped girl
Older woman/younger guy
Married woman/lover
Single mom/sons teacher or neighbors
Model/manager or something

Anything in bold are roles I wish to play. If both Roles are bold then I am open to playing either or.

I am also open to suggestions for pairings. Also I will do just about any setting. ^_^

Anything that is Crossed out like this means I am not open to playing anything from that category.

The Streets
***Craving anything from here.***
Orphan/street walker.
Junkie/drug dealer

Older woman/call boy<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Really craving this of course I play the older woman.
Tomboy/Bf abusive lover
T-boy/Boyfriend abusive lover

Runaway/Any Kind Of Guy

Transgender Female to male/gay guy
Transgender Female to male/straight guy
Transgender Female to male/Female
Transgender Female to male/Transgender Male to female.

Shall continue to think if you have any pairings you would like to try then just shoot me a message.
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Offline NitroTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2014, 05:22:46 pm »
Really craving this idea someone to help me fulfil it would be awesome. I am also open to anything you may like I can play younger characters and what not. I am also open to any suggestions or ideas.

(Your character) is a call boy someone that makes the older women feel special it is much like a prostitue but for this the women always have money and well he does it all from going out on dates with them to having sex with them to make them feel wanted. I see him doing it because the money is awesome and because he can get laid by mature older women that are past the whole playing games stage in life. Anyway I could see my character being weathly maybe it being family wealth or something but anyway I see her as possibly being single and she hasn't dated in so long that she heard about him through a friend and decided to give it a try....thinking where the story ends up is maybe she falls for him and the only way she figures he will keep seeing her is if he pays her but I could see him having started to fall for her as well and of course they would have to deal with the backlash once her friends found out what he does and how young he is and the same goes for him but in reverse.

ideas I am not wanting to play right now.
Current Characters I am willing to play and Transgenders.
All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it.
Please PM me if you have any idea's you would like to do with me I am openly looking for new partners and Idea's.
Also if you have any Male/Female or Female/Female Idea's you would like to play hit me up looking for new and interesting idea's

Okay I don't really have any idea's as of yet for role-plays and well these are just a few pictures I can use I have many more.

This is the current girl I want to play as.

She grew up in a house filled with girls, yes she was a girl but her parents had raised her to be the son they never had so she dressed and acted very boyish and most thought of her as a boy her parents had given her hormone replacement drugs so when she hit puberty she did not really grow breasts well not big one's at least she could wear anything and look flat chested with just puffy nipples when they got hard. She plays sports and just wants to fit in like one of the guys, she has many guy friends and females that want to date her, hell she even sounds like a young teen guy. So the idea here is to either had a guy that wants to be with her or a girl that wants to be with her or maybe she is already dating someone.


She lives out on the streets dressing like a boy as the clothes keep her warm I see maybe a male or female prostitute taking her in or an older man or woman taking her in and things are not always what they seem they could have a hidden agenda, Also I have a idea where maybe she dresses and acts boyish for the clients that are bi and they figure hey I am with a girl that looks like a boy so nothing wrong with me.


For my Tomboys I was thinking My girl could be maybe a runaway and is mistaken by some older man as a boy and well things go from there. Or she is dating a guy or a girl and things get rather interesting between them twists and many idea's could happen, any of my tomboy's or T-Boys can be used for any of the pairings down at the bottom.

 A idea I had for the T-Boy is maybe they are in school and everyone believes them to be male the only person that knows what they truly are is their boyfriend who is alright with them becoming male in every sense of the word. I do see it causing complications between the two of them. Or another idea is my T-Boy is a girl that dresses and acts like a guy, she plays basketball and football and well no one knows Liu is really female. Liu could have a boyfriend or girlfriend and I am thinking she has already started the hormone replacement's. Her childhood was anything but pleasant and she bares the scars to prove it. She lives in a group home..or she could be a prostitute with a pimp or sugar daddy that knows about her gender and many request for her as Luna or Liu. I am thinking this could be interesting either way and I am open to suggestions.

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Offline NitroTopic starter

Syanyte's Dreams.{M/F roleplay ideas inside.come play with me! please!}
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2014, 01:59:09 pm »
Update= new pairings and a whole new idea. Seeking partners the more the merrier
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