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April 17, 2021, 04:20:13 am

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Author Topic: A few Rp idea's of mine...(M seeking F for RP)  (Read 774 times)

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Offline JackTheReaperTopic starter

A few Rp idea's of mine...(M seeking F for RP)
« on: March 10, 2014, 12:37:35 pm »
Welcome to my little brain where all my stories are created. Hmm so where to begin....Oh right I know. Hehe sorry got lost there for a moment.
I am no grammar nazi cause as some of you can see English is not my first language but I try my best and always use Spell check.
Secondly I am a good writer if my partner is good as well. I understand if for a moment your out of good idea's and you post is not very long i have those moments too. ;)

Futher more I hope you find one of my idea's crave your interest if they do just PM me. Now to my first idea.

Subject Zero/Subject 13 or Scientist (Fantasy, Superhuman)
This RP is one of my favorites and that's why it is one of my first to put up here. This story is simple there were rumors of a man having the power to control and conduct lighting. But he wasn't a superhero type cause he never used his powers to help others. He had his own agenda and was best in small groups. Since he found out about his power he ran away from his family and friends to protect them after a little accident of shooting lighting on his older brother who died.
The government had his own plan with the superhuman and wanted to use it as a weapon. So they captured him and wiped his memory calling him Subject Zero. They took DNA from him to find out how to use it and to perfect it.
Your character could be Subject 13 who was captured as well and didn't die by the experiments or a Scientist who works at the company.

Forbidden love (Fantasy,Ninja's)
This is another Rp idea of mine that I have been working on. It's about two rival ninja clan's that have been fighting a long time now. As the fighting gets worse even the youngest and most unskilled are out in the forest or anywhere fighting the rival clan most of them don't come back...Finally a skilled ninja is ready to meet the other clan as he is the best of the clan and his sensei thinks he is ready. He then leaves on his journey to come across your character who is a ninja from the rival clan. A tense battle takes place as they find a strong connection between them as feelings and lust comes into play but they both now it's forbidden. Will their love make it and will they be happily together or not?

Goodbye dear world....(Apocalypse, Mutants, Survival)
This idea is set in the year 2034 now there has unfortunately been a WWIII but this time it was with nukes and in the end of the WWIII the world as we knew it was basically gone. Leaving us with nothing. Some survived by hiding in bunkers or other place and these survivors went out to see the world but they found out that the radiation is making people sick and even turning them into mutants. Some people joined groups and started to build how they wanted it in their vision. There are 3 mayor groups.

1. The Psycho's (the worst gang of all.)

They have earned their name with pride as these group only takes the sickest and most dangerous guys in their group. These guys and females are animals. Savages mindless monsters. Those are the name's they got from the other groups and everyone would agree on that. They have a large part of territory and always go out at night. Their costumes look like this.
Crazy as can be and always looking to kill someone. They make their own weapons and equipment so it's not the best ever but it's enough. Avoid them at all cost except if you want to join them.

2. S.T.F. AKA (Special Task Force)

These people are mostly old Marines and those who futher served the government and held order but also just civilians that want to help others. That is what they are still trying to do keep order. The Psycho's are their worst enemies cause the other group only causes trouble when they get either paid in money or supplies or something valuable but I will come back on that later. These men proudly protect and serve the civilians that are living in their territory. These guys don't mess around fully equipped with great guns and equipment but still The Psycho's and Guns4Hire are giving them a hard time.

3. Guns4Hire
A mercernary group and little is known about them but they sure get the job done. If you can afford this guys you should hire them but are not cheap.
They have worked for large bosses of the S.T.F. and have constanly been asked to join them but they declined. They have even done jobs for The Psycho's don't even ask me why. These guys are fearless and got a lot of guts. They buy and steal equipment.

These guys are very very hard to find or reach. And their territory is a large bunker with a lot of land around it and also mutants lots of them.

Your character could be in one of these groups. I will let you decide which one. Or if you like it could even be a smart mutant but then you will be hunted by all of the above groups well except the Guns4Hire group but if they get paid enough or get something they want then they will hunt you too.

Now here is are a few things I would also like to Rp.

***Star Wars (any timeline)
**Mass effect
(Put your idea here....)
**Wolf/vampire or human or wolf etc.

More idea's soon.

Until next time....

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Offline JackTheReaperTopic starter

Re: A few Rp idea's of mine...(M seeking F for RP)
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2014, 08:28:08 am »
Update hehe....btw I want to add something too. If you are unable to Rp for a while please tell me. I don't mind it. Shit happens life sucks get use to it. I always say so.....And please If you don't like the Rp anymore tell me. Don't just stop Rping without saying something. I hate that.
And secondly I may seem a little off but that's just because I am.