Walking Dead rp (F lf M)

Started by Usani, March 09, 2014, 09:54:20 PM

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Walking Dead: ALONE

For those that have been watching Season 4 so far I really wanna do a one-shot rp between Daryl/Beth.  Preferrably a combination of last weeks episode and this weeks if you've just watched it.  I need someone to play Daryl and would prefer someone who is VERY familiar with the show.  This will be 'Light' 'Con' so no BDSM and also no anal.

Plot:  Beth wants her first drink since she knows the world has gone to shit why not right?  So, Daryl takes her to an abandon house that he knows has liquor and things get heated later and Daryl breaks down and just lets everything go.  Beth is there to hug him and just be there for me so...what happens after??