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Author Topic: Dirty Thoughts! Some requests and ideas (F for either)  (Read 1861 times)

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Dirty Thoughts! Some requests and ideas (F for either)
« on: March 07, 2014, 03:15:09 PM »
I like stories that are mostly realistic. I get it, we will be playing out fantasies, so there's some wiggle room, but for the most part I like human characters that behave in predictable ways in a contemporary environment. I'm in no way judging anyone, but I don't do any of the sci-fi or D&D stuff (or vampires, werewolves, whatever the heck a futa is, etc.).

I like a good mix of story with the smut. There's only so many ways to describe a blowjob or penetration, and it's the getting to that point that's most exciting.  I would prefer to not just "one shot" the story, I'm looking for regular, reliable partners to write with.

And some ideas, though of course I'm open to yours. These are in no way my only starters or things I want to play, but they are indicative of my style. Bring on the taboo!  And I don't just mean the kink in the sexual situations, I enjoy the characters and the stories.

Bad wife!
Lots of ways to play this out, but the basic premise is just plain ol' cheating. Girls night out, she has a few too many and flirts flirts flirts with a younger guy. Totally flattered and excited he's taking interest in her she ends up crossing a line! Her friends think she went home, her hubby thinks she's still out with her friends. And meanwhile she's in a taxi on her way back to his place!

This can be a one shot or lead to some sort of relationship and affair. It can be fairly vanilla, just some hot extramarital nookie to something way more sordid, with elements of humiliation and disgrace. Maybe it's benign in his bedroom, or maybe they put on a show in the back of the cab. Points for originality!

The girls night out thing is just a starting point, though if you have one of your own by all means!  I'm also totally okay playing this just for the smut value, and the guy could be a repairman or the lawn guy or whatever. Maybe she calls up random workers just to get down?  There's a lot of ways this could go.

Also, if you're willing to play two guys this could definitely be a swinger or even cuckold story. Like I said, the basic premise is the title! April update:Actually having thought on this one and after some hot RP on messenger I am really digging the idea of husband getting caught up in the mix. Heck maybe it was his idea to begin with. And we can go lots of ways, though the cuck is exciting and hot maybe they're just a wild swinging couple. Or maybe she doesn't like it and is doing it to make him happy, and her not liking it just makes it more fun for him.

There's a lot of play in this idea!  We should talk about it.

The Fat Girl
So not super fat, but large. Larger than she'd like, and he lets her know. I see this one as a very degrading and humiliating thing. Does it have sex? Of course, but wouldn't he tell her while he takes her throat how fat girls give the best head? And that she may as well give up her hiney, 'cause aren't big girls supposed to be freaky?

I expect some no-sex stuff here too. He picks out her clothes. Hey babe, go grab a pack of smokes- and yanks her shirt up to show of her belly in the store. Out to dinner: She had wings. He had a salad. Took away her napkins. "No dessert for me, trying to watch my figure," he laughs to the cute petite waitress, "But she'd love some chocolate cake, wouldn't you....?" And she still doesn't get a fork!

April update:It's a difficult story to write, because it is pretty much predicated on abuse.  If you have some fresh ideas on this I'd love to hear them though!  And... This is definitely playable with another lady, and I am totally okay not being the big girl if you want to go there.

To be fair I am also playing this with someone now, but I'm sure we would have a different story really quick.

The Daughter's BFF
She's practically joined at the hip with the friend. They stay with each other all the time. Her friend's dad has watched her grow from a girl into a very pretty young woman. She has a bit of a crush, but she's shy and inexperienced. One night bestie is asleep and she wanders downstairs to watch TV with the dad. And things happen. Oh wait, this lends itself to some lesbian stuff too maybe.  April update: This is slightly played and gets the most interest. Its one of my faves: so I'm pretty selective about it.

The Teacher
Really this depends on the (female only!) student. Maybe it's Miss Thang and she's had enough of her, and she knows the girl cares more about her rep than her pride. Or maybe it's the shy and quiet bookworm who won't say a thing. The one common theme is if you want to graduate you have to pass English, and Mrs. Smith's reputation as an icy cold bitch doesn't do her justice. Her wayward pupil is gonna receive quite the miseducation! Strong D/s elements, maybe some light bondage, definitely some humiliation. Something along the lines of Mrs. Smith taking her by the hair and using her face to wipe at the board, "Your handwriting wasn't neat enough sweetie, start again." Indulge you inner bad girl that needs to suffer a bit!

The Old West
I need help with this one!  Mostly I just love the clothing and styles!  So I'd like to make a scene around it!  This is probably less sexual than my other ideas. Maybe I'm a barmaid, or a woman in a brothel/saloon.  Some sort of boomtown with all sorts of cowboys, vagrants, gamblers, and other ne'erdowells. I see lots of flirty and fiddle dee dee at the card table with my dangerous outlaw or marshal!

The Black Girl and the Sheriff
So I'm thinking we would have to wind the clock back to the '70s to '90s. With the contemporary 24 hour news cycle these things would get exposed today. But say 1987, back when pay phones were a dime and there was barely any cable?  Yeah it could happen. It needs to be modern enough though that our heroine is absoluty shocked, appalled, and in total disbelief through out that this going down in modern America.

And what's going down?  Some crazy, full-on, KKK level racist stuff. Rape and bondage and totally demeaning full spectrum humiliation. Our heroine, let's say Tasha, is from Chicago or New York or something, and so she's been exposed to racism, but she's never been down to see grandma. Until she graduated college with a degree in like African American studies or something. So she's got an idea from books about the plight of black people and the brutish nature of the Deep South, but it's all just academic.

Until she gets pulled over in old cotton country down in Alabama or Mississippi. She was just on her way to see her extended family, was gonna surprise them, had stopped by some civil rights site and got lost. Speeding back to the highway and that's when YOUR CHARACTER gets ahold of her.

Dorm Mates - taken for now
This is for other ladies only. A few months ago I got started with a story that had tons of promise, but never went anywhere.  The premise is loud mouthed blonde and her mousy roommate. The contrast adds to the drama I think. And so it continues through the story as they discover things about themselves, with each other. Turns out they are both really into girls, really into D/s - fumbling their way into the lifestyle together - and really into kinkiness. This can get as dirty and debauched as you want, my hard limits are pretty far out there.

Oh, and I'm the blonde, but if you needed that clarified we probably aren't going to be good partners!

Sugar Daddy
She needed money for college and just a better quality of life. So being hot and 18 - 20 she finds herself a guy to help provide it!  On some level it's kinda prostitution, but... Is it if there's real affection?  I see her as growing up with a single mom and so she had that weak spot for older men anyway, and when she finds that one to take care of her if she just pretends to be his daughter, well that works great for her on a lot of levels. It doesn't hurt he's hung and pretty good looking for an old guy (like 40s which seems old to her). So sure it's a little weird that "daddy" touches her, but wow, it's also hot.

There's a lot of ideas I have for this, everything from public to bimbofication. PM me if this idea seems fun, and we can hash out some details!

The Pledge's Sister
He wants in the frat pretty bad. And he sees how the brothers prey on the freshman girls in the fall. So if he brings his little sister, well that's like veal for those carnivores.

This can end up sweet, but it came to mind more from reading Rolling Stone and can end up pretty dark. Not that I mind!

So for this idea I'd like to cross a lot of taboo lines! And that's before we even get to the dirty part. Obviously pretty niche, but having chatted with a few guys into this stuff: it can be WAAAY hot. Basically aunt/neighbor/friend's mom (my character) catches younger male (your character) or finds out his secret of wearing panties.  I'm thinking dubious consent, though she may get a little forceful from time to time.

This can be light or get pretty heavy.  If you're interested send me a PM and lets see where that rabbit hole dumps us out.

I am online mostly during the week, usually daytime. There are a smattering of weekends and evenings I'm on, so for messenger if our schedule doesn't work,'s a shame? Posting to forums and private messages you can expect regular and at least twice weekly responses - and I expect the same.

Check my preferences page if you want more to brainstorm with.

So are you messaging me yet?
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Offline HarrytheCat

Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 03:46:23 PM »
Hi there Ballgirl,

Just read your topic summary. Love the sound of your "Daughter's BFF" Older man younger woman always appeals. But open to other themes.

Age 34 ..... wonderful a little maturity there, that'll be a nice change! Looking for a writing partner who writes better than once a week! Maybe once a day (please!!). I promise same day replies, literacy, and will match you for length of post. A balance of plot and sex. Let both evolve as we go. Hope to hear from you ........


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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2014, 04:33:30 PM »
Well it's been a month!  That means this goes back to the top of the list.
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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2014, 03:02:37 PM »
And the waaay over a month bump for this topic!

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2014, 03:56:43 PM »
I'm definitely still looking for someone to play against my fat girl!

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2014, 01:45:55 PM »
Sorry if I'm cheating a little. But bumps belong on Monday.

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2014, 12:44:38 PM »

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #7 on: December 15, 2014, 01:03:11 PM »
Bump with some changes.

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2015, 12:32:45 PM »
So I'm up for anything but the Teacher. That one is soo taken in a pretty hot story with Peachy.

Added the Pledge's Sister and Sugardaddy, and I've got some new takes on the Bad Wife.

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Re: Dirty Thoughts! Idea request thread.
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2015, 03:23:15 PM »
Added an idea, closed one off for now. And hey, I'm like a year into Elliquiy!  Exciting, right?