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April 26, 2018, 06:14:04 PM

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Author Topic: Smuggler and Celestial Navigator take down an Evil Corporation in 2099 (M for F)  (Read 210 times)

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Offline OccidentalTopic starter

   Ok so this is a basic sketch of an idea for a role play I would like to do it this interests any female role players at all please PM me so we can discuss this in further detail. This would be a role-play with a lot of character development , at least three paragraphs for each post, and a lot of fun :) I am open to any suggestions, comments, and ideas you might have, lets build an awesome story together!

      The year is 2099 most of the world as it is known currently has changed dramatically. When in 2030 the ability harness cold fusion energy was perfected by an American Industrialist Conglomerate known as Corporation X  it soon became the most powerful entity on earth. Within a year its wealth surpassed that of Russia the United States Great Britain, France, and Germany combined.
   Waisting now time the bored of directors loaned money to countries as well as energy until eventually all the major global powers were severely indebted to Corporation X. They have since branched out into all sectors of society providing a wide range of products as  in 2055 they were granted monopoly over all the worlds market.

   Technology in this world has advanced to such at point that most of it mimics living organisms. It is a world of glass and cybernetic vines that cascade and envelope cities which look more like forests than concrete jungles. War has been suppressed as Corporation X does not feel it is conductive to their bottom line. The great i in the sky ( a network of sentient satellites all interlinked to one another and the world-net, the next generation internet) sees all and directs human interaction on multiple levels to reduce injury and serve Corporation Xs share holders and employees (nearly 2/3s of earth is employed some way or another by Corporation X).

   Alabaster Steel is a young counter fitter and smuggler. He can make the items that people want but Corporation X sells for too much, and he can smuggle in anything they do not sell. This of course puts him at odds more  often than not with the Agent Xs the ruthless muscle that enforces Corporation Xs totalitarian rule of the planet. However a new opportunity has come to his attention  that could pull the young steel out of his vast gambling debts. The mission is to transport (smuggle really) an important artifact from a distant planet back to earth with the help of a beautiful young navigator named Evelyn Vase.  The prince once the mission is accomplished? A bank account with more zeros than he had ever imagined curtsey of Corporation X. The only thing is once the artifact, a rare and ancient statue of some type is recovered it begins to have strange effects on Evelyn Vase causing her to exhibit strange powers and abilities.

   As the two hurl back toward earth the young Alabaster Steel must confront his own demons and the two smugglers must decide whether to relinquish the statue and walk away from the whole mess with there money, or, use the abilities that it bestowed upon Evelyn to bring the ruthless conglomerate to its knees and free the world of its tyrannical rule.