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Author Topic: Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female  (Read 766 times)

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Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:26:51 am »
in discussionThe Princess and Stable-Hand

The Princess is young and wild and keeps hearing stories about the gorgeous Stable-Hand who is a known womanizer.  But that is not all that her hand maid is telling, he is exceptionally good lover. The princess wants her first time to be good and has heard all the bad sex first nights that is in her future if she is to be married off.  So she decides to try and seduce the Stable Hand, but he knows his life is danger if he touches a member of the Royal family.  I am open to how this goes...

PM me if interested

Walking Dead in California

Like the show, but there is only two and we are in California.  I am really wanting to co-create on this one.

If interested PM me your ideas.
Office Secret Bribery

A women gets a strange invitation from on anonymous email at work.  The person says he works at the same place.  It is a big corporation so it could be anyone.  He has evidence she has cheated on her husband and is willing to keep it a secret, but she must play along.  At first he asks her to do pretty harmless things, like masturbate at her desk with her panties on and leave the panties at the water cooler.  or come to work with out a bra and covertly flash the security cameras.  But then it gets more daring like wear a remote control strap-on vibrator that only he can control or going to a secret glory hole.  All the while she is trying to figure out who it is.  Can she find him before it gets herself to deep or after a while does she enjoy it too much and does not want it to stop, but rather wants him?  I am open to how this goes.

PM me if interested.

In discussionFaking Sex Android

Set in the future (obviously) A woman works an an Android company who specializes in realistic sex androids.  She gets into trouble with organized crime and needs to hide out for a while.   Since she knows they are watching the airports she decides she will pretend to be an android and hide out for a little while until she feels it is clear.  She has a checkered past and was a prostitute at one time and got the job hoping to get away form that line of work.  The customer is a mild manner, geeky kind of guy who is just trying out after a difficult breakup.  He is surprised at how realistic the android really is, but notices she is not as submissive as he expected.  He sort of falls for her and feels weird about it and maybe she sort of falls for him too?  Think of this as a pornographic version of 'Her'.  I am very open to co-creating this and developing a plot together.

PM me with your ideas if interested.

TakenThe Princess and the Sorcerer
An Ancient Sorcerer has hidden himself away within a mysterious dark castle.  He has isolated himself for hundreds of years in deep grieving for a lost love, but something within him stirs and he decides to investigate the world.  On his brief journey he spies a young Princess in the forest that awakens something in him.  He cast a spell and comes to her as a vision in the middle of the night.  She remembers the encounter not sure if it was a dream or real, but something within her wants to seek the mysterious man out.  She seeks him night after night within the forest until one night he captures her and takes her back to his castle.  This is all I have so far...

If interested in working out the details from there PM with your ideas.

TAKENThe Demon and the Geeky Girl

A young women is frustrated with her life and comes across and an ancient spell that promises to change her fortune.  It summons a demon who promises her great success, but she must corrupt others with her sexuality.  I am open to how this one goes.

PM me with your ideas

TakenThe Wife Trainer

A specialty service for elite customers helps to train 'disobedient wives,' to be more subservient and teach them to be better sexually skills for their husbands.  One of the newer trainers is given a difficult task with much more resistant wife, but then becomes obsessed and addicted to her.  He tells the husband he must keep her longer for more 'intense' training, but the husband gets suspicious and he decides to kidnaps her.  I am open to how this goes.

Pm me if interested

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Re: Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2014, 11:53:03 am »
added the Wife Trainer

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Re: Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2014, 01:09:23 pm »
Added Walking Dead and Office Bribery

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Re: Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2014, 02:35:08 pm »
Added Faking Android RP

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Re: Fantasy Cravings - seeking creative female
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2014, 06:12:08 pm »
Added the Princess and Stable-Hand