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February 27, 2021, 09:39:11 pm

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Author Topic: EXTREME ~ Space Pink Whores!  (Read 769 times)

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Offline PinkSuccubusTopic starter

EXTREME ~ Space Pink Whores!
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:10:01 pm »
There is an idea I'd like to share. I've been having this specific little craving for something obscene and depraved and complex, but also brutal, so as a warning to anyone reading this it will probably not be as interesting to most people.

First though!
I've played on the site before, if barely, but this will be my first really gnarly game yet. I'm open to communication, and I value creativity and exploration more than technical eloquence.  Detail is super important, and while action is fun, I get more excitement from being in a dynamic, in-depth evironments than, you know, whatever, doing stuff. Action for me is really a way to explore the environment and the characters on different levels, not so much something more compelling than that. Sexually, I like detail too... I like the personal and the tactile, more than just having sex. Things like blowjobs and handjobs, sensual personal things that are motivated by desire. That's why I like kinky things as well... Characters who are very into each other sexually are wonderful, all the details and curves and ripples of each others' bodies. You know, desire. I want to feel your fingers tighten in my hair, or slither over the damp skin of my butt. I'm trying not to come on to strong though, but I'm clear about the things I'd like to have involved in the game, and I hope my partner will have some things to add too. I wanted to explain all of that before going into detail about things more specificially, as a disclaimer, because... well, it might get weird for you if you aren't already a kinky person.

Purple Space-Elf Whore~
Good title. Simple and desperate, I think... The idea takes place on some sort of space station, on the frontier of law and order. The stunning location it occupies is rarely the topic discussed on it though, it's beautiful vistas or breathtaking phenomena insidental to the reputation it has a haven for criminal activity. In a vague sort of way, the station is complex with power dynamics and is a strange cosmopolitan hub of the most elite to the most desperate in the galactic community. Thriving, the station is 'protected' by local criminal millitias, gangs, mercenaries and pirates, who maintain the region as independant from legal law enforcement or military agencies. Your character is a very rich and very prominent leader among the station's upper class. You own a club for the criminal elite, occupying the best real estate the station has to offer, possibly with views and balconies and specifically contructed facilities, all presided over by you. The exclusive club plays host to some of the most feared members of many different species, and a large amunt of hedonistic pleasures to indulge in.

My character is an exotically beautiful purple elf. Her moist soft skin inhales the attention of men, her athletic curves entice primal desires in every species. She has a softness to her that is exptremely pleasing, and she is one of the clubs most celebrated dancers. A former pirate captain, she is addicted to some rare drug, and is now eagerly living a life of the underworld's favourite slut. It brings her seductive joy to be an object of a powerful man's desire, to have him addicted to her flesh. It is pleasure to know that is something she can share with him. She's sexy and intelligent and being an obscene little elf whore is not something she's ashamed of.

Your character, the club's owner, is her handler and the supplier of the drug she's addicted to. She isn't just like any other hooker in the club. Her former occupation makes her dangerous and cunning and very aware of what goes on around her. So she's also one of your more valuable agents. We can play this all sorts of ways, and of course you can help me interpret it if you have any ideas. At the same time though, she is also the favourite toy of many of the most brutal, violent and infamous people across the galaxy.

I talked a little about some of what I like at the top of the page, but I'll go into a little more detail here. I'm including it mainly because anyone who is interested should know that these are the sort of things I will want to do in this game, and better to start with that understanding. Obviously I have a bit of a thing for prostitution, being shared. Public things are really exciting. The club could host some functions where the elf is embedded in a wall for complimentary usage. Public spankings, floggings. I like a lot of rough play, but the character is always willing. Forcing your characters onto her is welcome... My character is insatiable and eager to please. She loves to service needy patrons, provide them everything they desire, no matter how shameful. Monster and tentacle sex is something I want to do, maybe one level of the club housing a tentacle pit zoo thing that she can be teased above. I would be into beastiality scenes as well, particularly public ones. Anything that degrades her is quite okay by me. On the clientele side, I'm very open to indivual perversions... sci-fi is nice because injuries can matter as little as we want. One of the things I am very interested in for this is being beaten, slapped or spanked or strangled. Her career was eventful before this part of her life, and it's a happy part I'm going to remind you, but she must have made some enemies. Maybe they are now among the most loyal fans of her work... Finally, and this one isn't as strict, since I know it's even more off limits for most people; watersports and toilet play :I Try not to judge me on this one, since it is just a craving. I love this idea of deep cleansing her clients, eagerly performing every perversion to elp filthy men feel deeply clean and refreshed. I dunno. It's just something I would like. I hope there is a good writer open to this sort of stuff...

Finally, everything is open for discussion. So please PM me if any of this interests you., and we'll talk more about some or all of it. The game is about more than just the relationship between the elf and her handler, so I sort of do expect you to play more than one role, and I'm open to do the same if you would prefer. I am also open to making this a small group game if there are extra people, male or female, who express interest. I don't really expect to get many people at all though, if any. I would be surprised.  The setting can change a little, though I prefer to keep it to the sci-fi theme. It can be a colony is a massive gorge or an arcology on some moon. Setting features are always things I love to discuss.

Anyway, please get back to me if you are interested. Thanks~

Offline Occidental

Re: EXTREME ~ Space Pink Whores!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2014, 11:21:48 pm »
I'm so into this! Especially the embedded wall part, tentacle zoo, and the anthro public humiliation stuff. Can I be the person to do this role play with you?

Offline PinkSuccubusTopic starter

Re: EXTREME ~ Space Pink Whores!
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2014, 11:59:49 pm »
I have unfortunately already found someone, and am considering whether to include at least one other person. Thanks for your interest though!

I am hesitant to include like, super super new people to the forums as well. I have no way of guessing if you'll stick around.