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Author Topic: Craving a Cannibal (NBC Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs) (M/M or F/M)- F seeks ALL  (Read 707 times)

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Offline HolyMajiggerTopic starter

Hello there! My name's Olive and I'm new to Elliquiy, but not to roleplaying. I have been suffering from a bit of writer's block lately, but "Silence of the Lambs" went up on Netflix a few days ago (in addition to NBC Hannibal's season two premiere) and I've been super craving that psychological, fucked-up, and positively delicious dynamic that Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter have. However, I haven't done a heterosexual pairing in a long time, so I have to admit that I'm a little nervous to ask for just that. I'm also really into the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal in the NBC show---if you're into that.

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I can't write for Hannibal and would need my partner to take that on, so I would be writing for Clarice Starling or Will Graham. I think it would be fun to plot together and play by ear, but if you have a prompt you want to work off of, let me know!

Will Graham(me) x Hannibal Lecter(you)
Clarice Starling(me) x Hannibal Lecter(you)
Alana Bloom (me) x Hannibal Lecter(you)

Up For:
Rape/Consent issues
Orgasm-denial/Forced orgasms
Age-play (Not underage play...there's just a big age gap between Clarice and Hannibal)
Brainwashing (attempts)
Bottom!Hannibal (not submissive)
Psychological mind-fucking while physically fucking

Not Up For
Porn without any substance
Out-of-character Hannibal for the sake of a kink
Extreme sexual vore (AKA I don't want my character to be eaten during sex)

To confirm that you've read this, tell me what drink goes best with liver and fava beans.

Please respond here or message me for details!
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Offline HolyMajiggerTopic starter

Re: Craving a Cannibal (NBC Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs) (F/M or M/M)
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2014, 06:32:21 pm »
Oh look! I made a Hannigram starter! Basically Will's escaped from prison to kill Hannibal. But we can decide where it goes from there. If you didn't know, Hannibal framed Will for all his murders and Will's almost certainly going to face the death penalty. So, he decides that if he's going to be put to death for murder, he might as well commit one to keep people safe. Also--Hannibal was his 'psychiatrist' and 'friend' before he got him locked up.


The icy shards in the wind were like Novocain to his exposed hands and face, the hood of his stolen sweater only keeping his head and ears somewhat safe from the sleet that assaulted him. If he were what he appeared to be (an innocent citizen out on an evening jog) and not an escaped ‘murderer’), he would have abruptly turned around to stop running against the wind. But Will had an agenda. There was only one direction he could go now…and there was absolutely no turning back—not if he wanted to be the gentle lamb on the chopping block while the wolf still roamed. No. If he was going to be led to slaughter, he wanted blood on his hands…and only one man’s blood would do.

Hannibal Lecter’s.

With the stolen gun heavy in his pocket and the all too familiar lights in the distance, Will picked up his speed, avoiding patches of ice on the sidewalk as he made his way through the side entrance and into the waiting room in Lecter’s home. Ignoring the way his stomach clenched as he was assaulted by the familiar, spicy scent of Hannibal’s abode and the inviting warmth washing over him, the falsely accused Ripper pulled down his hood and listened for clues as to where the psychiatrist could be. Not hearing a sound from the man’s office, he very slowly opened the door, making damned sure that it didn’t creak. He knew how acute Hannibal’s senses were and he couldn’t risk getting caught and restrained before he got the chance to put a few well-placed bullets into the real Chesapeake Ripper’s body. Barely making a sound, he removed the slightly too small shoes he’d stolen from one of the guards, entering the spacious office in his bare feet, moving so silently that he was almost a ghost…and he felt like one—so bitter and detached in a place that used to make him feel so safe and sound.

Then he heard a clink of china in the distance, stiffening like cornered prey. Hannibal was in the kitchen, feasting upon his latest kill, no doubt…and vulnerable. Now was the time to strike. Now was the time to end the Ripper’s legacy once and for all.

Offline HolyMajiggerTopic starter

Re: Craving a Cannibal (NBC Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs) (M/M or F/M)
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2014, 04:53:42 pm »
UPDATED: Added kinks, squicks, and clarifications. :)