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April 20, 2018, 05:58:49 AM

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Author Topic: This Is My Design... (Hannibal/Will Graham plots - seeking a Hannibal)  (Read 235 times)

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Iím a big fan of the Hannibal series, everything from the books to the movies to the newest TV programme (squee, season two!) and in particular, I enjoy the Hannibal/Will pairing. This is what my thread will be focused on. I am only interested in playing Will myself, as a submissive-switch. Please donít ask me to play Hannibal or a dominant unless you have a really appealing plotline to go with it.

These ideas are just ones floating in my head. If you like the pairing, willing to play Hannibal, but donít like the plots, do feel free to contact me and we can think of something together.

(Pre-series AU) One dark night, Hannibal is walking home, enjoying the evening, when a distracted, disheveled man bumps into him, and keeps walking without apologising or even making eye contact. Such rudeness (and a need for fresh meat in his freezer) cannot be ignored, so Hannibal follows the man until they come to a quiet, out of the way place where he knocks him out and takes him home.

He wants the stranger to wake up once and see death, so he binds the stranger in his home and waits for him to come round. When he does, the man takes one look at him, then scans the room and the display of butchering tools, and instead of fear he shows resignation.

Instead of begging for his life, screaming, threatening him or any of the other things he is expecting, the man says, ďYouíre the Chesapeake Ripper.Ē

(Hannibal keeps Will, curious about his mind. I see this being a rather contained game, with Hannibal trying to coax Willís inner darkness to the fore, with Will torn between keeping his sanity and the certainty that he will be a meal if he refuses too much.)


(Harry Potter crossover) Will Graham is Hogwartís DADA teacher with an affinity for the Dark Arts, and is as close to being a Dark Lord as legal. He has a special licence that allows him to practice the dark arts under supervision of the Aurors, to aid in the hunting of dangerous wizards.

Concern that Will is slipping arises, and to attempt to keep their tame Dark Lord in check, the Aurors contact the forerunner in Dark Art theory, a graduate of Durmstrang who studied the addictive effects of Dark Arts and potential ways to keep the addiction at bay. Which is good, because a new Dark Lord is on the rise in Europe, and they will need Will to help in his capture.

(Slavery AU) In a world where caste is everything, Hannibal moves among the highest circles. His royal blood might not count for much in the way of inheritance, but it allows him all the freedoms he could desire... well, all but one.

In such a strict caste culture, anyone who dares sully themselves with a lower class citizen is forced into that lower class. Marriage between castes is illegal, and even a rumour of it happening can sully a name. This would not be an issue for Hannibal, until his paths cross with one Will Graham.

He lusts after Will, but nothing can happen between them, least he loses his high caste. There is no way he can be with Will as they are, and no way to raise Will from his low caste to one high enough to appease custom...

...yet there is a way. Should Will be put into the Slave Caste, the lowest and least enviable of the system, no one would blink. A slave lacks personhood, they are an object to be used as their owner sees fit. It would be a pity to clip Willís wings so, but it is the only way. So it must be.