Heated Mating (f lf m)

Started by wolventears, March 03, 2014, 01:23:08 PM

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Had a partner in this, but he seemed to have disappeared. So, I'm reopening it.

Roaen had been on a class field trip for her high school. It was her science class, and they were supposed to go into the mountain woods just two towns over, to collect samples of the local fauna. Her boyfriend, Eric, was in the same class and the class was instructed to stay on the trails but her and Eric wanted a place more secluded so they could get down and dirty. Walking off the trail, they laid in a small meadow and began making out and heavy petting. But as he was kissing her, leaning over her, his body was ripped away from her. Blood splattered over her as the creature ripped into her boyfriend, his entrails now outside of his body and on the floor beside her.
The animal looked like a wolf, but it was just too big to be a normal wolf. It's muzzle was covered in Eric's blood and bit of whatever, skin perhaps, was stuck in the fur around it's mouth. It glanced over at her and she saw something in it's eyes. She slowly got to her feet a split second before she began to run, but she wasn't fast enough. It took off after her, and within moments had jumped on her back, taking her down to the ground before razor sharp teeth buried into her shoulder. It shook her like a ragdoll as she screamed, the pain so intense.
Then there was a loud boom and the body fell atop her, not moving. A man's booted feet entered her vision before she passed out.
She awoke in a bed, and was startled when a man came into the bedroom. After what had happened, her fight or flight instinct took hold and flight it was. She jumped from the bed, uncaring that she only wore her bra and panties, and tried to run past him and from the room. He grabbed her, locking her back to his front, holding her arms at her sides. She tried to fight him, but he was just to strong.
He introduced himself as Darien Forrest (name can be changed to what the writer wants, just an example), and explained to her what had happened and what was going to happen. She didn't believe it at first, but with the full moon so close, her nails lengthened and she growled. Even her eyes turned from a honey brown color to those of amber, like the wolf who had attacked her. But it hadn't been just an ordinary wolf.
It had been a rogue werewolf, hunting in Darien's territory without permission. Darien was also a werewolf, but could control the wolf, still use his human instincts while in wolf form.
Roaen needed to be taught how to control it. If she fought it, it would be that much harder, and the wolf would eventually take over, killing all humanity in her.
So, Darien sent her to his old pack in Alaska. She didn't have much family, so leaving, hadn't been a big deal.
She stayed with that pack for five years, getting used to what she had become and becoming one with the wolf. Now that the Alpha thought her able to cope, he gave her a choice. She could stay with the pack, or go back to her home.
She decided on the later. Darien had had to be contacted because it was his territory. She didn't have any family, her aunt having passed when she was in Alaska and school had been told she had moved out of state. Apparently Darien had made a call and it had been made to look as if she had went to the hospital after the attack, moving shortly after.
Now she was back home, and she hadn't once seen Darien, or heard from him. And unbeknownst to her, every five years, a female goes into heat. The Alpha hadn't even thought it possible for a made wolf to go through such a thing, but no made wolf had integrated as easily as she did, either.

I'm thinking that the heat is coming upon her and it is causing rogues to come after her. Darien saves her. But there is just something about her that calls to him aside from her heat. He has her stay with him until he has taken care of the rogue problem, not wanting to look into it to much but she finally goes into her heat and he is the only one she wants to stop the aching inside her.

I need a male to play Darien. I will play Roaen. PM me if interested.
In fear, I ran this way and that, the tastes of blood and chocolate in my mouth.

My yes please and not so much. ;)
And if you'd ever like to know why I was away for awhile


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In fear, I ran this way and that, the tastes of blood and chocolate in my mouth.

My yes please and not so much. ;)
And if you'd ever like to know why I was away for awhile


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