Momo's Taking On A Few Rps

Started by MomoPeach, March 03, 2014, 07:59:33 AM

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Hello Elliquiy. :) I'm back and ready to write! Take a peek at my o/o's if you want to know more about what I write. I tend to like large posts, filled with detail and misadventure. I have a current craving for m/m or f/f only. I may be persuadedto do m/f for some historical fiction (ancient Egypt, the renaissance, x Rome or Greece, Ancient China/Japan, etc. This may also apply to post-apocalyptic).
See Through My Eyes CRAVING-Based off of the movie At First Sight with a twist (F/F M/F M/M perhaps)
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Alexis has been blind all of her life. She's never seen the world and at some point it stopped bothering her. She learned to get along on her own in a small town and she's, for the most part, happy. All of that changes when your character comes along. He begins to describe things to her, tell her about things that she's never seen and in the process he plants a seed of desire in her to be able to see. There's an experimental procedure out on the market said to restore sight and with his/her help she scrapes up the money and gets the operation. It's a success and she can finally see, but things aren't quite the same. She's changed, she's acting odd and no one can quite understand what's going wrong.
((I was thinking a bit of a supernatural or psychological twist to the story. Perhaps during the operation something is changed within her brain and she begins to lose her mind. It will be a dark, psychological type thriller.))

I happened to see this picture yesterday and I can see some kind of f/f old west, perhaps mixed genre play. I would love to play captured maid (perhaps a high society snob forced to be maid/partner in crime) to a bad ass female bounty hunter (or whatever you like). Pm to discuss.

A Fandom idea: So this one is kind of random, but I would love to play Klaus/Rebekah or Klaus/Elijah in their present New Orleans setting. Complete with witches, cursed wolves and snarky vampires.

Anything with pirates please? Or androids.

I'm sure I'll be adding more, but that's it for now!



I am open to lesbian pirate's type rp any ideas? I have a pirate sorta she was character I post in the bar area but could use her here.


Let's work out a plot. :) Send me the character info too if you have any. I'm sure we can come up with something.