Verse's Ideas, Scenarios and General Insanity

Started by Verse, August 20, 2008, 12:34:50 PM

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I'm sure if the title didn't throw you off, we'll get along just fine. PM responses or in-thread responses are welcome if you're interested in an idea listed here.


Yeah, boring I know. But My old scenarios no longer applied and I haven't had any new ideas lately.

Thats everything I need to get out of my head right now. I'll update as ideas roll in, so let me know if you're interested.


I'm rather interested in the first one. If you don't have anyone roleplaying it that is.


Nope, it's still very much free. Would you prefer I PM you to discuss it or discuss it here?



Just an update to say both of my current ideas are taken. I shall, in a bit, try to put up a few more.


Added 'His Majesty', more to come soon once I iron a few things out.


i like your new idea! i have some character ideas brewing in my mind as i type. =)

<3 britt


Added 'For Love Or Money'


Hey there, I am pretty interested in rping, "for love or money" with you.  I actually have an idea as how to set up the romantic backdrop, while still continuing the adventure of your characters jobs and such.

Pm me!


Opened some old ideas for general public once more.