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Author Topic: Anime Inspired (Seeking M Partners)  (Read 660 times)

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Offline EislynnTopic starter

Anime Inspired (Seeking M Partners)
« on: March 02, 2014, 07:58:52 AM »
Hi there! Lucky you! You've found my latest craving! Please read my plot idea, and PM me if you're interested.

A few Ground rules:

- Only satisfactorily literate writers will be considered. I hate to be a jerk about it, but if I read through your past work and your writing isn't up to snuff, I'll probably not enjoy writing with you. To me, writing is escapism, and if your grammar keeps bringing me back down to earth, I'm not going to enjoy myself. Simple as that.

- Please be willing to begin the game within a week of replying. I've had too many interested parties make it all the way to the intro post, then inexplicably disappear.

- I don't care about your actual gender as long as you're willing to play convincing and complex male characters opposite my female ones.

- I'll give you as much effort as you give me. One liners count as nothing. You give me one-liners, you get nothing in return. You give me me a paragraph, and I'll give one back. You give me a novel, and I'll do my best to return the favor.

- Ask me anything. Plot with me. Show me you're invested in your character, and I'll be invested in mine.

So there you have it. If I haven't scared you off, here are a few cravings I've lately been struck with.

Newest Craving:
The Kitsune Kurse  - Taken

Maya Morimoto, a homely dark haired 18 year old with a dark temperment is glad to leave her high school days behind now that she's graduated. She was never the most beautiful or the best at sports. She was very smart, but her grades were only just passable, because she couldn't be bothered to try harder. Being perfectly mediocre in every way, one might say her only talents are reading an entire novel in just a few hours, and being unpopular. Sure, she devours fiction like its the only food that matters and she'd rather spend time with a book than a person, but she's looking forward to leaving for college and starting over with new people. She's been accepted into a Literature program at University, and now only has to endure a few more months in this town where she's always felt like an outcast.

She lives with her artist mother on the very edge of town at the top of a tall set of stone stairs that leads into the woods. Over the years, her mother has been renovating what was once a decrepit temple. It is as homey as one can expect, especially considering that Maya was always 'that creepy girl who lives in the cursed temple."

Today, on the eve of her 18th birthday, she's about to find out that the people's assumptions about her were more true than they knew. Her mother pulls her aside for a 'talk'. By tomorrow, she'll realize that it wasn't the building that was cursed at all. It's her family. Her mother warns her, cryptically, that everything is about to change.

Maya wakes up the next morning having turned into a sexy Kitsune. She'll be my own take on the Japanese Fox Woman myth. Her family curse will come into play, and she has to lose her virginity in her first heat or die trying - She will literally die if she doesn't. Her Mother is going to tell her about her own experience and informs her that if she earns all nine of her tails, she'll learn be able to learn to hide her fox features with magic so she can live a normal life again. Her goal becomes to earn all her tails before college. I'm thinking a series of challenges in a dusty scroll that she has to overcome. Most of them seduction/sex based, or challenges of cleverness and wit.

Old Craving, but I'd still like to do it sometime:
Silicon Girl  - Taken

Looking for M to play the scientist.

This story would take place in the near future and would follow a scientist working for a robotics corporation manufacturing realistic silicon humanoid robots - a hot commodity as they are functional for everything from housework to companionship. As these things go, the company makes most of it's money on its premium line of pleasure bots. 

The scientist  has a promising career ahead of him having found a way to help the company expand by using their resources to apply to medical bionics as well. He also has a very devoted new wife or serious girlfriend who he loves very much. Tragedy befalls them when she is injured after a serious car accident and she's paralyzed from the neck down. He promises to cure her and devises an experimental procedure to transfer her brain to a new body. A robotic one based on her likeness.  She agrees to the procedure after deciding that she'd rather die trying to regain movement than spend the rest of her life unable to function.

The procedure was a complete success on paper, but unknown to everyone involved in the project, the CEO of the company had his own experiment running on the sidelines. He paid off one of his more unscrupulous technicians to find out how a real brain would respond to the installation of the pleasure modules. (I should note I could envision one of those pleasure 'plug ins' giving her the ability to transform into a cat girl at will.) Her resulting personality change and memory loss was blamed on the shock of the transformation. Now the scientist is going to take her home to help her recover her memory. Will she be able to love him? Or will it remain nothing more than programmed lust? Game would start during their first night back at home.

Please do not respond in this thread. PM me. Thanks!
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