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May 26, 2018, 05:09:39 AM

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Author Topic: Just throwing it out there....  (Read 600 times)

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Offline KunoichiChloeTopic starter

Just throwing it out there....
« on: March 01, 2014, 10:46:35 PM »
So here are some idea's


Looking for someone to play one of the turtles (or more if you are an ambitious sort.  Hint: Raphael is my fav!! Mikey second, Leo third and Donnie fourth.)   Storylines are up for discussion, villains and outsiders will be played by both parties.


After the turtles break into a crang facility in effort to shut down their operations, Donnie accidently releases genetic experiments while trying to figure out the computer.  I am one of those experiments but I am not like the others which are blood thirsty monsters of violence.  The turtles have sworn to take down every experiment, including me but having found me...they soon realize im not like the what to do? accept me as one of them or destroy me?

Raphael is in another bad mood, taking some time to cool off and winding up in another mess when the foot try to ambush him.  In an effort to escape the villains attacks, he breaks into what was supposed to be an abandoned building but its not as abandoned as he thinks.  I'm a teen living on the streets, I know how to handle myself but I usually prefer to be on my own.  Seeing Raphael break in, and seeing he's not first instinct is to run but something makes me stay.  I quickly see that Raphael is out matched by enemies who find his, and my, hiding spot but lucky for him...I have booby traps everywhere!  Saving his life, he is indebted to me and I find he's not the monster I originally took him for.  Could something be there?

I am a female ninja known as The Judge, seeking out justice for those that hire me and sent to infiltrate the turtles lair and destroy them. I was told that the turtles and their Sensei were brutal murderers and violence enducers, out for the pleasure of destroying people just for the sake of it.  I am caught by Master Splinter, but instead of destroying me, I am being held captive and little by little...I am learning that my targets aren't what I first thought...and that the real villain I should be killing is the one who hired me in the first place!

A Knight and a werewolf

This is a story I was working on....think you can add to it?  let me know.

My birth name was Kachina Mai, it's meaning in your tongue amounts to " Sacred Coyote Dancer" it was bestowed upon me by the tribe elders upon my becoming a woman. I was fifteen summers, that night at my christening the coyotes sang their wild song, their voices filled the sky while I danced the ceremonial dance of the newly found longer a child without a name but an actual person. I had made it to my womanhood. However, the night I became a woman, was also the night I learned of my betrothed.

I did not want to marry so soon, to be given away so quickly to a complete stranger and be at the mercy of his family. You see in my tribe, and the surrounding tribes, it has always been that the men stay with their birth tribes but the women always go with their husbands tribes. I didn't want to have to leave my family just when I had earned my place among them. I begged my father to rethink the decision, but he would not hear of it and said I would be the shame of the family if I went against the tribes decision.

In a rage I fled the tent, I ran as far as my legs could take me, needing to rid myself of the negative energy that was flooding my body. I had always had a temper since I was little, and as I grew, I found that running always made me feel better. Running felt like flying, the wind rushing past my face, whipping through my hair, playing through my clothes...I felt invincible. Usually I would sit for a while to where ever my feet had taken me, but this time there was no resting place for me.

That day, my life was transformed forever, but it was far from a horrible experience. It was elating! I was free! Free to do as I wished! Free to be who I desired and to be with anyone I desired! That day, I became a lykaion, a werewolf. My old life was dead, my family mourned me as if I had passed away when they found out what had happened to me. To them I was no more. Be happy stranger for I was not alone in this, the one who turned Alpha..took me in. He had not meant to change me, but what was done could not be undone thus I was brought into a new tribe, a pack of werewolves.

Our lands bordered on the edge of a kingdom with an evil plague of righteous knights out to rid the world of all that was magical and different. A war had been started between these two factions, small hits had been made on both sides..losses had been suffered. Little did I know that I was about to become a major pawn in this battle. I had a fierce loyalty to my new family, they taught me to hunt, to kill, to accept myself and every part of me. I was trained to be a warrior.

However, life is strange and likes to throw curve balls. I had become entrapped in a hunters snare while running as a wolf, I had thought the coast was clear when I shifted forms to free myself but I was mistaken. A boy stood there staring at me, sword drawn at his side, gazing wide eyed. I had thought he would kill me, I braced for an attack but he didn't, instead he cut the trap. He bandaged my leg wound, once I had stopped trying to scratch his eyes out and that was the beginning of the end for me.

(your characters name) The child star of knight hood, did everything a boy his age was supposed to. He was handsome, smart, quick with a blade but most of all he was enamoured with the world. I avoided where he had trapped me for many days, but he found me by the river. I was annoyed at his arrogance, his egotism, the hapless way he carried himself so carefree and unaware of the dangers. Did he not realize I was a werewolf and he a knight? We were sworn enemies! But it didn't seem to matter to him. Eventually my anger towards him melted to an awkward kinship, which grew to a deep friendship and eventually spawned love.

 Tensions are running high between werewolves and the knights, several battles have already transpired with Tory and I struggling to save our factions and each other.  Can we come out on top?

More to come as I think them up