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Author Topic: Dominant male roleplay ideas (F lf M)  (Read 634 times)

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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Dominant male roleplay ideas (F lf M)
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:52:48 PM »
Time Travelers Mischeif

Cronus didn't have time for games. This little one was causing enough distress amongst the time guardians. You needed training to traverse through time. They didnt give every civilian a transport. But this little chemist/engineer had managed to make her own. And now she was trapsing through time willy nilly as if it was a damn vacation. And because of his anger problems his boss had put him on this little "cleanup" mission. Great.  He was getting angrier every second he had to spend looking for the chit.

He didn't plan on what would happen when he met the girl. 18 and 5'11 she was a sight to see. Slim, curvy, and muscle. Not what he expected from a brainiac. The instant chemistry almost knocked him to his knees. And he hated her all the more for it.

(this is a hate turns love sort of rp)

Loki's wish

Loki was doing just fine, in the guise of his deceased father, his brother in love with a human woman, and off on her home world.

He had power, fame, wealth. Everything he desired. And after a few years he had started to bed the finest warriors and sorceresses Asgard had to offer. Never one to get atatched he got bored after a few weeks. And its not like any would welcome them between their legs let alone their hearts if they knew who he really was.

But then came along Nyx. Long white hair, purple eyes, and a power not seen by many in ages.

But she wanted no part of him. Nothing he offered her did she desire.

How could he seduce her into bedding him?

Would he finally be able to show a woman who he was? was that the way to this cold hearted female's heart?

(lust story turned love)

Force the Crown on her Head

(This one is based on the novel im writing)

Zeffel is an alien demon. Blue skin, red glowing pupils, and navy black hair. Fangs and claws. The full scary, yet devilishly handsome, package.

And he was the general of her father's army.

And he had finally tracked her down, on earth. He had found her.

After all of those years, the nightmares that lasted eons.

But where there was once a doting, affection, clingy young girl was now a stone cold killer.

She wouldnt be forgiving him for what he did. What he helped accomplish on her home world.

(Back story)

Adelaide is half Draktan (people of the dark side of the planet Aros) and half Arosian (the people of the light). She was the result of the rape of the high queen of light, and the high king of dark.

Banished after starting to appear as mixed blood (something that was forbidden), she was sent to earth ( a planet unknown to the draktans) to live out her days out of sight of her cruel mother.

she was captured and experimented on/tortured by earth scientists for about 5 years before her escape.

She had melded into a human girl's body and used her shell as a disguise.

Zeffel is full Draktan and had first had deep affection for young Adelaide but her father had made it clear that their goal (taking over the light side) was more important than befriending the little thing.

Eventually there was a violent, gore filled over taking that traumatized little Adelaide. Shortly after, her appearance started changing. Looking more Draktan. The people of light grew in fear and hate, thinking the girl was what the Draktans wanted. the high queen banished her through a portal to earth.

She was banished at age 10, held captive until the age of 15, and now the story is based on her being 21 and Zeffel finally finding her under her father's orders.

I'm looking for very dominant male characters. Little to no spelling mistakes. And people who write more than 3 paragraphs. Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas :)
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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Re: Dominant male roleplay ideas (F lf M)
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2014, 02:28:48 PM »
Three lifemates?

Well this wasn't supposed to happen. Anatole, Arthur, and Alex were 3 carpathian brothers. All had spent centuries in combat, doing research, and killing vampires together. But in the last decade it was slowly starting to take it's toll. And the Prince of carpathians, Mikhail, was starting to see it's effect on the brothers. He had called them back to a carpathian gathering to talk about Xavier, the evil mage set on gaining the powers and eternal youth of all carpathians.

While gathered there, the lifemates of many of the carpathians gathered in an adjacent room (all in a cave) , a distress telepathic wave resounded across the acres of lush land below. It wasn't directed at them,but the caller had not narrowed down the target reciever.

It was a ...female carpathian! And she was in danger!

She had been seperated from her sister and was now being chased by a vampire. Even as lower level as he was, she had no ocmbat training and was running and counter attacking on instinct alone.

Broderick's eyes across the room narrowed in puzzlement, and then he vanished into vapor, presumably after the girl.

Once he returns, the girl's body bloody and mangled in his arms he besseches the men's lifemates to help heal her.

But by taking the girl they had brought themselves under the attention of the leader of a pack of secretive carpathian sisters. And they don't know what they're in for.

And neither do the three brothers, when they realize this woman is their lifemate. And not just to one of the brothers,but to all of them.

Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Re: Dominant male roleplay ideas (F lf M)
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2014, 06:24:56 PM »
Monsters in the Closet

Nyx didn't think she'd ever be afraid of the dark. It had always been a place of peace, quiet, comfort, and solitude.

Now it seemed something was lurking beyond her closet door. Lately she would wake up in a sweat, and feel like something was watching her. It unnerved her to say the least.

It was getting to the point that she could barely sleep most nights.

And she could swear she heard someone whisper her name last night.


This is a roleplay where the plotline and background story can be tweaked a little if the co-roleplayer wishes it. Basically an Incubus has been stalking Nyx and has a portal in her closet. Nyx would be a 18 year old girl going through her last year of high school.